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  1. The male line of the Sassanides was extinct; but the female captives, the daughters of Persia, were given to the conquerors in servitude, or marriage; and the race of the caliphs and imams was ennobled by the blood of their royal mothers.

  2. To this end, the commander cautioned his troops to act towards the Moslems as towards "Jews and Italians," and to respect their muftis and imams as much as "rabbis and bishops.

  3. Witness his endeavour to convince the imams at Cairo of his desire to conform to their faith.

  4. The Bayt Abu Jud: they supply the Harim with Imams and Mu’ezzins.

  5. They keep the keys of the Kuba Mosque, and are Imams in the Harim, but the family is no longer wealthy or powerful.

  6. When he had taken the oath he was admitted to the second degree, which inculcated the acknowledgment of the imams appointed by God as the sources of all knowledge.

  7. Agreeing with the Ghoollat in the doctrine of an invisible imam, they maintained that there had been a series of visible imams antecedent to him, who had vanished.

  8. No Moslems more readily adapt themselves to the superficial atheisms of Europe than do the Persians, and none are more ardently devout, as all who have witnessed the miracle play of the two Imams will be obliged to admit.

  9. In early times it had been a duty of the Caliphs to appoint in all the provinces of Islam Imams or deputies to represent their spiritual authority, and it was suggested that these should once more be appointed.

  10. Nor is it lawful that this should be gainsaid; while the Imams themselves may not inaptly be compared to the fathers of our Christian Church.

  11. The only practical action taken by Ottoman ministers in the line indicated were the twin crusades proclaimed against the Wahhabis of Hasa and the heretical Imams of Sana.

  12. In the tenth century it was held by the Karmathian heretics, in the thirteenth by the Imams of Sana, and for seven years in the present century by the Wahhabis.

  13. They were, till ten years ago, independent under the Imams of Sana, and it is certain that they repudiate the Califate.

  14. In former times, before the first conquest of Arabia by the Turks, these Imams were all powerful in Hejaz, and on the destruction of the Bagdad Califate assumed the title of Hami el Harameyn, protector of the holy places.

  15. Some of these mendicants serve as Imams in the houses of the great.

  16. The four Imams or founders of the orthodox sects also disagree upon the subject.

  17. It was once considerable, and rich in merchandize and coffee; and sometimes enjoyed the honour of being accompanied by the Imams of Yemen.

  18. The government of the Hedjaz has often been a subject of dispute between the Khalifes of Baghdad, the Sultans of Egypt, and the Imams of Yemen.

  19. The garrison fired a triple salute, the imams thrice sang their sacred verses, and then came the gravediggers and cast the earth upon the corpse.

  20. The imams went on howling, and horribly they howled.

  21. After about an hour and a half's more hubbub the imams succeeded in expelling the dzhin.

  22. The imams raised him on their shoulders, and, amidst the melancholy dirges of the mourners and the muffled roll of the drums, they carried him away to his open tomb, for his grave was already dug.

  23. Now a third time the Moslems came forward, slowly now, horse and foot, their imams and ulamas crying to them to remember the beauty of the houris, the joys of martyrdom, and to hew in pieces the blasphemers of the Prophet.

  24. None of the six standard collectors of traditions--Imams Bokhari (died 256 A.

  25. S: And We made them Imams who call to the fire, and on the day of resurrection they shall not be assisted.

  26. S: And We made of them Imams to guide by Our command when they were patient, and they were certain of Our communications.

  27. In the second stage the earlier teachers of Islam were shown to be wrong in doctrine and the imams alone were proved to be infallible.

  28. In the third it was taught that there were only seven imams and that the other sects of the Shi'ites were in error.

  29. In the fourth the disciple learnt that each of the seven imams had a prophet, who was to be obeyed in all things.

  30. Certain facts regarding the Imams revealed in the dark annals of Islam show what historical precedents the Babis and Bahais had back of them.

  31. Ali was[560] assassinated with a dagger, Husain killed after battle, nine other Imams were poisoned, and the last one mysteriously disappeared.

  32. Some who consider the Imams sinless, explain their conduct in the same way.

  33. Those who do not accept this solution say the Imams did wrong in having a plurality of wives.

  34. Imamites who accept the twelve imams (see SHI'ITES).

  35. Musaites who regard the rank of the imams as closed with the death of Musa.

  36. These, like every other function, inhered in the office of the caliph and he generally appointed in each province independent cadis over the courts and imams to be in charge of religious services.

  37. The name of mahdi is also given by the Shi'ite Mahommedans to the last of the imams of the house of 'Ali.

  38. He will not surpass any of their Imams in knowledge and thought in the least.

  39. At its head walked the Chèïk Islam, with the golden circlet about his brow, and his graceful robes of white cachemire falling around him in heavy folds; a party of the principal Imams followed.

  40. If any of the family of the deceased do not wish that guard to be made, the imams and some others circulate the rumor that the dead person has escaped and is running through the hills terrifying the passers-by.

  41. History of the Imams and Sayyids of Oman, etc.

  42. This range forms the backbone of Oman, and at its foot lie Nezweh and Rostok, the old capitals of the long line of imams of Oman, before Maskat was a place of so much importance as it is at present.

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