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Example sentences for "booksellers"

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  1. The booksellers of Amsterdam offer to print what I have written on the Old Testament: but I chose rather to have it printed here, that I may see the last proofs.

  2. He was to report all omissions or contraventions by booksellers of the rules of the Index, and for this his inspections must be frequent.

  3. If this was the case with private collectors of all ranks, we can readily appreciate the endless troubles and ruinous prosecutions to which booksellers were exposed.

  4. For sale by all booksellers or sent postpaid on receipt of 75c.

  5. Motor Maids at Sunrise Camp For sale by all booksellers or sent postpaid on receipt of 75c.

  6. The Girl Aviators' Motor Butterfly For sale by all booksellers or sent postpaid on receipt of 75c.

  7. Many of the country Booksellers are probably not yet aware of this arrangement, which enables them to receive Copies in their Saturday parcels.

  8. And sold by all Booksellers in Town and Country.

  9. Public anxiety for the appearance of the mighty work, became all that the booksellers could wish.

  10. Yet it is a mistake so very general, that the booksellers find that the most effectual mode of recommending a new work, is, to allege that it sells rapidly.

  11. The two booksellers were massacred on the pavement.

  12. Intended to fill up a vacuity much felt by booksellers in general, but more especially by old booksellers.

  13. Printed for the Booksellers at Boston, January, 1804.

  14. Johnson observed to me, "Sir, I always said the booksellers were a generous set of men.

  15. SIR, 'There is in the world a set of books which used to be sold by the booksellers on the bridge[802], and which I must entreat you to procure me.

  16. He had bargained for two hundred guineas, and the booksellers spontaneously added a third hundred; on this occasion Dr.

  17. Upon the road we talked of the uncertainty of profit with which authours and booksellers engage in the publication of literary works.

  18. He searched the London booksellers but could find no traces of "Mortimer Stant" at any of them.

  19. Between Mr. Jannissary and John, he might say that booksellers were a very unsatisfactory lot.

  20. Mr. Jannissary longed for the day when booksellers would look upon their shops as places of adventure and romance!

  21. The appalling conditions of the publishing trade were accentuated by the extraordinary reluctance of the booksellers to take risks or to show any enthusiasm for new things.

  22. Strand, and may be had of all Booksellers and Stationers.

  23. As the machine-work from type and woodcuts was far better than the ordinary printing of the day, booksellers were induced to print extensive editions, because they saw the machine could accomplish all they required.

  24. Knavish booksellers put forth volumes of trash under his name, and envious scribblers maintained it to be impossible that the poor ignorant tinker should really be the author of the book which was called his.

  25. Diderot's first work for the booksellers after his marriage seems to have been a translation in three volumes of Stanyan's History of Greece.

  26. Even the base and despicable jealousies of booksellers counted for something in the storm.

  27. The booksellers who were interested in the Encyclopædia were importunate with the authorities to restore its head and chief to an enterprise that stirred universal curiosity.

  28. In 1761 the booksellers were afflicted by a new alarm.

  29. The booksellers at first spoke of the Encyclopædia as an affair of two million livres.

  30. The booksellers found him the most cheerful and strenuous bondsman that ever booksellers had.

  31. Sartine invited Diderot to write him a memorandum on the subject, and was disappointed to find Diderot staunchly on the side of the booksellers (1767).

  32. Everything weighs, because friendship is a commerce of purity and delicacy; but are the booksellers your friends?

  33. The booksellers addressed the minister, and easily persuaded him of the difference, according to the economic light of those days, between an exchange of money against paper, compared with an exchange of paper against paper.

  34. The Encyclopædia of Diderot, though not itself the most prodigious achievement on which French booksellers may pride themselves, yet inspired that achievement.

  35. Their three partners were publishers or booksellers only.

  36. The booksellers and the vendors of engravings and curiosities, standing at their stalls, and accustomed to see him go by at his regular hours, stepped back and bowed respectfully.

  37. After his publication of the 'Life of Sir Walter Raleigh,' some booksellers thinking his name would sell a piece they were publishing, offered him a considerable sum to father it, which he rejected with the greatest indignation.

  38. Fifteen years afterwards the last improved edition appeared, published by the associated booksellers of Paris.

  39. Yes; but look out for the booksellers when you publish anything, if you have not yet begun; they are greater robbers than Barabbas.

  40. I know plenty of booksellers who would give a good deal to get hold of your answers.

  41. Holywell Street, Millbank, Westminster, on the receipt of a Post Office Order for the amount; and by order, of the principal Booksellers and Music Warehouses.

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