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  1. These chorales should be sung very slow indeed, and will admit of much accompaniment.

  2. Breughel, | | in German Churches of Chorales in the Rubens | | German language.

  3. And that chorales seem to have become indispensable in the theatre?

  4. The old chorales were altered into modern forms.

  5. And yet, despite this official attitude, certain standard chorales fell into disuse, and were replaced by flimsier English airs.

  6. At this period the objection was raised by some that the old chorales were too difficult for Englishmen to sing; but to this objection Peter La Trobe had given a crushing answer.

  7. The chorales are selected from those which were in common use in the Lutheran Church, and were familiar therefore to the congregations which sang the melody, the harmony being sustained by the chorus and instruments.

  8. He first applied to Marx to write the text; but the invitation was declined, on the ground that the chorales were unsuited to the period of the narrative.

  9. In the first three the Christmas feeling prevails most vividly; this is effected in great measure by the chorales which are interspersed in far greater numbers than in the last three, and which are almost all familiar Christmas hymns.

  10. Therefore, it would be better to have no chorales at the beginning.

  11. He also wanted original hymns in the vernacular, as well as strong, majestic chorales that would reflect the heroic spirit of the age.

  12. The circumstances that called forth Nicolai's two great hymns and the classic chorales to which he wedded them are tragic in nature.

  13. His chorales and passion music also belong in a class by themselves.

  14. Some of the world's greatest composers have recognized the beauty and majesty of Nicolai's inspiring themes and have seized upon his chorales to weave them into a number of famous musical masterpieces.

  15. They may have been for him what the Chorales of Germany were for the school of Bach.

  16. Unless Bach draws directly from the Bible or from the old chorale-hymns--for the chorales have a mine of poetry within their rough mass--there are few places in which one is not repelled by the tastelessness of the rhymes he had to use.

  17. We shall see hereafter how Bach collected two hundred and forty chorales for use in his household; and there are hardly any of his church cantatas which do not contain at least one.

  18. Its component parts are one or more choruses and chorales with recitatives and solo airs; but the form is as elastic as that of the modern sonata, and one at least of the elements may often be absent.

  19. Those to whom the organ chorales are inaccessible may learn their spirit by unravelling the harmonies he has used in the fivefold setting of one chorale in the S.

  20. Bach treated the chorale melodies in many of his works, such as his organ chorales and his motets, as the medieval composers treated the cantus firmus, the liturgical chant.

  21. He employed the chorales exactly as Bach did, to signify the thought of the Church as it had come to be understood in Germany.

  22. It was the custom to intersperse the singing of the Latin Magnificat with four chorales, but this custom not coinciding with Bach's sense of the fitness of things, he added the chorales as an appendix to his score.

  23. All the other chorales in this work, six in number, are thus arranged and accompanied.

  24. The movements are interspersed with chorales harmonised in four parts.

  25. Bach used his chorales as models during the Arnstadt period.

  26. Each begins with a chorus which is followed by several arias and recitatives, and each ends with a chorale, besides which, chorales are also interspersed in the body of the work.

  27. The pedal compass in the chorales extends to high F and F[sharp].

  28. One of his chorales has been erroneously ascribed to Bach.

  29. The chorales chosen are always well-known ones, and among the finest of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

  30. Erk has collected 319 chorales in two volumes (Peters), extracted from the church cantatas, &c.

  31. Walther used the thumb, and has left some organ chorales with this indicated.

  32. Sidenote: A Notable Chorale] This is one of the chorales assigned to the Festival of the Reformation, and one can imagine with what force it would appeal to those disposed towards Luther's teaching.

  33. Chorales were sung by the congregation during the course of the service.

  34. It consists mostly of chorales in four parts with short recitatives between them.

  35. Fine chorales were sung below the window by some of the singers in the Coburg theatre.

  36. During the service the thirty-ninth Psalm, Luther's Hymn, and two chorales were sung.

  37. The old secular songs from which some of the chorales have been derived are still known, and it appears probable that several chorales, the origin of which is obscure, likewise emanated from this source.

  38. It was resorted to by our estimable composers of chorales and promoters of congregational singing at the time of the Reformation.

  39. Only three chorales are known with certainty to be of Luther's composition.

  40. Several of these old Chorales were gradually adopted by various denominations in different countries.

  41. As regards the Chorales of the Lutheran Church, it would be necessary to trace the alterations which they have undergone in the course of time.

  42. Still, something similar was done by the Netherlandish composers of church music even long before chorales were constructed from secular tunes.

  43. The Chorales of the Hussites are especially deserving of investigation.

  44. Fifteen chorales are heard in the course of the work, each forming a meditation upon the foregoing incident in the story.

  45. The custom of the ceremony had changed with time since Johannes had borne Frau Clara's laurel-wreath to Schumann's grave, and on the conclusion of the service, which consisted of the singing of chorales and an address by Dr.

  46. The majority of the chorales selected for treatment in 1896 have death for their subject, and are written in the profoundly serious vein to which we are accustomed in the composer's sacred works.

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