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Example sentences for "centralisation"

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  1. By the end of the Crusades, the march of society towards centralisation was in steady progress.

  2. At the same time we see political centralisation prevailing nearly everywhere.

  3. To achieve the work of centralisation or consolidation in America, even partially, demands a high degree of the genius of centralisation.

  4. As I have already said, the spirit of centralisation has penetrated more deeply into the administration of the State, than into the acts of the legislature; a guarantee, that the laws of unity will not remain paper rules.

  5. The spirit of unity or centralisation is already beginning to appear in several of the United States.

  6. Tendency to Centralisation in the State of New York; in the School System; in the Banking-System; in the System of Public Works.

  7. But if centralisation comes off the worse in Federal politics, it has the better within the States.

  8. Authority is founded upon Centralisation and Distinction of Ranks.

  9. Once diffused widely enough to set up the largest religious organisation in the Empire, it became the best possible instrument of centralisation and control, and as such it was accepted and employed.

  10. Owing to the sudden illness of the Grand Vizier, Ali Pacha, through overwork, and the prevailing centralisation of the Turkish Government, all affairs of State came to a standstill for the time being.

  11. In the Hebrew nation likewise it was the political centralisation which established itself in the epoch distinguished by the names of David and Solomon, which at the same time conduced to the confirmation of Monotheism.

  12. And then the religious centralisation took all importance and influence from the sanctuaries and places of assembly in the North, which before the centralisation were spread over the whole kingdom in due proportion.

  13. Thus, while political division promotes in religion Polytheism, political unity and centralisation help the monotheistic development to break forth.

  14. This same argument had previously been urged in my "Centralisation versus States Rights.

  15. The first thing which I did was to write a pamphlet on "Centralisation versus States Rights.

  16. In the Army of the Potomac, on the other hand, centralisation was the rule.

  17. Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.

  18. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

  19. Could not the centralisation of documents, with its evident advantages for researchers, be carried still further?

  20. Pius had also to give way on another point which was very near Philip’s heart, for the king never missed an opportunity of gaining a step forward in his policy of centralisation of power in himself.

  21. He was powerless to injure them now, for his system of jealous centralisation and his cumbrous methods were already producing their disastrous effects.

  22. The very existence of representative assemblies was opposed to Philip’s dream of personal centralisation of power, and he detested the Aragonese Cortes heartily.

  23. This agreement alone would prove how completely Philip’s cumbrous policy of personal centralisation had failed when applied to a huge disjointed empire such as his.

  24. The tendency of Charles’s policy was in favour of centralisation in the government of Spain, and he several times in writing to his son shows his dislike of the autonomy possessed by the stubborn Aragonese.

  25. I have already quoted the late Lord Goschen’s authority in support of the centralisation of gold reserves.

  26. Dugès of course admitted that the centralisation of the complete organism became greater the higher it stood in the scale, and that this held good also in individual development.

  27. The French government, having a strong taste for centralisation in national matters, formed in 1842 that plan which has since, with some modifications, been carried into execution.

  28. Prussia loves centralisation little less than France in other matters; but in railway enterprise she has allowed mercantile competition to have freer scope.

  29. Although over-centralisation is to be avoided, a certain amount of control from a central authority is not only unavoidable; if properly exercised, it is most beneficial.

  30. It is difficult for those Englishmen who have not been brought into business relations with Continental officials to realise the extreme centralisation of their administrative and diplomatic procedures.

  31. The second is that over-centralisation should above all things be avoided.

  32. His antipathy to Hamilton was the best guarantee against centralisation being continued under his management.

  33. If Clay had been Monroe's successor in 1824, a return toward centralisation must have inevitably followed.

  34. The first heat of party passion, the tendency toward centralisation in ten years of Federalism, and ignorance of the extent to which the party might go, had combined to bring the country to the verge of actual disruption.

  35. All this herculean effort was felt by Jefferson to be necessary to win popular attention and support from the centralisation of Hamilton, which, to his myopic vision, was monarchism.

  36. But individualistic spirits who were alarmed at this new distortion of the Government toward centralisation feared the results of using even the militia.

  37. They mark great steps toward the centralisation of the National Government at a time when they were most needed.

  38. Yet precedent made the questions easier to answer in favour of centralisation and made the steps easier to take by the scrupulous Jeffersonians.

  39. Like many of the devices, that governing the Congress was too strongly set against centralisation to allow free play of the parts.

  40. My countrymen were foolish enough--but we laboured under the curse of centralisation in Paris, and, heaven knows!

  41. What an admirable centralisation that such a detail should be known to every member of the administration!

  42. No doubt centralisation is less hurtful than it is elsewhere in a country so small that it is virtually all centre, but I intend that this state of things (for which you are in no way responsible) shall cease.

  43. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

  44. It entirely rejects the State centralisation which the Revolution established.

  45. Against their will the reformers of the Revolution remained saturated with the past, and could only continue, under other names, the traditions of the monarchy, even exaggerating the autocracy and centralisation of the old system.

  46. Centralisation being, in spite of its drawbacks, the only means of avoiding local tyrannies in a country profoundly divided within itself, has always been maintained.

  47. In a great scheme of religious centralisation at Jerusalem Josiah had found the best means of establishing unity of worship, and so of impressing upon the worshippers the idea of the unity of God.

  48. Deuteronomy demands the centralisation of the worship as something which is yet to take place.

  49. The centralisation of worship at one point, such as the book of Deuteronomy demands, seems to have been the thing achieved by the reform under Josiah.

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