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Example sentences for "benefactor"

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  1. He had not any enemy left among them; in one way or another he had been the friend and benefactor of all.

  2. In view of this state of things the Reform School has been established, twenty-two thousand dollars having been contributed to the state for that purpose by an unknown benefactor of his race.

  3. This great benefactor of his country died in 1818.

  4. Sir Rowland Hill was pronounced not merely a meritorious public servant, but a “benefactor of his race.

  5. The deceitful humility which he had hitherto found it necessary to maintain towards his benefactor became daily more irksome to him, in proportion as the growth of his reputation awakened his pride.

  6. His benefactor told him the day of his birth, and guessed at the hour.

  7. Illustration] The Doctor tolled his elephant around the block without further misadventure, and they started up the road toward Zenobia’s tent, Zenobia caressing her benefactor while shudders of antipathy ran over his frame.

  8. I do not buy her for myself," said I, "but for our lord and benefactor the Sultan.

  9. Wherever I went, he followed, crying out, 'They would have bereft me of my master and slain him who has been a benefactor to me and my family and friends!

  10. Tartuffe repays the trust and love of his benefactor by making improper advances to that benefactor's wife.

  11. The son guessed the secret, and, meeting Montesquieu a year or so after in Marseilles, threw himself in grateful tears at his feet, begged the generous benefactor to reveal his name and to come and see the family he had blessed.

  12. Seldom has any man been more grateful to his best benefactor than I was to the famous thief upon whose grim head, as I knew, a price had been set for many months.

  13. Believe it--the name of our benefactor shall be lifted to the saints night and morning, and who knows but good may come of it!

  14. The same authority states that he died childless and was a benefactor of the free school of Aldwinckle, of which he was master during the period of his incumbency.

  15. Nor has any one since attempted to supply the deficiency,[2] though that benefactor of the lovers of Caroline poetry, Mr. J.

  16. What now to the immortal soul can be the title and the rank which on earth, with the desires of earth, your benefactor hoped to secure to his adopted child?

  17. And she seemed so glad when her benefactor called to speak kindly and inquire cordially, that Maltravers did so constantly; at first from a compassionate and at last from a selfish motive--for who is not pleased to give pleasure?

  18. You allow that individuals can effect individual good: this very restlessness, this very discontent with the exact place that he occupies, makes the citizen a benefactor in his narrow circle.

  19. We wanted to come to London; I thought my old benefactor might do something for us, though he had never answered the letters I sent to him.

  20. Whether Defoe's Anti-Jacobite tracts really served his benefactor in this way, can only be matter of conjecture.

  21. But when his benefactor heard of this, and of Defoe's "resolution never to abandon the fortunes of the man to whom he owed so much," he kindly urged the devoted follower to think rather of his own interest than of any romantic obligation.

  22. When Julian became emperor, he repaid this obligation by subjecting his benefactor to cruel tortures because he had destroyed a heathen temple and refused to make any compensation.

  23. He was a great benefactor to the church, aided the new, reformed monastic congregations of Citeau, Premontre and Fontevrault, and chose his two chief ministers from the clergy.

  24. He was a benefactor of the Boston Athenaeum and the Massachusetts General Hospital.

  25. Like many another benefactor of his country, Cort got little good out of his invention for himself.

  26. But every benefactor of his kind is doomed to meet with the opposition of the envious, the ignorant, or the prejudiced.

  27. As the sermon was not preached till four hundred years after, the error can be accounted for, one imperial benefactor of the Church was mistaken for another.

  28. He was, in fact, the patron and benefactor of all public charities.

  29. And supposing Diodoros, too, should be converted by Melissa, could he thus alienate from his father the son and heir of Polybius--his benefactor and master?

  30. These affectionate relatives being assembled in a parlor of the house in which the body of their benefactor lay, the will was taken from the iron safe by one of the executors.

  31. Girard, both during his lifetime and after his death, was a liberal, though not lavish, benefactor of the institution which had so long sheltered his wife.

  32. And he was conscious that Bulstrode had been a benefactor to him.

  33. He had just seen success crown his efforts when he died of senile gangrene, with the reputation of being a great physician and benefactor of the poor.

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    Other words:
    aid; assistant; backer; donor; friend; help; helper; humanitarian; patron; philanthropist; protector; sponsor