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Example sentences for "comity"

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comitiis; comitis; comitted; comittee; comitum; comly; comlye; comm; comma; command
  1. It is true, the more genial spokesmen of the project are given to the view that what is to come of it all is a comity of neutral nations, amicably adjusting their own relations among themselves in a spirit of peace and good-will.

  2. But this view is over-sanguine, in that it overlooks the point that into this prospective comity of nations Imperial Germany (and Imperial Japan) fit like a drunken savage with a machine gun.

  3. Therefore we cannot fit Greece into the jig-saw puzzle which we call the comity of nations.

  4. Thus is every argument for recognition repelled, whether under the sounding words, Practice of Nations, Comity of Nations, or Peace.

  5. Generously, and for the sake of that international comity not lightly hazarded, we may reject the precedents they furnish; but it will be difficult for them to complain, if we follow their steps.

  6. Nor can you urge this recognition on any principle of Comity of Nations.

  7. The total polity is one of war; and never in the history of civilisation has that ground of comity long averted the economic process by which social inequality deepens and widens.

  8. Given the initial federation of Romans and Sabines, the one general force of comity or cohesion, apart from the more public cults, is the bond of mere collective antagonism to other communities.

  9. I protest against it as destructive of all the comity of intercourse between the departments of this Government, and destined sooner or later to lead to conflicts fatal to the peace of the country and the integrity of the Constitution.

  10. Here met representatives of the Protestant movement in all Latin-America, and general principles of comity and cooperation were established and adopted.

  11. But there can be no doubt that many a rule which formerly was a rule of International Comity only is nowadays a rule of International Law.

  12. And it is certainly to be expected that this development will go on in future also, and that thereby many a rule of present International Comity will in future become one of International Law.

  13. A factor of the special kind which also influences the growth of International Law is the so-called comity (Comitas gentium, Convenance et courtoisie internationale, Staatengunst).

  14. The Comity of Nations is certainly not a source of International Law, as it is distinctly the contrast to the Law of Nations.

  15. Conscious of the contempt excited by such barbarities, and desirous of removing an obstacle to admission to the comity of nations, the Government has undertaken to revise its penal code.

  16. When they had proved their right to a place in the comity of nations, with good laws administered, foreign powers cheerfully consented to allow them the exercise of all the prerogatives of sovereignty.

  17. There are, however, three reforms of vital importance, which have scarcely been mentioned at all, which China requires for full admission to the comity of nations.

  18. To this end there should be interstate comity and coöperation, so that the insured could at any time transfer his actuarial equity from one state to another.

  19. Taxation of interstate enterprises only in due proportion to the whole business, by mileage or other rules; inter-state comity to be further developed in this matter.

  20. To ask for comity in the matter was to ask for the voidance of the treaty.

  21. Of significant importance are some achievements in denominational comity that have greatly helped the work of the Larger Parish.

  22. A fine example of what may be done in the way of denominational comity when a really Christian spirit prevails was shown in this field, and it did much to make the work of the Larger Parish possible.

  23. I will only add, that in my poor judgment this comity (committee) ought to consist of at least three and that it have power to send for persons and papers.

  24. The Tr'en, under other circumstances, would have been a valuable addition to the Comity of Nations.

  25. An invitation, the Comity was sure, which the Tr'en would not accept.

  26. Possibly there were no transports, probably there was no definite scheme, but certainly there was no navy commensurate with the power assumed by the Osmanli in the comity of European nations.

  27. In the third place, unless the Restoration were favoured by the Ottoman Government, all schemes to compass it in normal times ran counter to international law and the comity of nations.

  28. But it remained for the Modenese poet to bring this Mafelina into the comity of nations.

  29. Comity of nations, restriction of the 379.

  30. Restriction of the comity of nations, 379.

  31. In ancient times the comity of nations was virtually restricted to groups of cities or nations of kindred descent, or which had become confederate by reason of contiguity.

  32. We have learned now, by experience, what is that boasted comity of Kentucky on which Judge Leavitt so earnestly advised Ohio to rely.

  33. I am sure it is not going too far to say that if the strictness of the law did not require this, an appeal to comity would not be in vain.

  34. I have no doubt you are right as far as your ethics go, general; but deeming it more becoming the comity of war, we set them all at liberty, and it would have made your heart dance to see how they took to their heels.

  35. There is here no room for comity of nations; for a societas totius humani generis; for international law in any true sense.

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