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Example sentences for "anemone"

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  1. There would be no room--no room at all--for an anemone to grow.

  2. And there is also the anemone lady--my dearest beloved--as a memory.

  3. My senses are aching for lack of an anemone to diffuse itself among them.

  4. My life is a desert--a desert, but the thin, clinging perfume of the blue anemone reaches to its utter confines.

  5. I shall never forget how it was with me when I first saw the beautiful eyes of my dearest anemone lady when they were looking gently--at me--and the beautiful hand, and the beautiful heart.

  6. And so do I remember my one friend, the anemone lady--and think often about her with passionate love.

  7. Sometimes I am seized with nearer, vivider sensations of love for my one friend, the anemone lady.

  8. Always I awake to this fact when I think of the anemone lady.

  9. But now I have left the high school, and the dear anemone lady has gone from Butte.

  10. I have named my friend the "anemone lady," a name beautifully appropriate.

  11. Never, that is to say, to any one except my one friend, the anemone lady.

  12. The swallow comes, and the wind-anemone blooms in the copse.

  13. In spring the ground here is hidden by a verdant growth, out of which presently the anemone lifts its chaste flower.

  14. The most common kind of Sea-Anemone is of a dull dark red colour, and small in size; but others are large and brilliant in colouring.

  15. A much smaller animal than the Sea-Anemone is found in fresh water and is called Hydra.

  16. Like the Sea-Anemone it preys on animals smaller than itself.

  17. The hermit-crab was, in fact, one of the earliest instances in which such a partnership was observed, the companion being in this case a sea-anemone perched on the shell in which the crab lives.

  18. The genus Hepatica is now generally included in anemone as a subgenus.

  19. The great variety in colour and form of this Anemone is perhaps its most peculiar characteristic; for nearly 300 years it has had a place in English gardens, and came originally from the Levant.

  20. The double white Wood Anemone may be propagated by divisions of the tubers, after the foliage has completely withered.

  21. Linneus observes that the wood anemone blows in Sweden on the arrival of the swallow; and the marsh mary-gold, Caltha, when the cuckoo sings.

  22. An anemone is common on road sides, especially on this side of Syung; a new Potentilla occurs; and the only Boragineous plant hitherto seen by me on these hills, a Cynoglossum closely allied to C.

  23. Miss Martha was very proud of her dining-room at Anemone Cottage.

  24. She wondered if her mother would approve her repeating the invitation to John to visit Anemone Cottage under present circumstances.

  25. She was weighing the question as to whether it would be well to mention to Selina Lane her niece's presence at Anemone Cottage.

  26. You must come over to Anemone Cottage and make me a visit.

  27. The doctors recommended the sea, and quiet, and great simplicity of life, so they built Anemone Cottage.

  28. But I can't spare her now, and she's written me that she'll come just as usual, so Anemone Cottage will be itself again.

  29. It's a wonder to me Edna sets such store by Anemone Cottage when they've got such a luxuriant home in Boston.

  30. Steamer leaves dock in half an hour sharp, as Judge Trent elects to have a late supper at Anemone Cottage rather than an early one in the shade of Mrs. Lem's pompadour.

  31. At Anemone Cottage the party was received with acclaim.

  32. She tried to look away from her hurt and humiliation as she looked away from Anemone Cottage; tried to remember only that at the Mill Farm was Thinkright, with his confidence and calm.

  33. The deep roar of the breakers below Anemone Cottage had been wont to have a depressing effect on Mrs. Derwent, and was one of the chief causes of the devout relief she experienced in bidding a permanent farewell to Hawk Island.

  34. Despite the simplicity of life at Anemone Cottage, there was an order and smoothness in the management of details which constantly attracted and charmed the guest.

  35. Of course not; I should think I ought to know an anemone by now, sir!

  36. The Anemone is an accommodating plant, and can be successfully flowered either in pots or in beds, at the option of the cultivator.

  37. The Anemone is well worth growing in pots, both for its foliage and flowers.

  38. We do not advise planting singly, but the Anemone answers admirably in lines, groups, or beds, and the colours admit of numberless harmonies and contrasts.

  39. These Lobelias reach two feet in height, and make excellent companions to such flowers as =Anemone japonica alba= and =Hyacinthus candicans=.

  40. Her hands and feet are sea-shell things of a pretty pinky brown, and her ways are the ways of a sea-anemone in a pool among the rocks.

  41. Lulla, because of her anemone ways, is sometimes unkindly called "Huffs.

  42. As the sea-anemone curls up at touch, and as the tiny baby blinks at the light, so must every living thing be able to sense and to react to the presence of a dangerous or a friendly force.

  43. In the long line from sea-anemone to man, this automatic process of elimination has gone on without a hitch, adapting itself with perfect success to the changing habits of the varying types of life.

  44. The sea-anemone closes in on the little mollusk that floats against its waving petals, assimilates what it can and rejects the rest.

  45. The birth of an anemone is well worth patient watching, and this may take place in several different ways.

  46. Other hobgoblin forms with huge probosces crawl slowly over the floors of the anemone caves, or crouch as the shadow of my hand or net falls upon them.

  47. Drop one in the centre of an anemone and see how quickly it contracts.

  48. Or again, an anemone may draw in its tentacles without apparent cause, and after a few minutes expand more widely than ever.

  49. But letters awaiting our return to camp recalled him to duty on account of cholera in the regiment; so there was an end of anemone hunting.

  50. Each notch on each thread-like branch was the home of a tiny animal, not unlike a sea anemone and a coral polyp.

  51. It is like a sea anemone in appearance and in habits of life.

  52. Any Sea Anemone will serve our purpose because we are about to examine the little darts with which its tentacles, and even its body, are armed.

  53. Sponge spicules, as may be guessed from their hardness, are common in the fossil state; there are also fossils of sea-anemone ancestors and fossils also of Hydra colonies.

  54. There is a wood called ambatch (Anemone mirabilis) that is brought down by the river from the upper country; this is lighter than cork, and I have obtained four large pieces for my raft.

  55. Where the shy plants hide 'Neath the swelling tide, And the Anemone lifts its head?

  56. The Anemone has several curious ways of reproducing itself.

  57. Sometimes one animal will divide itself and become two individuals, and sometimes pieces from the bottom of the Anemone will become separate Anemones.

  58. Sometimes the Anemone uses the tentacles around the disk to help feed itself, and it also uses the mouth, lips and disk for the same purpose.

  59. When the Anemone is at rest it expands its disk and draws in the sea water, and when it is disturbed it contracts, and throws out the water from its mouth.

  60. The bottom of the Anemone is also flat, and with this flat base it holds fast to the rocks to which it attaches itself.

  61. Suspended, when hanging perpendicularly from the very summit of the cell, as in the Anemone (Fig.

  62. Segments of the basal leaves wedge-lanceolate; head of fruit cylindric =Anemone, Anemone cylindrica.

  63. Segments of the basal leaves ovate-lanceolate; head of fruit ovoid or oblong =Anemone, Anemone virginiana.

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