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Example sentences for "inaptly"

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inappropriate; inappropriately; inappropriateness; inapt; inaptitude; inarched; inarching; inarticulate; inarticulately; inartificial
  1. An insect with wings thus hinged may, as far as steadiness of body is concerned, be not inaptly compared to a compass set upon gimbals, where the universality of motion in one direction ensures comparative fixedness in another.

  2. The wing, both when at rest and when in motion, may not inaptly be compared to the blade of an ordinary screw propeller as employed in navigation.

  3. Such a judgment may, therefore, not inaptly be termed an intellectual feeling; for it implies the existence of intellect.

  4. This might not inaptly be called an applied reason; viz.

  5. And, indeed, since it derives every thing from a divine principle, it might not inaptly be called an applied or mixed theology, in the same sense as this designation is employed in the mathematical sciences, viz.

  6. Indeed, we might not inaptly explain man's essence as consisting in the spirit being wedded to its soul, and in the soul being thereupon clothed with an organic body.

  7. Truly, every now relatively civilized nation has had to pass through what may not be inaptly termed its Bashi-Bazouk stage of culture before from it evolved its present more highly developed intellectual and moral human features.

  8. The irregularly built little town of St. Ives, which has not inaptly been called the "Art Centre of England", is made up of two distinct parts.

  9. Redruth and Camborne are important mining towns to which no one would go in search of the picturesque, and the bleak and barren surroundings may not inaptly be called the "Black Country" of Cornwall.

  10. The travellers' baggage is stowed in a place between the two rows of seats, and which is not inaptly called the well, as in a rainy season you might possibly get a bucketful of water out of that orifice.

  11. He who takes up the history of philosophy for the first time is apt to be impressed with the fact that he is reading something that might not inaptly be called the history of human error.

  12. He confines it to what may not inaptly be called the field of the unverifiable.

  13. Such life might not inaptly be compared 335 To a floating island, an amphibious spot Unsound, of spongy texture, yet withal Not wanting a fair face of water weeds And pleasant flowers.

  14. In estimating his merits, the genius of George Cruikshank may not inaptly be compared to a diamond.

  15. The illustrations to a novel may not inaptly be compared to the scenery and characters of a drama, and a theatre furnished with such a dearth of scenery and "properties," would be a poor affair indeed.

  16. The nodding cliffs approach so closely upon either hand, as to have been not inaptly likened to a pair of leviathan vessels locked fast in collision.

  17. The whole flower has a droll but pleasing form, and I have heard it not inaptly called "Grandmother's Frilled Cap.

  18. On account of the interest shown by the compiler in the ecclesiastical aspects of the history, his work has been not inaptly called the "Ecclesiastical Chronicle of Jerusalem.

  19. It has been not inaptly termed the Hymn-book of the second Temple.

  20. A sharp contest was precipitated in the Senate over "the legislative recall of judges," as the matter was not inaptly termed.

  21. That statute has not inaptly been described as "not even a preliminary skirmish.

  22. The psalter has not inaptly been called the hymn book of the second temple.

  23. During the rest of the year, however, and especially from May to August, Mangu has been not inaptly described as "Hades with the lid off.

  24. The period following the treaty of peace with Great Britain in 1783, which terminated the War of the Revolution, has been not inaptly designated "the critical period of American history.

  25. Not inaptly has hell been described as "disqualification in the face of opportunity.

  26. We have been so badly in need of writers for girls who shall be in sympathy with the modern standard of intelligence, that we are grateful for the advent of Miss Whyte, who has not inaptly been described as the new Miss Alcott.

  27. Their relations with the Paramount Power, which have been not inaptly described as those of subordinate alliance, are governed by treaties and engagements of which the terms are not altogether uniform.

  28. But it not inaptly points the great contrast that does really exist between the Kabuli and the Kandahari to this day.

  29. Such has often been said of others, who were passing through the same crisis of their mental history, not inaptly termed "the everlasting No!

  30. His feelings might not inaptly be compared to those of a commandant of a garrison, who sees his stronghold menaced by an enemy he had never suspected.

  31. Such individuals the Germans not inaptly call "self-contained men," and of these was Joe Nelligan one.

  32. But perhaps the character has been applied to the really useful workers in this field, as inaptly as it was appropriated by Dr.

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