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arguments; argumentum; argy; argyment; aria; arid; aridity; arie; aright; ariki
  1. The Tennessee warblers were also singing near at hand, giving me a good opportunity to compare the arias of the two species.

  2. Perhaps some of the very sparrows that spend the winter in silence in northeastern Kansas trill their finest arias in their summer homes on the shores of Lake Minnetonka or in the boggy hollows in the neighborhood of Duluth.

  3. Instinct also plays a large part in moving the bird to sing and to render the peculiar arias of its kind.

  4. Moreover he, in consultation with his librettist, achieved great skill in holding together entire scenes, or even entire acts, by dramatically apposite repetitions of short arias and choruses.

  5. Thus impressed, both father and daughter awaited with impatience the following day, which, beyond the possibility of doubt, was to bring Gomez Arias to the city.

  6. Gomez Arias hated Don Antonio on no other plea, than the fame he was daily acquiring for his valour and brilliant qualities.

  7. Gomez Arias at last, after several fruitless endeavours to stop Martha's tongue, availed himself of a momentary pause she made to take breath.

  8. Mohabed and the other prisoners were confined in dungeons, and Monteblanco and his wretched daughter, by the desire of the queen, remained at the palace until the fate of Gomez Arias should be decided.

  9. The unparalleled effrontery and cruelty of Gomez Arias formed the source from which the drooping frame of Monteblanco gathered life.

  10. Don Lope Gomez Arias was a man whose will had seldom been checked, and he placed the most unbounded confidence in the magnitude of his resources, physical and intellectual.

  11. A consciousness of guilt now mastered all his powers of dissimulation, and the nature of Gomez Arias seemed, in a few moments, to have undergone a total and inexplicable revolution.

  12. The queen felt an involuntary shudder as she received the ring, whilst Gomez Arias stood in speechless suspense, a transitory, but deadly paleness driving the flush of anger from his countenance.

  13. He was one of the Franciscans who had accompanied Gomez Arias to the scaffold.

  14. Gomez Arias received the tender pressure with feelings hard to be defined.

  15. Count de Tendilla did not think proper to resent these remarks, for the present situation of Gomez Arias precluded the propriety of replying to the imprudent effusion of his irritated feelings.

  16. Some two hundred and fifty years later, a new and magnificent Gothic cloister was added to it by Bishop Juan Arias Davila, and likewise a new episcopal palace more fitting times of greater luxury and magnificence.

  17. They are elaborately subdivided, carved and festooned, and, in the bosses of the arches, they carry the arms of their original builder, Bishop Arias Davila.

  18. Signor Pasquale, however, was unable to stay away, although his back and shoulders were smarting not a little from the drubbing he had himself received; every note in his arias was a cord which drew him thither with irresistible power.

  19. And then he besought her not to give way to fear, but to go and listen in the theatre to the finest arias which the most divine of composers had ever written.

  20. I did, however, so far revert to the subject that I related to the priest how that, several years before, exactly the same sort of mischance befell me in one of Anfossi's arias as had just befallen him.

  21. I at least have now got rid of him,' interrupted Lauretta; 'and Teresina, how the fellow pestered me with his arias and duets you know very well.

  22. In the Cavatina we find a form too small for the da Capo; and in the oratorios of Handel and the choral works of Bach we find a majority of arias in a larger form which evades the possibility of exact repetition.

  23. I am fully aware," he said, "that arias should be embellished.

  24. Two months after this incident, Patti sang the arias from La Gaza Ladra and Semiramide, with the master as her accompanist.

  25. In this temple dedicated to music we listened to arias from the oratorios of Handel and Mendelssohn.

  26. He sang to perfection the difficult arias of Mozart's Don Juan.

  27. You may be certain that, when the Romans have heard those arias of yours, they will carry you home triumphantly in a torchlight procession.

  28. He entreated her not to allow herself to be alarmed in the very slightest degree, but to hear, on the stage, the most lovely of the arias which the divinest of composers ever had written.

  29. You shall take all my arias with you (Oh!

  30. Having received permission from Pedro Arias de Avila[2], who then governed that country, Francisco Pizarro fitted out a vessel with considerable difficulty, in which he embarked with 114 men.

  31. It contains incomparably the grandest of his arias for tenor, the Tomb song in the last act, and one of the finest dramatic concerted numbers, the sextet in the second act, that can be found in any Italian opera.

  32. After a brief dialogue between the Duke and one of his courtiers, the former vaunts his own fickleness in one of the most graceful and charming arias in the whole opera ("Questa o quella").

  33. The American marines met with no serious opposition except in the Cibao, in the section between Monte Cristi, Puerto Plata and Santiago, where the following of Arias was strongest.

  34. Its troops advanced on Santo Domingo City and Rear-Admiral Caperton, the American commander, gave Arias twenty-four hours to evacuate.

  35. All the insurgents eventually dispersed or surrendered, and Arias himself submitted to the American military control, which became absolute throughout the country.

  36. In the early part of 1916 Arias had his friends in Congress vote to impeach President Jimenez for alleged frauds.

  37. Public singers also have been most unpatriotic in preferring endless repetition of dry foreign arias to fresh compositions from home.

  38. Other unpublished works are a cantata, two arias with orchestral accompaniment, and a rhapsody for the piano.

  39. I was not specially interested in the affair, and it had wholly passed from my mind, when suddenly, while walking in the streets of this city last week, I came upon Don Jose Arias again.

  40. Don Jose Arias was the name of this gentleman, and he was soon known in nearly every drawing-room in Belgravia.

  41. Just before I left London on the mission for which I had been preparing myself, I was astonished to learn that Don Jose Arias had proved to be a scoundrel of the most dangerous character.

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