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  1. Above rises the cathedral, a gigantic pile of richly carved cornices and tier above tier of carved parapets and domes, the walls ornamented with innumerable niched figures, bosses, roses, and stars.

  2. At this moment Don Beltrano is crossing the Sala de Ricebimento in the Alcazar, a Gothic Moresque apartment, with lofty raftered ceiling and cornices of dark oak, the sides splendidly gilt, setting off rows of royal shields and bandieros.

  3. These cornices are the Venetian Ecclesiastical Gothic; the Christian element struggling with the Formalism of the Papacy,--the Papacy being entirely heathen in all its principles.

  4. But in both these cornices the reader will notice that while the naturalism of the sculpture is steadily on the increase, the classical formalism is still retained.

  5. But the cornices a and d are copies of nothing of the kind: the idea of them has indeed been taken from the Greek honeysuckle ornament, but the chiselling of them is in no wise either Greek, or Byzantine, in temper.

  6. Where the Byzantines use the acanthus, the Lombards use the Persepolitan water-leaf; but the connection of the cornices and capitals is exactly the same.

  7. And it is to be noted that the profiles 5 and 6 establish themselves in capitals chiefly, while 4 is retained in cornices to the latest times.

  8. I would rather have taken this line than any other to have formed my third group of cornices by, but as it is too large, and almost too delicate, we will take instead that of the Matterhorn side, e f, Plate VII.

  9. Higher up the gold was bright and clear under the rain, which made it glisten; it glowed between the brackets of the lower cornices and paled like silver higher up.

  10. The gradual deepening of this outlet during countless centuries is strikingly shown by the ledges which jutt out like a succession of cornices from the sides of the cliffs.

  11. The form of the drums and cornices should be compared with the minor domes of the mosque of Sultan Bayazid.

  12. Internal cornices and string-courses are in marble, and are all of the same type, a splay and fillet.

  13. The cornices are often simply splayed or are formed of a series of ogees, fillets, and cavettos.

  14. Flat external cornices on the dome are not uncommon in the later churches of Byzantine Greece, as in S.

  15. The angles are plain, without shafts, and the drums, dome base, and dome are crowned with stone cornices moulded to a reversed ogee.

  16. Little figures are introduced in the cornices of the eikon frames in the Diaconissa (p.

  17. The many other domes in the churches of Constantinople on high drums and with flat cornices are Turkish either in whole or in part.

  18. None of the exterior masonry is Byzantine, as the use of polished ashlar with fine joints, of pointed arches, and of moulded stone cornices clearly proves.

  19. The arcade has been built up, but the moulded jambs and cornices of the door, and the arch above it, now contracted into a window, still show on the exterior, while the columns appear within the church.

  20. External cornices are in coursed brick, the alternate courses being laid diagonally so as to form the characteristic dentil.

  21. High towards the stars towered the columns and pediments of a vast official structure, whose broken sky-line sawed the heavens, and whose varied cornices and ledges were disjointed by deep and perplexing shadows.

  22. He pointed towards the cornices of the building opposite.

  23. The frieze below the cornices of the pavilion towers represents the Signs of the Zodiac, by Herman A.

  24. The spandrels on the arches and the female figures on the cornices are by his brother, August Jaegers.

  25. The abundance of the Seasons is symbolized in the fruit-bearing figures that form the pilasters of the cornices of the arches, and by the fat ears of corn depending from the Ionic capitals of the columns.

  26. The mouldings of the door-posts are similar to those used in other synagogues, and there are many stones cut with deep mouldings and pieces of classical cornices strewn among the ruins.

  27. The pilasters and cornices which are employed have the very slightest projection, but the large mass of the wall as compared with the openings, secures an appearance of solidity, and hence of dignity.

  28. Rustication is not much employed, and the vast but simple crowning cornices of the Italian palaces are never made use of.

  29. Whether we have stone facings or no; whether our parlor has cornices or marble mantles or no; whether our doors are machine-made or hand-made.

  30. The monastery is built on the left side of the valley, the white walls of three storeys, with balconies, effective cornices and pennants, standing on a long cliff.

  31. Just above this edifice stands a large octagonal tomb, surmounted by a dome, and richly adorned with arabesque cornices and coatings of green and blue tiles.

  32. Its heavy, projecting cornices and tall pyramidal roof rested on a circle of elegant arches, surrounding a marble structure, whence the water gushed forth in a dozen sparkling streams.

  33. Then followed a spacious hexagonal court, and three grand halls, parts of which, with niches for statues, adorned with cornices and pediments of elaborate design, still remain entire to the roof.

  34. And so, having made arrangements for measuring the cornices and taking the ground-plans of those buildings, he and Donato kept labouring continually, sparing neither time nor expense.

  35. Between these and other cornices made for another range of lights, there is a large inscription, very beautifully carved in marble.

  36. The cornices of San Michele of Lucca, seen above and below the arch, in Plate VI.

  37. From this level rose facades of five braccia and a half, with the proper cornices above and below, and also at the corners, leaving space for four pictures, one in the centre of each.

  38. The cornices of this pointed archway are divided into ten compartments, each ten feet broad, which contain inscriptions in black marble on a white ground.

  39. The dark weather stains and the crumbling cornices are all in harmony.

  40. Elaborate molded wood cornices were a feature, often with prominent, even hand-tooled modillions.

  41. From straight window-cornices of dark wood, slenderly gilt, but richly carved, fell cataracts of gleaming satin, softened in effect with laces of rare appreciation.

  42. Dear one, I think I should not have meant so much to you in those humbler rooms: you attach much importance to these cornices and hangings.

  43. The landscape about Plessy had transported us back into antiquity, making us dream of nymphs and dryads, but the gilt cornices and damask hangings and the salon at Orelay had made us dream of a generation ago, of the youth of our parents.

  44. The cornices are laid out into small compartments, where the painter has exerted his genius and fancy in delineating the most fantastical little pictures.

  45. Beneath the eastern window is a frieze of one foot eight inches deep between two cornices of eight inches deep, which were intended for sculpture.

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