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  1. The roots of big tangles, or alga marina, eaten by young people, Ang.

  2. Had he, incombustible, escaped from their boiling lava, in order to inhabit each in turn the cell of granite and of the alga before he dared show his nose to the world?

  3. In moss full of sunshine and transparent as an alga or an emerald, I have covered the roots of these first daisies of January.

  4. Trichodesmium/ is a little alga which periodically occurs in great numbers, giving the water a red appearance, as in the Red Sea, which is said to derive its name from this circumstance.

  5. It is a simple one-celled alga containing protoplasm and endochrome (red coloring-matter).

  6. This beautiful alga is always regarded as a prize.

  7. They resemble, except in their tawny color, the green alga /Cladophora/.

  8. This is an edible alga and is used as food in Scotland and Ireland, where it is called henware, badderlocks, murlins, and so on.

  9. However, great exactness has not been reached, and the collector is ever watchful to find an alga in some undiscovered home within the given range.

  10. GENUS ^Leathesia^ This singular alga resembles a tuber and cannot be mistaken for any other plant.

  11. The alga /Polysiphonia violacea/ floats in long feathery tufts from the stakes.

  12. This beautiful, bright-red alga is found in abundance north of Cape Cod.

  13. This little alga resembles a mushroom of the /Agaricus/ variety or gilled species, and so is easily identified.

  14. When young this alga consists of an annulated tube formed of a single cell.

  15. It is noteworthy that this alga which was flourishing in July was all dead in November.

  16. On the other hand, they are wanting in the lower liverworts, which form a thallus like many of the algae; thus, for instance, the liverwort riccia fluitans is just like the brown alga dictyota dichotoma.

  17. Growth of alga vaucheria under the microscope.

  18. At any rate, the first plant was almost certainly a seaweed or alga not unlike those which produce the so-called "breaking of the meres.

  19. This also is due to an alga (Porphyridium cruentum).

  20. An alga or a fungus grows so long as all the conditions of nutrition remain at a certain optimum for growth.

  21. Every plant, whether an alga or a flowering plant passes, under natural conditions, through a series of developmental stages characteristic of each species, and these consist in a regular sequence of definite forms.

  22. A cylindrical cell of the alga Stigeoclonium assumes, as Livingstone (Livingstone, "On the nature of the stimulus which causes the change of form, etc.

  23. The alga by its own peculiar movement will soon form a radiating circle, perfectly free from dirt, around the coin, which may then be removed.

  24. The freely floating Sargasso Alga (Sargasso bacciferum), which forms the meadows or forests of the Sargasso Sea, also belongs to this class.

  25. This is due to an alga that grows on the ice.

  26. It was evident that these accumulations of diatoms and alga remained floating exactly at the depth where the upper stratum of fresh water rests on the sea-water.

  27. At the same depth the above-named alga seemed especially to flourish, while parts of it rose up to the surface.

  28. Its disposition is pacific, it has no forwardness of temper; is never willing to obtrude itself on notice, trusting to immobility and to its similitude to the grey rocks and mud and brown alga to escape detection.

  29. Rich brown alga hangs from its edges in frills and flounces.

  30. Buthotrephis Grantii, a genuine Alga from the Silurian, Canada.

  31. In Scotland the alga named Spirophyton and Archæocalamites radiatus--which in America are Erian--appear in this formation.

  32. Defn: A fresh-water alga (Cladophora Ægagropila) which forms a globular mass.

  33. Red snow, snow colored by a mocroscopic unicellular alga (Protococcus nivalis) which produces large patches of scarlet on the snows of arctic or mountainous regions.

  34. Defn: A floating mass formed in pools by the entangled filaments of a European fresh-water alga (Cladophora crispata).

  35. Defn: An alga of any kind that produces blackish spores, or seed dust.

  36. Owing to their peculiar dual nature, lichens are able to live in situations where neither the alga nor fungus could exist alone.

  37. Ephebe pubescens) the form of thallus is the form of the filamentous alga which is merely surrounded by the fungal hyphae (fig.

  38. On a bare rocky surface a fungus would die from want of organic substance and an alga from drought and want of mineral substances.

  39. An association of two organisms to their mutual advantage is known as symbiosis, and the lichen in botanical language is described as a symbiotic union of an alga and a fungus.

  40. The alga is in all cases indicated by the letter g, the assailing hyphae by h.

  41. The lichen, however, is able to grow as the alga supplies organic food material and the fungus has developed a battery of acids (see below) which enable it actually to dissolve the most resistant rocks.

  42. He investigated the exact relation of fungus and alga and showed that the same alga is able to combine with a number of different fungi to form lichens; thus Chroolepus umbrinus is found as the gonidia of 13 different lichen genera.

  43. When the alga is predominant it forms felted patches on the bark of trees, the Laudatea form.

  44. Pythium, or a unicellular Alga when invaded by a minute parasite; or it may die throughout, because some organ with functions essential to its life is seriously affected--e.

  45. The mystery wherein dies the rhythm of the waves In gleams of kisses long and calm unrolls, And the red coral whereon writhes the alga cold Stretches out arms that bleed with calm flowers, and beholds Its gleams reflected in the rest of waves.

  46. Using the blue-green alga Synechocystis, 600 kg of algal suspension would be required, according to Gafford and Craft.

  47. When operating at one-half maximum efficiency, this alga produces 100 times its cell volume of oxygen per hour.

  48. Another example of conjugation is that of Pandorina, an alga allied to the well-known volvox.

  49. This is an alga with its cells in long filaments.

  50. He was seated on an alga in the open air, in front of the audience-hall.

  51. After her confinement the woman is placed upon an alga or small native bed; underneath which, fire with aromatic herbs is so arranged as almost to suffocate the newly-delivered woman.

  52. Opposite the rude door of small twigs, held together by nothing but a few branches cut from the nearest tree, stands the simple alga of the "lord of the manor.

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