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  1. When they left the bath, they put on new clothes, and she abode with them three days, feeding them with fowls and broths and sherbet of sugar-candy, till their strength returned to them.

  2. Warm milk thoroughly beaten is the most suitable form of diet; broths and soups may be given for a change, so can a mixture of equal parts of weak hot tea and milk.

  3. The food should be bland and of a fluid nature as nearly as possible, broths with an egg, milk gruels or bread and milk.

  4. Cow’s milk should be dispensed with in artificially fed children, and broths substituted to which a portion of a fresh egg is added, previously thoroughly beaten with an egg beater; in very young children the yolk alone should be used.

  5. The milk punch is often borne well, and the little whisky that enters into its composition is a needed stimulant to the sufferer; broths may be given for a change, and to these the yolk of an egg can be added with advantage.

  6. In the proportion of 8 grains to the cubic foot, all the different culture broths under experiment were sterilized save the one containing the bacteria of charbon.

  7. The proportion necessary to effect the sterilization of the culture broths is one siphon per 706 cubic feet.

  8. She means all right; but imagine me here with her all day, dodging infusions and broths and red flannel!

  9. And see these broths there, Ready within this hour, pray keep your arms in, The air is raw, and ministers much evil.

  10. Some warm broths To purge the bloud, and keep your bed a day Sir, And sweat it out.

  11. The presence of a large quantity of highly nitrogenous crystalline principles in broths and soups accounts for their restorative powers.

  12. Broths and soups contain the greater part of the saline matter of the meat, the crystalline principles, viz.

  13. This is a well-known potherb used in broths and various modes of cookery: it is propagated by seeds and cuttings early in the spring.

  14. The petals of the flowers are eaten in broths and soups, to which they impart a very pleasant flavour.

  15. Lemonade and orange juice may be given, but no meat broths or albumenized beverages or egg dishes can be admitted to the dietary.

  16. Broths must be skimmed carefully to remove fat, and milk when given should be skimmed or given in the form of buttermilk or koumiss.

  17. Well-strained meat broths may be given occasionally to vary the diet and albumenized orange juice or orange juice in carbonated water may also be given once or twice daily during the febrile period.

  18. Broths must be well skimmed and the milk fat free.

  19. Broths (chicken, beef, mutton or clam), reenforced with lactose or egg or given plain.

  20. Clam broth without milk may be served hot or cold; it will not jelly as other broths but may be frozen if desired.

  21. Broths of all sorts, beef juice, and meat jellies will sour and decompose unless kept close to the ice.

  22. A fluid diet consists of fluids alone, milk in particular, with broths and fruit beverages as ordered.

  23. This is demonstrated in broths and soups made from the tough cuts of meat.

  24. Meat soups and broths contain little nutrient value, consisting as they do chiefly of water, salt, and extractives, all of which are looked upon with disfavor, and classed with the offending articles of food in the nephritic diet.

  25. The Germans have a greater variety of soups, including chowders, broths and bouillons, than any other nation of Europe.

  26. Fruit soups, broths and bouillons of all kinds play an important part at German luncheons, dinners and suppers, and really some of them are delicious.

  27. The mutton, generally bad in quality, was always very badly cooked, and the broths or soups very destitute of flavour.

  28. Zwieback, prepared as directed on page 289, will be found serviceable and wholesome to be used with broths and gruels.

  29. Vegetable broths prepared from grains and legumes possess a much higher nutritive value, while they lack the objectionable features of meat broths.

  30. Broths may be prepared as directed from both black and white beaus, and combined in the proportion of one third of the former to two thirds of the latter; or a broth of lentils may be used instead of the black bean.

  31. Beef tea and meat broths are by no means so useful as foods for the sick as is generally supposed.

  32. People came from miles around to get roots and seeds from the garden and to ask for Sainte Marthe's recipes for broths and cordials for the sick.

  33. Sick fasters may be wise to take in minerals from thin vegetable broths or vitamin-like supplements in order to prevent uncomfortable deficiency states.

  34. Salt-free broths made from meatless instant powder (obtainable at the health food store) can also fend off the desire to eat until the stage of hunger has passed.

  35. I estimate that fasting on raw juices and mineral broths will result in healing at 25 to 75 percent of the efficiency of water fasting, depending on the amount of nutrition taken and the amount the juices or broths are diluted.

  36. Strained mineral broths made of long-simmered non-starchy vegetables (the best of them made of leafy green vegetables) fall in the same category.

  37. They want me to make broths and jellies and things at home here and take them down there.

  38. After her mother had gone, Dorothy took out a pad and pencil and made a list of broths and dishes which she already knew how to make and another that she meant to ask her cooking teacher about.

  39. Where shadows vague and coffined light, Spit broths from splinter'd wracks and domes.

  40. In the fourteenth century the broths and soups were made with millet-flour and mixed wheats.

  41. Broths stimulate the appetite and help digestion, though they are of little or no food value themselves.

  42. It is particularly important to cool soups and broths rapidly.

  43. Also the leaves when boiled in pottage or broths for sick and feeble persons that have hot, weak, and feeble stomachs, do strengthen the same.

  44. As such, it is valuable chiefly as a food; but, in the form of broths and extracts made from it, meat stimulates the appetite and actually assists the flow of gastric juice.

  45. In the first class are grouped those which serve as appetizers, such as bouillon, consommé, and some other broths and clear soups.

  46. One of the most delicious of the thin, clear broths is consommé.

  47. Avoid broths and wine, and all stimulants.

  48. Broths seldom agree with a babe at the breast I have known them produce sickness, disorder the bowels, and create fever.

  49. Do you consider broths and soups wholesome?

  50. If the child be two years old and upwards, roasted apples with sugar, and grapes, will be very refreshing, and will tend to cleanse both the mouth and the throat Avoid broths and stimulants.

  51. Her average of loss for thirty days was a pound a day, and the diet was varied by the addition of broths after the third week, so as to keep the reduction within safe limits.

  52. Sugar broths or other media in which gas may be produced are used in fermentation tubes (Smith tubes) of the type shown in Fig.

  53. Sugar broths are used for determining the action of bacteria on these carbohydrates, since this is a valuable means of differentiating certain forms, especially those from the intestinal tract.

  54. Liquid media such as broth, milk, litmus milk, indol and nitrate broths are used in the above-mentioned tubes when small quantities only are to be worked with.

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