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  1. This also do we feel, as we look upon the view, that with all the bigness and massiveness and loftiness there is the very finest tenderness as well--such delicacy as we had never before imagined.

  2. But in this full view the impression of breadth and bigness of scale is combined with the impression of height.

  3. They drink a certain black water which they call Cahwa, made of a fruit brought out of Egypt, and which is in colour like ordinary wheat, and in taste like Turkish wheat, and is of the bigness of a little bean.

  4. There is in this province a creature, or insect of the bigness of a flea, so sharp at stinging, that it not only pierces the skins of men and beasts, but the boughs and bodies of the trees.

  5. She seems, by her discourse, to be grave beyond her bigness and age, and exceeding well bred as to her deportment, having been a scholar in a school at Bow these seven or eight years.

  6. In her ears she had bracelets of pearls hanging down to her middle, whereof we delivered your worship a little bracelet, and those were of the bigness of good peas.

  7. Who is it that has measured the dimensions so nicely as to find out and state the bigness and figure every part must have to keep all manner of proportions between themselves in the whole?

  8. True, I met plenty of people, grubbing in little miserable fields that would not keep a cat, or herding little kine about the bigness of asses.

  9. There was another fish which sometimes the Indians brought us, of the bigness of a hog; they called it the pereo fish; it had rows of teeth beneath and above.

  10. The plums are of two kinds, red and gray, of the making and bigness of nuts, and have three or four stones in them.

  11. Other trees do bear a fruit which they call Mameis, of the bigness of peaches.

  12. This town of Coligoa stood at the foot of a hill, on the bank of a mean river, of the bigness of Cayas, the river that passeth by Estremadura.

  13. These are a whitish Fowl, about the Bigness of a Brant; they come to us after Christmas, in very great Flocks, in all our Rivers.

  14. They are the Bigness of a Linnet, with yellow Wings, and beautiful in other Colours.

  15. The first is the Fox-Squirrel, so call'd, because of his large Size, which is the Bigness of a Rabbet of two or three Months old.

  16. The small Cockles are about the Bigness of the largest English Cockles, and differ nothing from them, unless in the Shells, which are striped cross-wise as well as long-wise.

  17. The largest is as big as a good Hen, the smaller the Bigness of a Snipe, or something bigger.

  18. They are about the Bigness of the Fishing-Hawk, and have a nasty Smell with them.

  19. The Sea-Pie, or gray Curlue, is about the Bigness of a very large Pigeon, but longer.

  20. He is a Beast of Prey, as the Panther is, and nearest to him in Bigness and Nature.

  21. The Sun and Sand hatch them, which come out the Bigness of a small Chesnut, and seek their own Living.

  22. East-India Bats or Musqueto Hawks, are the Bigness of a Cuckoo, and much of the same Colour.

  23. They are the Bigness of a Thrush, and call their Note under a Bush, on the Ground, hard to be seen, though you hear them never so plain.

  24. Moreover, behind the mountain Kaf are forty worlds, each one the bigness of this world forty times told, some of gold and some of silver and others of carnelian.

  25. Then it was that the infinite bigness of this uninhabited wild, the sense of its infinite loneliness, pressed her close.

  26. The human mind could not conceive a more infinite bigness than this gleaming frost-bound waste stretched to the horizon beneath the blazing winter sun.

  27. We sailed with the first fair wind, and, after a long navigation, the first place we touched at was a desert island, where we found the egg of a roc, equal in bigness to that I formerly mentioned.

  28. Dear Nathalie, if you could only realize the bigness of the work you have undertaken in taking these slum children into a wonder-land of healthy living, the beauties and wonders of which will mean to them a new and glorified world.

  29. What is there so ponderous in evil, that a thumb's bigness of it should outweigh the mass of things not evil which were heaped into the other scale!

  30. The terror of sheer bigness grew slowly in her mind; loneliness beyond words gradually enveloped her.

  31. All the bigness of his nature leaped up again within him.

  32. Of course, there are not so many people with the art or the will to do this, and, having done it, they have not always the bigness of heart to pass it round for the others to share.

  33. You remember when I first saw these plains and hills I told you the bigness frightened me a little when the sun brought it all out in detail.

  34. Yet is it not now a fair time to ask what that bigness has really cost us?

  35. There comes a point in the growth of any railroad system toward mere bigness where, like the locomotive and the box-car, efficiency is passed and inefficiency comes in again.

  36. This stream was about the bigness of a rainbow: the upper end seemed vastly high, not descending from any dark cloud and therefore the most strange to me; I never having seen the like before.

  37. So I made the best of my way to Timor; and on the 11th in the afternoon we saw 10 small land-birds, about the bigness of larks, that flew away north-west.

  38. It was much worm-eaten and had in it some live worms above an inch long, and about the bigness of a goose-quill, and having their heads crusted over with a thin shell.

  39. They were shaped like mackerel and were about that bigness and length, and of a yellow-greenish colour.

  40. This bird was about the bigness of a lark, having a small sharp black bill and blue wings; the head and breast were of a pale red, and there was a blue streak about its neck.

  41. As they floated on the water they seemed to be of the breadth of the palm of a man's hand, spread out round into many branches about the bigness of a man's finger.

  42. The fowls we saw and knew were pigeons, parrots, cockadores, and crows like those in England; a sort of birds about the bigness of a blackbird, and smaller birds many.

  43. When the fruit is ripe it is round, and about the bigness of a man's thumb; of a dark brown colour, inclining to red, and about 2 foot or 2 foot and a half long.

  44. It was 3 of my fathoms about, and kept its bigness without any sensible decrease even to the top.

  45. Our men say, that in bigness it is as great as the city of London, with the suburbs thereof.

  46. Their barrels or vessels are of an unmeasurable bigness and size, some of them are three yards long and more, and two yards and more broad in their heads.

  47. But then everybody knew the bigness of Miss Clendenning's sympathies.

  48. Not long ago he had exulted in the bigness and glory of this country of his, where strong men met hand to hand and eye to eye.

  49. There had been a reason for St. Pierre's masterly possession of himself, and it had not been, as he had thought, because of his bigness of soul.

  50. The vessel, galley, or float, that brought it to Rome so many hundred leagues, must needs have been of wonderful bigness and strange fabric.

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