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Example sentences for "adit"

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  1. Found out that there's an adit for getting rid of the water and the spoil.

  2. He must be at the mouth of an adit where they threw out their waste stuff to be washed away by the sea.

  3. Hardock; and he led the way along the adit from which, short as had been the time since the pump ceased working, the water had run off.

  4. Note; an adit is a horizontal shaft driven in from the cliff.

  5. The flume was finished, and the dam already progressing well, when one morning Devine came out, somewhat grim in face, from the new adit he was driving at the Canopus.

  6. It remains to be seen whether we'll strike better rock with the adit on the different level.

  7. Mining) Defn: A niche in the side of an adit or shaft, for an air course.

  8. Mining & Tunneling) Defn: A framework used to protect workmen in making an adit under ground, and capable of being pushed along as excavation progresses.

  9. Defn: The operation of finding, by means of a mine dial, the place where to sink an air shaft, or to bring an adit to the work, or to find which way the lode inclines.

  10. Sometimes the adit roof came down and sometimes the sides crushed in; the inclination of the vein was irregular and the dip was often awkwardly steep.

  11. For all that, he made progress, and as he pushed on the adit his confidence in the vein grew stronger.

  12. From the beginning he had to grapple with numerous obstacles, for when he drove his adit the water broke in and the rock was treacherous.

  13. Very near to the unproductive salt pit was a noble property of the same kind, and John's device had been to tap the wealthy neighbour's store by running a little adit from the worthless shaft into the rich one.

  14. The water is sinking in old Binner; it is about 7 fathoms under the adit in the western part, and deeper in the eastern part; we do not account for this.

  15. An adit has been driven through the district, beginning at the Lake of Quiulacocha on the south-west, and terminating at the mines of Ganacaucha on the north.

  16. The engine will be in the mine this week, and in one fortnight after I hope the engine will be at work, and in less than a week more the first twenty fathoms under the adit will be dry.

  17. I hear there is a good course of ore in the adit end at Wheat Providence Mine.

  18. These engines will be high-pressure engines, because the place they are for has a very deep adit driven into the mountain; and lifting condensing water to the surface would be a greater load than the whole of the work under the adit level.

  19. There were seven shafts upon the lode, upon one of which there was a fire-engine working the pumps, and raising the water of the mine to the adit level, twenty fathoms from the surface.

  20. Carnan Adit was either actually commenced, or at least was effectively prosecuted, by Mr. Lemon; and as his means increased he soon became the principal merchant and tin-smelter in Cornwall.

  21. The power is originated by a double-acting steam-engine, situated at the inner extremity of the main adit level, from whence a supply of compressed air is conveyed in flexible pipes along the various tunnels in which boring is being done.

  22. The tract of country included between the Adit and the Bahar el Abiud is called El Gezira, i.

  23. It is, nevertheless, sufficiently strong to prevent the Adit from mingling with it immediately, although the current of the Adit is very strong, and enters the Bahar el Abiud nearly at right angles.

  24. Another party, engaged upon the shafts, arrived at the adit level at the same time with the workmen upon the drain.

  25. In the space of two years this company had cleared out and rebuilt the adit by working gangs of hands night and day.

  26. He went on picking his way as nearly as he could to follow the steps taken on the previous night towards the farther sloping path, pausing again as he came opposite to the adit of the old mine up on the cliff.

  27. Why, you'll have an adit that will clear the water off as fast as it comes in.

  28. I tell you that your adit would be good for nothing," cried Geoffrey.

  29. If it were across the adit it would be narrow, and she hoped to be able to step over; if it were cut in the other direction there might be a rocky shelf at the side giving sufficient room for her to pass.

  30. There were rich veins of copper in the mine, which were easily obtained after an adit had been opened through the zorn to relieve it of the water.

  31. But as she felt this her limbs rested upon the bottom of the opening into which she had swum, and she knew now that she was in the adit or passage that carried off the water from the old pit, when it reached a certain height.

  32. Let us leave it at the point at which there will be the least ill-feeling," he cut in; and from that he switched without preface to a discussion of the varying ore values in a newly opened adit of the mine.

  33. In that eastern adit of ours you can hear them working in the Lawrenceburg as plainly as if they were only a few feet away.

  34. They told me he was in an adit leading into the main shaft.

  35. This is not the only adit on the main,’ George growled.

  36. Mr. Lewis[210] cannot find any instance of the use of the adit in tin mining before the seventeenth century, it does not seem reasonable to doubt that it was in use much earlier.

  37. A small 'reward' was paid when the vein of coal was struck, the pit was then cleaned up and timbered, and a water-gate or adit driven to afford drainage and ventilation.

  38. Still, the redoubtable Colonel continued with his usual tenacity, and was now driving an adit into the range side to strike the quartz reef at another level.

  39. He made a noise that echoed through the adit and, worse than all, the pistol shot out of his hand.

  40. A trickle of water fell from a crack in the roof and running down the floor of the adit vanished into the gloom.

  41. The adit was dark; he was embarking on a rash adventure, and wondered with some misgivings what would happen before he came out again.

  42. As they approached the adit Watson came to meet them.

  43. I've seen that we'll have to drive a lower adit right in from outside sooner or later, but I'm shy of the expense.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "adit" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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