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Example sentences for "camaraderie"

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  1. A spirit of camaraderie sprung up amongst men who understood one another's language and had acquired the spurious nationality that comes from servitude in the same land.

  2. All her buoyancy, the charming camaraderie that stopped just short of intimacy, had dropped from her.

  3. But to Tisdale her camaraderie with Nature was charming.

  4. There was a carelessness, a camaraderie among these people that was of the essence of humanity.

  5. He felt just then that they could never more be friends, that their old happy camaraderie could never be reestablished.

  6. Still, that camaraderie had been a revelation to him, and he was uneasily aware that during the rest of his life he would look back upon the time when he had been Miss Merril's guide and attendant.

  7. But you'll find much true camaraderie among them, if you allow for the little eccentricities of the artistic temperament, which you are sure to notice the more you know of them.

  8. The Yank found himself welcome in every quarter of the city but hailed with most camaraderie in the French quarter.

  9. A deep camaraderie had grown between them.

  10. They had many good qualities which she appreciated--their esprit de corps, their hearty, open manners, the camaraderie with which they lent each other money.

  11. But in the smaller places, which are supported by a regular clientèle of the French clerks, workmen, and warehouse porters who are employed in and about Oxford Street, the sense of camaraderie and naturalness is very strong.

  12. And yet, what completely surprised him was the lack of careless, indolent camaraderie which he had known at school and had expected in larger scope at college.

  13. Her very manner of camaraderie seemed paradoxically to increase the distance between us.

  14. They were fond of him, grateful to him, treating him with a frank camaraderie that had in it not the slightest touch of condescension, but Ditmar would have been the first to recognize that there were limits to the intimacy.

  15. It was producing a splendid camaraderie between high and low.

  16. In Bohemia men and women mingle in good fellowship and camaraderie without finding the sex question a necessary topic of conversation.

  17. A ghoulish landscape, shrouded in the opaque mist of the nomenclature, the camaraderie of the omnipotent.

  18. Open its borders in a great display of camaraderie and human passion.

  19. He regaled Donald with tales of the Grand Bank fishermen: their seamanship: their wonderful schooners, and the freedom and camaraderie of their life.

  20. Incidents, related by Nickerson, of the camaraderie among the crews, their superb seamanship, and the good living aboard their vessels also influenced his decision to experience these things himself.

  21. Ueberbein's lack of any sense of camaraderie was bound to tell against him.

  22. After all, was there any romance, any camaraderie in the Bohemia he once had loved.

  23. In the glow of their camaraderie he was always at his best, excited, joyous, irresponsibly gay and hearty.

  24. She could not tell him how deeply she resented his ready tone of camaraderie with the other girl; but she was secretly suffering.

  25. Her ready camaraderie was taken for carelessness, and the candid grip of her hand was often misunderstood; and yet most of the men respected her, and some feared her.

  26. But in London there’s only the camaraderie of success and the camaraderie of unsuccess.

  27. The camaraderie of prestige--the social caress which celebrities alone are able to bestow upon each other by basking in a mutual feeling of superiority--ran like an undercurrent through the scene.

  28. They were utilizing the camaraderie of prestige and the intimacy of a common emotion to impress themselves upon the greater dignitaries.

  29. Yet this camaraderie which usually heightened the poise of such gatherings was unable to remove the embarrassment of the company.

  30. The camaraderie of prestige was insufficient to remove this embarrassment.

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