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Example sentences for "constricting"

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constrayne; constrayned; constreined; constrict; constricted; constriction; constrictions; constrictor; constrictors; construct
  1. These must be carefully clipped with a fine pair of strabismus scissors, as these bands do not give way, either then or afterward, of their own accord, but form the nucleus for stronger constricting bands for the future.

  2. The next care is to properly cut through all constricting bands, which, like fine, tough strings, will be found to encircle the penis.

  3. The two nerves form an arch constricting the dilated tube at this place.

  4. Hanging is a form of mechanical suffocation by ligature of the neck, in which the constricting force is the weight of the body itself.

  5. Suffocation by pressure upon the neck is called =hanging= when the constricting force is the weight of the body itself; and =strangulation= in all other cases.

  6. The marks of very different constricting ligatures may be quite similar.

  7. In early fetal life the winding of the navel string around a limb may cause the latter to be slowly cut off by absorption under the constricting cord.

  8. After passing this constricting point the free excursion into the Spigelian recess and behind the omentum and stomach and toward the spleen can be performed.

  9. This method of treatment should be persevered with for three or four weeks, and the limb should be massaged daily while the constricting bandage is off.

  10. In suturing wounds of the lids care must be taken to secure accurate apposition at the free margins, and to avoid constricting the canaliculi.

  11. To increase the local leucocytosis and so check the spread of infection, a Bier's constricting bandage may be applied.

  12. The object proved to be a black, wrinkled spheroid, baked hard as iron in the sunshine of Estrella's toys, a potato squeezed to dryness by the constricting power of the rawhide.

  13. Then, like a child, she bound them and sewed them and nailed them to substances particularly susceptible to their constricting power.

  14. Bell, after carefully watching the constricting Serpent's mode of swallowing its prey, asserts that this is a delusion.

  15. If this part is elongated, slim and pointed, as shown in the illustration, it is apt to curve or bend upon itself, thus constricting the passage through it and preventing the transit of seminal fluid into the womb.

  16. The constricting band was formed by a coalition of the xiphoid cartilages and the umbilical vessels, surrounded by areolar tissue and covered with skin.

  17. Booth mentions a case of priapism in a married seaman of fifty-five, due to local inflammation about the muscles, constricting the bulb of the penis.

  18. An attempt had been made to remove a liver-tumor the size of a fist by constricting the base with an elastic ligature.

  19. Examining his genitals, an iron ring 3/4 inch in diameter was discovered, imbedded in the soft tissues of the penis, constricting it to such a degree as to have produced enormous enlargement of the parts.

  20. The attacks are usually periodical in character, with constricting pain in the pit of the stomach, and the intervals are not necessarily associated with symptoms of dyspepsia.

  21. The prognosis is good, the difficulty being susceptible of relief by division of a portion of the constricting frenum.

  22. In the left iliac region we at once discovered a portion of the intestine almost black, and on examination found a firm white band encircling and constricting that portion.

  23. Henry Hartshorne says: "Experience leads me to have especial confidence in collodion, to which one-fiftieth of glycerin has been added to lessen its constricting effect.

  24. A valuable preventive to this absorption is found in the application of a constricting band or tourniquet to impede the return circulation and allow the washing out of much of the drug before the obstruction is removed.

  25. Cold has the tendency to reduce tension by constricting the blood vessels thus diminishing the amount of blood supplied.

  26. In situations where a constricting band cannot be applied, for example, on the trunk or the neck, Klapp's suction bells may be used, small incisions being made to admit of the escape of pus.

  27. If a constricting band is applied at this stage, the infection can usually be checked and the occurrence of suppuration prevented.

  28. In cases in which a constricting bandage is inapplicable, for example, in cold abscesses, tuberculous glands or tendon sheaths, Klapp's suction bell is employed.

  29. The constricting bandage should be applied at some distance above the seat of infection; for instance, in disease of the wrist, it is put on above the elbow, and it must not cause pain either where it is applied or in the diseased part.

  30. In the limbs, for example, where the application of a constricting band is practicable, Bier's method of inducing passive hyperæmia yields excellent results.

  31. If there is reason to fear that the disinfection has not been complete, a Bier's constricting bandage should be applied for some hours each day.

  32. The part appears constricting the penis and urethra behind the corona glandis.

  33. But if these constricting outlets did not exist, the neck of the sac would be also wanting.

  34. Having the bark so close and constricting that it impedes the growth; -- said of trees.

  35. These terms are applied to obstruction by constricting bands within the abdomen.

  36. Two methods of producing strangulation exist; in the first the bowel passes under an arch or loop formed by some short constricting band and cannot return, or if the band is long it may form a noose in which the bowel is strangled (fig.

  37. Only in certain very select cases, where the hernia is recent, the constricting parts lax, the general symptoms very mild, and where there is reason to believe the bowel has completely escaped injury by compression or the taxis.

  38. It is very remarkable how very soon gangrene may come on, in a case of a small recent femoral hernia, in which the fibrous tissues constricting the neck of the sac are tense and undilatable.

  39. He speaks of the dragon as blue,[200] and terribly destructive owing to the possession of a sting, long constricting folds, and venomous breath.

  40. In one the thickened, unyielding valves project across the openings they should guard, and thus by constricting the opening interfere with the passage of blood either through the heart or from it.

  41. If it lies too high or too low, it may, by constricting the breath, produce serious changes in the tone, making it pinched or even shutting it off entirely.

  42. He felt constricting bands about his chest; darting, numbing pains ran through him.

  43. With much effort they tore off the constricting boots and, using them for pillows, sank into a painful lethargy.

  44. But it is only by intense heat that the effect of the great mass of Jupiter in constricting its atmosphere within shallow depths can be overcome.

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