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Example sentences for "blueness"

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  1. If there be evidence of blood stasis, with blueness of the nails, hypostatic pneumonia, etc.

  2. If symptoms of asphyxia appear, indicated by blueness of the lips and nails, opiates should never be given.

  3. The waters of this Lake exhibit the most brilliant blueness in the deep portions, which are remote from the fouling influences of the sediment-bearing affluents, and the washings of the shores.

  4. They wondered at the beauty of the flowers; they wondered at the height and blueness of the sky; they wondered at the depth of the bright water; they wondered at the goodness and the power of God who made the lovely world.

  5. The blueness was receding, leaving her pinched, but white.

  6. Perhaps she grew more easily tired now than formerly; her face then seemed thinner than ever, the temples sunken and cheek- bones evident, and her eyes startling in their size and blueness and prominence.

  7. Then the sky resumes the fleckless blueness which characterises it during the greater part of the year.

  8. It is because we have an awareness of blueness that we speak of having perceived a blue object.

  9. The milk is colourless; that is, its blueness is not due to absorption, but to a separation of the light by the particles suspended in the liquid.

  10. The cause of the blueness is, that the air-bubbles, distributed so plentifully through the general mass, do not exist in the veins, or only in comparatively small numbers.

  11. The blueness of the Grotto of Capri is due to the fact that the light which enters it has previously traversed a great depth of clear water.

  12. The juices of various plants owe their blueness to the same cause; but perhaps the most curious illustration is that presented by a blue eye.

  13. Blueness of the water; the head of the Lake; appearance of the Rhone; subsidence of particles; Mirage 5.

  14. The marvellous blueness of the sky in the earlier part of the day indicated that the air was charged, almost to saturation, with transparent aqueous vapour.

  15. There are some splendid effects of light and shade on the Thames; the contrast between the blueness of the sky and the yellow water is frequently exceedingly beautiful.

  16. But the pellucid blueness of the gaze that met his was confusingly unstirred by any shade of suitable timidity or emotion.

  17. The blueness of the sea and the hills from Carrantuohill to the Skelligs, the singular loneliness of the hillside I was on, with a few choughs and gulls in sight only, had a splendour that was almost a grief in the mind.

  18. Further on one passes peculiar horseshoe coves, with contorted lines of sandstone on one side and slaty blue rocks on the other, and necks of transparent sea of wonderful blueness between them.

  19. He spent his days upon the crystal blueness of the lake or he walked back into the soft thick verdure of the hills and tramped until he was tired so that he might sleep.

  20. In India skies were hot and blazing; this was of a deep cool blue which almost seemed to sparkle like the waters of some lovely bottomless lake, and here and there, high, high in the arched blueness floated small clouds of snow-white fleece.

  21. And here are yachts and blue water, the water full of the blueness of the sky; and the confusion of masts and rigging is perfectly indicated without tiresome explanation!

  22. On examining the blood with the spectroscope and by other means, I ascertained that the blueness was not due to the presence of any abnormal pigment.

  23. There was nothing to account for the blueness (cyanosis) and struggle for air but the one fact that they were suffering from acute bronchitis, such as is caused by inhalation of an irritant gas.

  24. Look at the sky's blueness and the spring bursting forth in every branch and clod--and the very skylarks singing hard as if for joy.

  25. On drinking the poison there is a burning taste in the mouth, shortly followed by a very striking blueness or purple appearance of the lips, tongue, skin, nails, and even the conjunctivae.

  26. A remarkable blueness of the finger nails was observed a little before death, and was noticeable afterwards.

  27. The symptoms are giddiness, weakness, cyanosis, blueness of the skin, sinking of the temperature, and dilatation of the pupil.

  28. Its monuments and statues, where they were complacently innocent of art, had been brought into harmony of tone by the atmosphere vivid like the flambeau trees, the inconceivable blueness of its sea.

  29. The day slid rapidly into water that had lost its blueness for expanses of chalky shallow green, and the flat roofs of Key West and masoned arches became slowly visible across the sea, and a stir of departure filled the decks.

  30. I was glad that the terrace was empty, for, with the light now faded from the sea and its blueness merging into black, the remote tranquillity of evening was happier without a sharp chatter of voices.

  31. It was a world with a different quality, a warmer, more penetrating and mellower light, with a faint clear gladness in its air, and wisps of sun-touched cloud in the blueness of its sky.

  32. Anne, Anne, look not so strangely through the window at the blueness of the sky, sweet soul, but look at me.

  33. Anne, look through the tower window at the blueness of the sky--at the blueness, Anne!

  34. Through the tower window and the ivy closing round it, the blueness of the summer sky was heavenly fair; soft, and light white clouds floated across the clearness of its sapphire.

  35. The mesa was very warm, and swam in misty blueness although the day was clear.

  36. The trouble began at Cottonwood, and the hunting party on Waban the second day out saw a tall, pale column of smoke that rose up from the notch of the hill behind the settlement, and fanned out slowly into the pale blueness of the sky.

  37. Loving her, Monsignore, I love all her attributes; But I believe That even if I did not love her I would love the blueness of her eyes, And her blue garment, made in the manner of the Japanese.

  38. It is like the light coming through blue stained glass, Yet not quite like it, For the blueness is not transparent, Only translucent.

  39. He also noticed the intensity of the sunlight, and the blueness of the shadows among the trees, as well as the mirror-like flashing of the creek.

  40. A broad blaze of silver stretched back across the sea towards the hazy blueness in the east beyond which lay Africa, and it was almost as light as day.

  41. Austin only saw the latter, for he was looking into the dusky blueness of the east, though it was only by an effort he kept himself awake.

  42. High above her the great black cordillera cut hard and sharp against the luminous blueness of the night, and the long heave of the Atlantic flashed, white-topped, beneath the moon ahead.

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