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Example sentences for "abhorred"

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abeyance; abhominable; abhomination; abhor; abhorre; abhorrence; abhorrent; abhorrest; abhorreth; abhorring
  1. He abhorred their barbarous treatment of the native owners of the New World.

  2. None could be kinder, or more chivalrously generous, and he practised with complacency in Munster treachery and cruelty which he abhorred in a Spaniard of Trinidad.

  3. The admiral scrutinized the youth with searching eyes--and as he observed no change in his costume, nor in his manner any of that formal stiffness which he thought the only distinction of the abhorred sect, he felt re-assured.

  4. We both abhorred the coarseness of the scene, and felt the same desire to be alone.

  5. His speculation is more abhorred than their practice.

  6. Schiller declares that 'man depicts himself in his gods'; and even a cursory inspection of the classics proves that all the abhorred and hideous ideas of the ancients were personified by woman.

  7. Comes the blind Fury with the abhorred shears, And slits the thin- spun life.

  8. Ingratitude is abhorred both by God and man.

  9. They are polluted offerings more abhorred Than spotted livers in the sacrifice.

  10. This naturally made an ill impression on the people, and furnished an occasion for the rebels at Paris to give out that the faithful subjects of the king were distrusted, despised, and abhorred by his allies.

  11. You abhorred it, as I did, for its vicious perfection.

  12. Nat abhorred the law, and, foreseeing that the tussel must come, vexed his honest conscience with the thought that while delaying to declare war he was eating his father's bread.

  13. Hurrell Froude, who abhorred private judgment as a Protestant error, had told his brothers that when they saw Newman and Keble disagree they might think for themselves.

  14. They abjured and abhorred the name of Roman citizens, which had formerly excited the ambition of mankind.

  15. The conquest of Italy was the object of his hopes and preparations: and he secretly meditated the ruin of an innocent youth, whose government was abhorred and despised by his Catholic subjects.

  16. She liked him, abhorred the thought of losing any of her friends, so the cajoling sentences ran until Westlake betrayed an inflammable composition, and had to be put out, and smoked sullenly.

  17. She would not have charged the individual creature with a criminal design; all she did was to stuff the person her virtue abhorred with the wickedness of the world, and that is a common process in antipathy.

  18. But Rose-water, he was a slender and rather handsome mulatto, and abhorred the pastime.

  19. And therefore he pleaded always with that people, that his soul abhorred their external ceremonies, because of the uncleanness of their hands.

  20. He abhorred both gambling and drunkenness,--the fashionable vices of that age.

  21. Anything progressive was abhorred as much as anything destructive.

  22. At the sight of this new instrument of torture, "Luke's iron crown," the monk wrote and subscribed the abhorred confession.

  23. They used to send her to the cellar, as being one of the soberest in the family: she first sipped from the jug and tasted a few drops, for she abhorred wine, and did not care to drink.

  24. They abhorred war, and would take no part therein, giving for a reason that 'the Great Spirit did not make men to destroy men, but to love and assist each other.

  25. Footnote 81: "Carleton from the first abhorred the measure of employing the Indians, which he was yet constrained to promote.

  26. He had sense enough to see into the errors of popery, and abhorred the very name of the inquisition.

  27. Esteeming virtue her only advantage and delight, she abhorred romances and idle entertainments, shunned the usual amusements of children, and was an enemy to all the vanities of the world.

  28. Our saint’s efforts to destroy that heresy, says Abelly, never made him approve a loose morality, which on all occasions he no less avoided and abhorred than the errors of the Jansenists.

  29. I see the great advantage they were of to him, in the prosecution of his villanous designs against the poor wretch whom he had so long made the sport of his abhorred inventions.

  30. And she insisted upon being at her own disposal for the remainder of her short life--for indeed she abhorred me in every light; and more particularly in that in which I offered myself to her acceptance.

  31. Permit me to raise you up; abhorred as I am of your soul!

  32. He was wondering how he could tell her that she had disgraced her sex; how he could, without being brutal, tell her how he abhorred women who pursued men.

  33. She answered Moreton's questions in a low voice, telling him she regretted having to answer them--begging him to keep the matter as secret as possible, for she abhorred publicity.

  34. St. Ignatius had a strange command over the devils, who abhorred and persecuted him as their great enemy.

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