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Example sentences for "convinces"

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conviene; convient; convince; convinced; convincement; convinceth; convincing; convincingly; convincingness; convintion
  1. Next, he perceives that these results could never have taken place unless foreseen and provided for by a designed subserviency of means to ends, and this convinces him of the Personality of that universal Mind.

  2. Everything I remember to have seen, or heard, or done, or suffered, convinces me that I existed at the time remembered.

  3. Sensation convinces us that there are solid, extended substances; and reflection, that there are thinking ones: experience assures us of the existence of such beings.

  4. If he convinces himself of the existence of God he will have little difficulty in inferring the possibility of a Divine Revelation.

  5. Conscience indeed is present in every human heart, but only the Holy Spirit convinces of sin.

  6. Only a slight reflection however convinces us that, as the population of the world is always increasing, evil men may increase in numbers, even though there is increase in the numbers of the good.

  7. This strange view of an able interpreter, as well as the extraordinary diversity of explanations given by others, convinces us that no exegete has yet found the key to the mysteries of the Apocalypse.

  8. Both err, and neither convinces the other.

  9. If we assume the second opinion or the last, the full or the correct expressions may be these: "He convinces the judgement, but he does not elevate the imagination, or animate the feelings.

  10. Theophilus did not apply the title of philosophy to Christian truth, this title being in his view discredited; but Christianity is to him the "wisdom of God," which by luminous proofs convinces the men who reflect on their own nature.

  11. A casual thought convinces one that it is true for all prose.

  12. I there said, in referring to the Gadarene story, "Everything I know of law and justice convinces me that the wanton destruction of other people's property is a misdemeanour of evil example.

  13. Everything that I know of law and {335} justice convinces me that the wanton destruction of other people's property is a misdemeanour of evil example.

  14. Careful investigation convinces me that this assertion is untrue.

  15. It is the recital of young Frank's licentiousness that convinces young Philip that here is just the husband for Sister Mall.

  16. This explanation, I trust, convinces gentlemen that the power of enacting such a law exists in Congress.

  17. Experience convinces us of the truth of this.

  18. I do not comprehend all the mystery; but it convinces me I am the most unfortunate of men.

  19. If he declare anything but Royals, he says to the partner, "I realize perfectly what you have, but my hand convinces me that the declaration I am making will be more advantageous than the one you have suggested.

  20. The hissing noise of steam escaping from a boiler, convinces of the nature of the body escaping.

  21. Indeed the analogy is so strong that it almost convinces us of the identity of the matter of heat, light, electricity, and galvanism.

  22. Soon he convinces us that he is honestly searching after truth; that he pursues the noble aim of placing himself in harmony with God and the world.

  23. He is young, my Lord; (looking to his Lordship with an arch smile) all boys love liberty, till experience convinces them they are not so fit to govern themselves as they imagined.

  24. He once observed to me, 'Whatever opinion Johnson maintains, I will not say that he convinces me; but he never fails to shew me, that he has good reasons for it.

  25. From the top of it, in the little square in front of the church, one gets an attractive, though limited, view of the city and of Monte Mario, but it is a view that convinces him that he is in a city quite unlike any other in the world.

  26. The daughter of Jorio comes to the rescue and convinces the people that she is the real criminal.

  27. Superviele--of his diplomatic operations in Mexico, which convinces me that the French authorities there favor the Confederate States cause, and anticipate closer relations before long.

  28. This convinces me that there is abundance of leather in the South, if it were properly distributed.

  29. Yet his letter convinces me the peace party in the United States is not so strong as we supposed.

  30. Man continues to live because he is a living creature not because reason convinces him of the certainty or probability of future satisfactions and achievements.

  31. It convinces us of the folly of striving to eliminate war by agencies which leave other institutions of society pretty much unchanged.

  32. The intelligence which convinces us of your many hardships, excessive fatigues, and your chivalrous bearing also satisfies us of your urgent wants.

  33. The law convinces us of our fall; the gospel assures us of our redemption.

  34. The Holy Spirit on earth awakens sinners, convinces them of sin, draws them to the throne of grace, and breathes into them intense prayers for pardon.

  35. It is so much the way in England to jaunt about, that one can't avoid it; but it convinces me that people are more tired of themselves and the country than they care to own.

  36. Every day convinces me more decidedly, that I am right both with regard to the lining of the Wrens' nests, and as to the cock-nests also.

  37. But a very careful and long continued examination of the spawning of minnows and lampreys (I have never been able closely to examine the spawning of Salmon), convinces me that it is not a correct one.

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