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  1. He was to have had the captaincy of the first one hundred men he raised.

  2. John Sprague was pronounced guiltless on every specification, and, on General McClellan's recommendation, was promoted to a captaincy and assigned to the headquarters staff.

  3. It was looked upon as another step in the ladder of gratitude when Wesley carried off the captaincy in the Acredale company, though everybody knew that young Boone was not in any way so well fitted for the "straps" as Jack.

  4. In 1789, eight hundred preserves had just been planted in one single canton of the captaincy of Fontainebleau, and in spite of the proprietors of the soil.

  5. The officers of the captaincy are zealous because they labor under the eye and for the "pleasures" of their master.

  6. It is found impossible in a territory subjected to a captaincy to retain vegetables safe in gardens, enclosed by high walls.

  7. A domain rented for two thousand livres brings in only four hundred after the establishment of the captaincy of Versailles.

  8. According to the regulations of 1762 every private individual domiciled on the reservation of a captaincy is forbidden from enclosing his homestead or any ground whatever with hedges or ditches, or walls without a special permit.

  9. Cox began his captaincy by getting lost, but after a fortnight rejoined the fleet off the Island of Plate, on the coast of Peru, "to the great joy of us all.

  10. In order to set his son up in life he bought him a captaincy in the Militia and a fine farm, where young Nelson married and settled down.

  11. He was promoted to a captaincy in May, 1861, and before the close of the year managed in some way, I do not know how, to get East.

  12. If they should reach a captaincy in the line before they arrived at a majority in the staff, they would elect which commission they would retain.

  13. I declined the captaincy before the balloting, but announced that I would aid the company in every way I could and would be found in the service in some position if there should be a war.

  14. Hynek of Crus̆ina was so indignant at Z̆iz̆ka’s conduct that he threw up the captaincy of Prague, and not long after adopted the cause of Sigismund.

  15. He first rose into notice at the battle of Monza in 1412, when Filippo Maria Visconti observed his capacity and bravery, and afterwards advanced him to the captaincy of a troop.

  16. Originally a noble of the Veronese Marches, he founded his illegal authority upon the captaincy of the Imperial party delegated to him by Frederick.

  17. The Captaincy of the people was conferred upon him.

  18. On the big raft were one thousand Opitergian colonists, under the captaincy of the tribune Vulteius.

  19. In 1394 the captaincy was removed to Raspo, and subsequently to Pinguente.

  20. Fifty-two years after his time a second captaincy was created in Umago, afterwards transferred to Grisignana.

  21. Just as he had been disappointed of the captaincy of cricket at Wrykyn, so had Psmith been disappointed of his place in the Eton team at Lord's.

  22. I was now promoted to the captaincy of Company "D," being one of the youngest in the army.

  23. They had given the captaincy to Grace, and after all, they had no right to take away what they had freely given, and for no better reason than that Grace was loyal to a friend whom they distrusted.

  24. Meanwhile Grace was finding the captaincy of a team divided against itself anything but satisfactory.

  25. She even dreamed that the basketball captaincy might one day be hers.

  26. The loss of the basketball captaincy had been a severe blow to Miriam's pride, and she could not forgive Grace her popularity.

  27. Since the day that Grace had refused to give up her captaincy there had been considerable change in the girls' attitude toward her.

  28. On the score of the first captaincy they had less to say, but the battalion said a good deal.

  29. Grant declined the captaincy but promised his aid in every way possible.

  30. In July 1775 he received a captaincy and repaired to Newbern, N.

  31. If I took that captaincy after what you've done I'd detest myself.

  32. If Lane could make a touch-down and save them from defeat, he might have the captaincy and welcome.

  33. I can have the captaincy to-morrow, perhaps, but of course I'm not going to accept it.

  34. Lane had earned the captaincy twice over.

  35. John Futhey, then a lieutenant, after being promoted to a captaincy was killed in a skirmish at Avant's ferry on Black river.

  36. But the calm pursuits of peace not comporting with the ardour of his mind, he relinquished the fair prospect of professional emolument, and accepted a captaincy in Buford's regiment.

  37. It will be far better to marry on your pay--and you will surely get your captaincy in a few months--than to be stranded without even that, in case you do not find the work you hope for.

  38. I suppose you have got your captaincy by this time?

  39. The captaincy for that turn was in the hands of Dinis Eannes, as we have said already; and he took aside one of those Moors to know if there were any other people in that land.

  40. Fellows, all those in favor of the election of Wayne Gordon to the captaincy of the track team for the ensuing year will so signify by rising.

  41. My nephew has resigned his captaincy and quitted the army.

  42. In the general manifoldness, out of the by no means yet huge store of honey Ian Rullock, for mere first rung of his fortune's ladder, received the personally given thanks of his Prince and a captaincy in the none too rapidly growing army.

  43. But the other monitors, or at least many of them, did not look upon Phil with enthusiasm, and his election for the captaincy did not now seem the sure thing it had done a few months before.

  44. This term I've worked the whole school, and especially you monitors, against Bourne, to make his chance of getting the captaincy a very rocky one.

  45. But now Acton thought that the captaincy of Biffen's might dovetail into his schemes for the upsetting of Bourne, and therefore Dick's proposal was to be reconsidered.

  46. The loss of the captaincy would be a bitter, bitter pill for Bourne to swallow.

  47. If by his means he could put Phil out of the running for the captaincy it should be done.

  48. Because I want you to be my second against Acton, and I didn't want your captaincy to aid or abet me in a thing which is against rules.

  49. But Phil did not in the least hint that the captaincy was his soul's desire; he determined to merit it, and then leave the matter in the hands of the school.

  50. And then it dawned upon me that Acton was making a bid for the captaincy himself, and when I had convinced myself that this was his object, I felt angrier than I can remember.

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