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Example sentences for "cornmeal"

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  1. Mix the salt and cornmeal and add gradually the hot milk.

  2. Pour the hot milk on to the cornmeal gradually.

  3. SAUTÉD FISH Clean fish, sprinkle with salt and pepper, dip in flour or cornmeal and cook in spider with just enough hot butter to prevent it sticking to the pan.

  4. Stir the cornmeal continually and when done place on platter, spread with butter, sharf cheese or any cheese such as pot or cream cheese.

  5. Variety bread is composed of bread flour, rye flour and cornmeal combined in one loaf.

  6. They did not know how to cook cornmeal and oatmeal, and some of the famished peasants used them as feed for chickens.

  7. Long, slow cooking makes corn meal much more wholesome and palatable, and prevents the raw taste of cornmeal noticeable in mush cooked too quickly.

  8. She used home-made potato yeast or "cornmeal yeast cakes," under different names, always with good results.

  9. Frequently serve a dish of rice, hominy, cornmeal and oatmeal, dried beans and peas.

  10. Frau Schmidt always bakes her own bread, and she tells me she sets a sponge or batter for white bread, and by the addition of Graham flour, cornmeal or oatmeal, always has a variety on her table with a small expenditure of time and money.

  11. In the morning beat up smoothly with 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoonful of soda, a pinch of salt and enough cornmeal and white flour, in equal quantities, to make a moderately thin batter.

  12. A pinch of salt Beat together eggs and sugar, add milk and cornmeal and the white flour, sifted, with baking powder and salt; add the 1 tablespoonful of melted butter.

  13. When eggs are cheap and plentiful make simple custards, old-fashioned cornmeal puddings, tapioca, bread puddings and gelatine with fruits.

  14. The Hopi girl does her proposing by leaving some cornmeal piki or other edible prepared by her own hands at the door of the selected victim under cover of darkness.

  15. It is made of cornmeal and water, and is baked on hot flat stones.

  16. The brands on the barrels showed that this cornmeal was ground at Brandywine in the year 1861.

  17. About the same time General Lee issued a circular letter to the farmers in the surrounding country, beseeching them to "loan the army all the cornmeal and sorghum they could spare.

  18. Foster, the Yankee general commanding the department, and a cruel, unfeeling wretch he must have been, issued an order to put the prisoners on ten ounces of cornmeal and half pint of onion pickles per day.

  19. They did not even give us salt, absolutely nothing but this ten ounces of rotten, wormy cornmeal and pickles, and would not allow those who had money to buy anything to eat from the sutler's.

  20. She should drink plenty of water, and pure rich milk, cocoa, eat oatmeal and cornmeal gruels.

  21. Cornmeal mush: Boil 10 minutes, then steam for 3 hours or more.

  22. Take equal parts of flaxseed and cornmeal and mix together, then add enough sweet oil to moisten this mixture.

  23. Take a tablespoonful of cornmeal and moisten with a little cold water.

  24. She should take plenty of pure, rich milk, cocoa, oatmeal and cornmeal gruels, and some kind of tonic if she is weak.

  25. Hot cornmeal mush applied as a poultice to parts, will cause sweating.

  26. Pinetop was mixing thin cornmeal paste into the gravy, and he looked up as he stirred busily with a small stick.

  27. Betty herself shared their rations of cornmeal and bacon, jealously guarding her small supplies of milk and eggs for Mrs. Ambler and the two old ladies.

  28. As the Indian cuisine is extremely limited, no delicate or appetizing dishes are prepared for the patient, who partakes of the same heavy, sodden cornmeal dumplings and bean bread which form his principal food in health.

  29. In the afternoon at 4 o'clock they always have coffee substitute and cake, generally made without eggs or butter and sometimes without flour, using oatmeal or white cornmeal for flour.

  30. It was agreed that the latter was to make a cornmeal pudding for dinner.

  31. It was tough--decidedly tough--and lacked the richness of flavour which was customary in Aunt Janet's cornmeal puddings.

  32. If it were not just what a cornmeal pudding might be, the rest of the bill of fare had been extra good and our appetites matched it.

  33. The transport, ridged with bags of cornmeal five feet high, was drawn by four teams of mules.

  34. Get up," said the driver to the mules, when a start was made for the interior of Zululand, the passengers sitting on the top tier of cornmeal bags of the loaded African transport.

  35. Put the polenta (or cornmeal mush) in a fireproof receptacle, season with grated cheese, the crushed sausages and a piece of butter.

  36. The =polenta= is practically cornmeal and it is made with the so-called =farina gialla= or yellow flour.

  37. And then, before he could grab Bully and eat him up, the frog boy leaped into the pond and swam out and got Kittie’s basket and the cornmeal pie before it sank.

  38. In the basket was a nice cornmeal pie that Kittie was taking to Grandfather Goosey Gander, when the fox caught her.

  39. Well, Kittie cried harder than ever at that, but she still kept hold of the basket with the cornmeal pie in it, and the fox also had hold of it.

  40. Cornmeal is a wholesome food; it contains more fat than wheat flour, and less mineral matter.

  41. Put the cornmeal in a large bowl and pour over it just enough boiling water to scald it through.

  42. Cook for a few minutes and then turn all into a rice boiler or steamer, and cook until the cornmeal loses its raw taste.

  43. Then stir in enough cornmeal to thicken it as for mush.

  44. When the cornmeal is cold slice it down in half inch slices and cut into diamonds or squares.

  45. Cut the mould of cornmeal in horizontal slices about 1/4 inch thick.

  46. This sauce forms the basis for the dish of scalloped cornmeal called Polenta Pasticciata.

  47. All the rations of beef and pork were combined to make a fricassee à la camp, the very small rations of flour being mixed with the cornmeal to make a large, round loaf of "stuff.

  48. The stoves had all been taken down, but there was a little cold cornmeal coffee, some tea, and a small quantity of milk.

  49. Corn pone is made in the same manner with cornmeal as the basis.

  50. Cornbread is a mixture of half cornmeal and half flour, with salt, baking powder, and shortening.

  51. It proved anything but satisfactory, as no person save the half-blood was found who could have fired the shot, and it seemed certain that Billy Cornmeal had not done it.

  52. I was to give Cornmeal fifty dollars, but he failed to do the job.

  53. She then goes to her bundles of household effects, which are still outside, and pours a quantity of white cornmeal into a shallow saucer-shape basket.

  54. Cornmeal was the only food served to us during our stay, but the rebel prisoners were treated the same as the others, and we had an extra allowance as officers--by purchase; so we could not complain of any unfair distinctions.

  55. Near this he placed a bowl of milk for Pussy, on one plate the salt for the pet lamb, and on another the cornmeal for the dear little chickens.

  56. Being buried under snow is no uncommon thing on the wide prairies, and since they had wood and cornmeal in plenty, she would not have been much alarmed if her husband had been home.

  57. Would you like some nice yellow cornmeal ice cream, or some lollypops, flavored with sour milk?

  58. Pumpkin pies, and sour milk pudding, and apple cake, to say nothing of cornmeal lollypops with chocolate in the middle.

  59. The old gentleman duck who kept it, and who was a forty 'leventh cousin to Grandfather Goosey Gander, wrapped the cornmeal in two separate bags, so that Curly could carry one, and Flop the other.

  60. No, all I need is some cornmeal to make pancakes with in the morning," spoke the pig lady.

  61. And that night he and his brother had cornmeal pancakes with apple sauce on, and Uncle Wiggily stayed to supper.

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