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Example sentences for "appetites"

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appertinent; appetency; appetising; appetit; appetite; appetition; appetitive; appetitus; appetizer; appetizers
  1. Other women cloy The appetites they feed, but she makes hungry Where most she satisfies; for vilest things Become themselves in her, that the holy priests Bless her when she is riggish.

  2. We'll do all the before-breakfast work, and we'll have the real appetites when we get to the food.

  3. And I guess we're here with our appetites to-day," put in Dunk.

  4. So far, from contenting themselves with the preparation of some simple aliment, for such as were an hungered, the appetites of all were solicited, by a parade of the rarest liquors and the choicest viands.

  5. It is not lawful for any man to feed the greedy appetites of such: if they choose a short excess before a longer competency, let them have their choice.

  6. If therefore you love either the souls or bodies of your children, use them to temperance from their infancy, and let not their appetites or craving wills, but your own reason, be the chooser and the measure of their diet.

  7. A religious teacher must be clearly free from sensual appetites and love of ease, if he is to stir the multitude.

  8. Besides, the path which looks attractive, and tempts to the indulgence of many appetites and habits which a Christian man must rigidly subdue, does not continue so attractive.

  9. There are hungers which are all unblessed, greedy appetites for the swine's husks, which are misery when unsatisfied, and disgust when satiated.

  10. Thank goodness, our appetites are less keen, or a fat bullock would only serve a large family for dinner, with the odds and ends left for supper.

  11. We toiled, sang, and ate with such appetites as only those who are used to hard work in the sea air can know.

  12. It was late in the afternoon when we started off, and I had not broken my fast since dinner, so letting the boat drift on the now sluggish tide, I opened my tin provision box, and with capital appetites my dog and I fell to.

  13. These lower appetites will take all desire for prayer and all earnestness in it out of us, and only when we keep the wings of appetites close clipped will the pinions grow by which we can mount up with wings as eagles.

  14. For there is a strange connection between emotional Christianity and a want of straightforwardness in daily business life, and of self-control and government of the appetites and the senses.

  15. The curs, that are hungering after the blood of the betrayed Mexicans, would not scorn to blunt their appetites on the flesh of the Moor.

  16. The peculiar appetites of the literary community, the result of intellectual dyspepsia, require and justify empiricism in nomenclature.

  17. I will not drag the reader after me, but merely say that we all returned about dusk, with game-bags full, and appetites ravenous.

  18. In the afternoon we arrived at the forks of Hayes and Steel Rivers, and ascended the latter, till the increasing darkness and our quickening appetites reminded us that it was time to put ashore.

  19. As nearly as I could get it, he believes that we are a race who can exist only by gratifying appetites; the appetites are evil, and the existence they carry on is evil.

  20. Happiness lies in ceasing to be and to cause being, because the thing revealed to us is dearer than any existence our appetites can ever get for us.

  21. Our appetites were keen, and we did ample justice to his cookery.

  22. Our sail of eight miles down the lake furnished us with appetites which gave to the beautiful speckled trout we caught there a peculiar relish.

  23. We arrived here about sundown, somewhat wearied with our day's excursion, and with appetites fully equal to a plentiful supper which was soon in readiness for us.

  24. The water had taken away our appetites completely, and we went to bed without eating any supper.

  25. Three o'clock came and as yet nothing had been killed; as none of us had eaten anything since the night before, our appetites admonished us that it was time to pay attention to them.

  26. But I was pressed for time: and the appetites of my travelling companions might be sharpened so as to stand in need of an immediate attack upon the cotelette and wine.

  27. The greater part of the shopkeepers lay at full length, dozing, sleeping, or staying their appetites till the sunset gun.

  28. As yet we had not got sufficiently near to any deer to give us a chance of obtaining some venison, for which we were longing with the appetites of half-starved men, nor had we been able to catch any birds.

  29. Without judgment, or advice, except from those self-interested conceited nurses, who were more ignorant than herself; Sheeny Greeg sought every delicacy to coax the waned and pampered appetites of her afflicted ones.

  30. On sultry days when appetites Wane dull, and low, and queasy, When loathing stomachs nought delights, To gulph our flummery’s easy.

  31. Let luxury’s imbecile train, Of appetites fastidious, Each sauced provocative obtain, The draught or viand perfidious; But oh!

  32. The singers were of the first order; the claret and champaign excellent; and never was the Turk’s hospitality shown off to better advantage, or the appetites of his guests administered to with greater success.

  33. Claret flowed—bumpers were multiplied—and chickens, in the garb of spicy spitchcocks, assumed the name of devils to whet the appetites which it was impossible to conquer.

  34. The appetites have their beginning in bodily uneasiness.

  35. The objects of the several appetites are Meat and Drink, Warmth or Coolness, Exercise and Repose, Sleep, Sex.

  36. It is obvious that in man the appetites generally pass into the further shape of psychical desire.

  37. But to man as an animal (and vast numbers of the human race rise little above the animal state), it is hardest of all things to restrain those appetites that go with the maintenance and propagation of flesh and blood.

  38. The head, the stomach, the general health and the appetites are variously and greatly affected.

  39. Let such Epicureans be left to the indulgence of their own evil appetites and inclinations.

  40. All four now sat down to supper, which consisted of dry meat, with biscuits and coffee; and, as their appetites were sharpened by their water journey, they made a hearty meal of it.

  41. All declared they had never eaten so fine trout in their lives; but when the condition of their appetites is taken into account, we may infer that there was, perhaps, a little exaggeration in this statement.

  42. Marengo was an old dog, and, no doubt, as tough as a piece of tan-leather; but their appetites were made up for anything.

  43. Others whose appetites are hearty subordinate them to the main business of their lives, achievement in some form.

  44. As he passes into middle age he finds his pleasures narrowing, as all men do, and he finds his appetites and tastes are becoming more restricted.

  45. In addition, these activities, which are so all-important, determine the basic conduct by arousing the basic appetites and desires of the individual.

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