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Example sentences for "castrato"

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  1. The Castrato rejoiced and, going in to the Chamberlain, summoned him to his mistress.

  2. Castrato was standing by his head and his side-muscles quivered for fear and he lifted up his voice and cried, "Verily he knoweth not the value of the good offices I have done him!

  3. So the Castrato began to speak him fair and say to him, "O my lord, take this purse and go with me.

  4. Then he kissed the Eunuch's head and spake him fair till he went away; but the Castrato fetched a round and, returning secretly, came and stood behind the Fireman, fearing to go back to his mistress without tidings.

  5. Whenever the caravan halted, they served him with food, and he and the Castrato ate from one dish.

  6. The castrato was named Nicolas Peritti; he pretended to be the grandson of a natural child of Sixtus V.

  7. My new visitor proved to be the first castrato of the theatre, who brought an invitation to dinner from Narici.

  8. The Castrato rejoiced and, going in to the Chamberlain, him to his mistress.

  9. Castrato was standing by his head and his side muscles quivered for fear and he lifted up his voice and cried, "Verily he knoweth not the value of the good offices I have done him!

  10. A castrato and a girl of almost equal height proposed to strip in an adjoining room, and to lie on their backs, in the same bed with their faces covered.

  11. In the evening I took the Mengs family for a drive in my landau, and we then went to the theatre, where the castrato who played the prima donna was a great attraction.

  12. Why should this castrato be allowed to shew his breast, of which the fairest Roman lady might be proud, and yet wish everyone to consider him as a man and not a woman?

  13. One could not have a pretty actress to supper without causing a scandal, but such an invitation to a castrato makes nobody talk.

  14. This castrato had a fine voice, but his chief attraction was his beauty.

  15. He laughed at people who said that a castrato could not procreate.

  16. In the evening I took them to Covent Garden, where the castrato Tenducci surprised me by introducing me to his wife, of whom he had two children.

  17. She had only come to see the famous castrato Farinello, who had left Madrid, and now lived at Bologna in great comfort.

  18. When night came, Pasquale, after carefully bolting and barring up his house, carried the little monster of a Castrato home.

  19. Every evening, when the little Castrato has done the maid-servant work, Signor Pasquale Capuzzi carries him home in his arms, difficult as that job is, considering the shakiness of his own old knees.

  20. Sassi, a worthy man, if one may prostitute the name of man to describe a being whom cruelty has separated from the rest of humanity; he was the first castrato of the opera.

  21. Castrato had been slain by a party of the palace eunuchry.

  22. Now when my mother heard these words, she bade her Eunuchs seize that Castrato and carry him from the room to the middle of the Divan-court and there slay him; but she did so without divulging her reasons.

  23. As for the king, he redoubled in kindness to the Castrato and appointed the youth a liberal allowance and he abode going in to and coming out of the king's house and standing in his service, and every day he waxed better with him.

  24. The king marvelled, he and his, and praised the Lord for that he had come thither; after which he turned to the Castrato and said to him, "What is this youth thou hast with thee?

  25. Now she had a Castrato who had come with her from the court of her uncle King Sulayman Shah, and he was intelligent, quick-witted, right-reded.

  26. Hereupon the Eunuch brought him a pair of sandals wrought with raw silk and green silk and purfled with red gold, and he took them and after examining them set them in his sleeve; whereat the Castrato cried out and said, "Allah!

  27. The castrato Luini was a lieutenant-colonel, and the painter Toretti only a captain, because he had only eight hundred roubles a year, while the coachman had three thousand.

  28. Spina had for her master a castrato who succeeded in making of her only a very ordinary singer, and in the absence of talent she was compelled, in order to get a living, to make the most of the beauty she had received from nature.

  29. A letter from Da Loglio got me a warm welcome from the castrato Luini, a delightful man, who kept a splendid table.

  30. Petto di Castrato alla Salsa piccante (Breast of Mutton) Ingredients: Same as No.

  31. The Castrato set forth upon this errand and received for all reply, "Say him my heart desireth naught, for that all I require is with me nor is there aught of deficiency.

  32. So the Castrato went and gave the order as we have related and paid the price and, when the pastrycook had made his requirement, he carried it away to the presence.

  33. The Castrato did his lord's bidding; and carrying the charger to the Princess's apartment handed it to the duenna and delivered the message, whereupon she blessed and prayed for the Commander of the Faithful and the slave departed.

  34. So he arose and went, as he were a madman, falling down and rising up, till he came to the Castrato on guard at the gate of the Commander of the Faithful and found him sitting.

  35. Accordingly, she went away with the Castrato and the Caliph looked at her raiment and ornaments and seeing her clad in clothing of choice, asked Ishak, "O Ishak, whence hath she these robes?

  36. In time came the greatest castrato of them all, the incredible Farinelli, who earned so much in London that when he retired to Italy he built himself a palace there which he sarcastically named "English Folly".

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