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Example sentences for "concreted"

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  1. A second inner shell is then adjusted to the outer shell in its new position, the annular mold is concreted and the outer shell again pulled ahead.

  2. In constructing the sewer proper the invert was first concreted to template to the height shown in Fig.

  3. In one case known to the authors where hollow wall columns were used as hot air ducts for a heating system the duct was laid up of one row of bricks, encircled by the column form and the annular space concreted around the brick duct as a core.

  4. Forms built complete a full story high and concreted from the top are essential where wet and sloppy concretes are used.

  5. These sections were separately concreted to the top of the lagging panels, that is to a height of 5 ft.

  6. The arches were concreted in three longitudinal sections, each section constituting a day's work.

  7. His mythology was not a mere fiction concreted into fact by superstition.

  8. That is, Catholic unity is an abstract unity, concreted in each particular bishop and diocese.

  9. I watched them for nearly half an hour, and in that space of time observed between twenty and thirty distil this fluid, which gradually concreted into a white substance.

  10. Berzelius detected in a sample of silver thus concreted the presence of bismuth.

  11. After the molasses have been drained from the concreted loaves, the sugar is not at all deliquescent, like equally brown sugar from the cane.

  12. But, even if you are no mineralogist, common sense will tell you, that if they were all concreted out of the same clay, it is most likely that they would be all of the same kind, and not of a dozen or more different kinds.

  13. Pliny considers amber as the juice of a tree concreted into a solid form.

  14. The basis consists partly of a streaked, ochrous earth, and in part of sand, concreted with particles of iron ore.

  15. Different corals in a dead state, concreted into a solid mass of a dull-white colour, composed the stone of the reef.

  16. With concreted metal they can do it in weeks.

  17. Ten days after Mike's first proposal of concreted steel as a material for space ship construction, the parts of the first casting of the mockup were assembled.

  18. He therefore put forward his idea that a substance to be an electric must necessarily consist of a concreted humour which is partially resolved into an effluvium by attrition.

  19. Clear air is a convenient medium for an electrical effluvium excited from concreted humour.

  20. The exhalations forcibly derived from such material may well become concreted in the upper air by the help of more powerful causes, and hence some monstrous progeny of iron be begotten.

  21. They are highly attenuated humours much more subtile than the ambient air; and in order that they may occur, bodies are required produced from humour and concreted with a considerable degree of hardness.

  22. North of Goeberg there were several concreted positions whose defenders fought with daring and tenacity.

  23. There was one point where the enemy was strongly intrenched in concreted cellars where a struggle of the deadliest description developed.

  24. The work of art was dug up from under the firm concreted floor of a cave in the Dordogne.

  25. As soon as the concreted metal felt the power of this violent fire, it began to brighten and glitter.

  26. It consists almost entirely of Oil: but this Oil is in a concrete form, and observes the general rule of all concreted oily matters, which owe their consistence wholly to the Acid that is combined with them.

  27. These pyramidal crystals are only collections of small cubical crystals concreted into this form.

  28. In conclusion, all that hath been said, on several occasions, touching the properties of concreted oily matters, may be applied to Suet.

  29. After the flowers have fallen circular incisions are made close around the capsules of the plant, and from these wounds exudes a white, milky juice, that is afterward concreted by the heat of the sun into dark-brown masses.

  30. Concreted and focussed of late by the attraction of a girl's undoubted beauty, it had become a veritable prepossession.

  31. And an awful thought, which through long years had haunted him, concreted again swiftly in his brain.

  32. These words concreted suddenly a wealth of half-acknowledged doubts about her little daughter.

  33. We had decided to use for our headquarters a perfectly safe "pill-box," or concreted house in St Julien, but when we arrived we discovered that it was already occupied by a dressing station.

  34. They were concreted to the base of the high-tension duct bank, and, after the concrete had hardened and the bank of ducts had been laid, the concreting was completed in a second operation.

  35. Where brick arches were used, the core-wall skewback was concreted behind special forms set up on the sidewalks, or the arch ribs and lagging were used for forms, and the brick arch was not started until after the concrete had set.

  36. The arches were concreted usually in 60-ft.

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