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Example sentences for "barracuda"

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  1. The shark flees from a splashing in the water, but the barracuda goes there to see what he may find, as he is only attracted by live bait.

  2. One of the commonest fish in these seas is the barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda), which can be easily recognized by its elongated body, covered with cycloid scales.

  3. The wounds inflicted by the barracuda are exceedingly severe and sometimes fatal.

  4. I caught one barracuda and six kingfish, while R.

  5. The few of us who have hooked barracuda on light tackle know him as a marvelous performer.

  6. We worked around him awhile, but he would not take a barracuda or a flying-fish.

  7. Then, equally incredibly, he turned with still greater ferocity and rushed the bonita again, but before he could get to it another and smaller barracuda had hold of it.

  8. Barracuda are a despised fish, apparently because of their voracious and murderous nature.

  9. The barracuda was gone and the leader had been rolled up.

  10. I did not know then, as I know now, that barracuda grow to twelve feet in the Caribbean.

  11. I could see the barracuda shining astern.

  12. I know of one gentleman who told me he hooked a fish that he supposed was a barracuda, and while he was fighting this supposed barracuda he was interested in the leaping of a sailfish near his boat.

  13. Van Campen Heilner wrote about a barracuda he caught on a bass rod, and he is not likely to forget it, nor will the reader of his story forget it.

  14. His boatman importuned him to hurry in the barracuda so there would be a chance to go after the leaping sailfish.

  15. I bade him good-by, but let the barracuda drift back.

  16. The barracuda looked to me to be fully seven feet long and half as big around as a telegraph pole.

  17. Twice we drew a fresh fine barracuda in front of him, which he refused.

  18. They looked like barracuda to me, only they were almost as silvery as a tarpon.

  19. A big barracuda may take fifty yards of line in his first rush and he may take two hundred, but one can be certain that when he is finally stopped he will jump clear of the water, and then will jump again just to show that he means it.

  20. While barracuda and tanguingui may be taken throughout the year, there seems to be a time when the fish of the latter species "run.

  21. He said that the barracuda would return in November and the tanguingui in February.

  22. Once a fish was speared, it was important to get it out of the water as soon as possible, since blood would bring sharks or barracuda if any were in the neighborhood.

  23. Your gag about screaming squid and burbling barracuda would appeal to them, Tony.

  24. The barracuda head was squarely in his sights.

  25. It was delicious, and Rick wondered about the fussiness of people who refuse to eat barracuda simply because the fish is a noted predator.

  26. Scotty joined him and they looked down to where a barracuda hovered motionless.

  27. However, he knew that people are served barracuda every day under less offensive names.

  28. He was a dozen feet down now, and in the lessened light the barracuda loomed large, a slim arrow of a fish, poised for flight.

  29. The harpoon had taken the barracuda near the tail, fortunately hitting the spine.

  30. Dinner consisted of fresh snapper and barracuda steaks served with coconut sauce for which Zircon had learned the recipe during his tours of the Pacific.

  31. Rick looked and saw a barracuda hovering near by.

  32. On the California coast Sphyræna argentea is an excellent food-fish, slenderer than the great barracuda but reaching a length of five feet.

  33. These and other small species are feeble folk as compared with the great barracuda (Sphyræna barracuda) of the West Indies, a robust savage fish, also known as picuda or becuna.

  34. Sphyræna sphyræna is the spet, or sennet, a rather small barracuda common in southern Europe.

  35. Unfortunately the kaku, or small barracuda (Sphyræna helleri), also enters with these helpless fishes and destroys many of the smaller individuals.

  36. Several species of fossil barracuda occur in the Italian Eocene, Sphyræna bolcensis being the earliest.

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