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  1. The corpuscular theory was a mechanical conception, but each such corpuscle was ideally endowed with qualities which were out of all relation with the ordinary matter with which it was classed.

  2. These and other difficulties in the application of the corpuscular theory aroused the attention of the late Dr.

  3. The mechanism may be very much like the corpuscular movement of light as defined by Sir Isaac Newton, and already explained in another portion of this book.

  4. Fire balloons, as usually made, are very dangerous toys, and may sometimes prove rather costly to the person who may send them off, in consequence of their being blown by the wind on a hay or corn rick, or other combustible substances.

  5. Corpuscular philosophy, introduced shortly after, appears to have extinguished this excessively Peripatetic sect, or perhaps to have been intermixed with its teaching.

  6. Remarks on the action of Corpuscular Forces.

  7. As the undulatory theory was able to give a satisfactory explanation of the phenomenon, the corpuscular theory was rejected, and the undulatory theory was accepted.

  8. We have up to the present dealt with only two theories of light, the Corpuscular theory and the Undulatory or Wave theory.

  9. It would indeed be a consummation to be desired, if, by an atomic Aether, it can be proved that Newton's Corpuscular Theory was made to harmonize with the Undulatory Theory, and that it can be I am profoundly convinced.

  10. In the Corpuscular theory we have luminous particles emitted by luminous bodies.

  11. When we apply the corpuscular theory to the reflection of light we find that it satisfactorily accounts for the phenomenon.

  12. Those two theories are known as the Emission or Corpuscular Theory, and the Undulatory or Wave Theory.

  13. When, however, we come to deal with the refraction of light, the corpuscular theory apparently breaks down, and it was in relation to this phase of the phenomena of light that the undulatory theory overthrew the corpuscular theory.

  14. It was not, however, till the advent of Thomas Young, that the undulatory or wave theory reached its perfection, and finally overthrew its competitor the corpuscular theory.

  15. I refer to the effect of an atomic and gravitative Aether upon Newton's corpuscular theory of light.

  16. The consideration of the merits of these two theories would be foreign to our purpose: suffice it to say that the evidence in favour of the undulatory theory preponderates, so that the corpuscular theory is now laid aside.

  17. In like manner, all the processes of vegetative life, whether in the vegetable properly so called or in the animal body, are corpuscular processes.

  18. The 'negative electric fluid,' to use the old notation, resembles the gaseous fluid with a corpuscular instead of a molecular structure.

  19. Blood drawn during a febrile paroxysm shows the parasite in its different stages of intra-corpuscular development.

  20. We must except Democritus and Epicurus, whose corpuscular philosophy has combated these dogmas.

  21. What corpuscular system of physics, what atoms, determine their nature?

  22. The applications of the doctrine of heat to the atomic or corpuscular philosophy of chemistry abound in new views, and probably at no very distant period these views will assume a precise mathematical form.

  23. Young would incline us to prefer the undulatory to the corpuscular hypothesis.

  24. The passage of the corpuscular elements of the blood from the blood vessels into the surrounding tissues, without rupture of the walls of the blood vessels.

  25. These corpuscular atoms early attracted the attention of observers.

  26. The present theory of colour has in its favour the failure of Newton's corpuscular hypothesis and of Goethe's anti-mathematical hypothesis; but the field of conjecture remains open.

  27. Or can this adjective be applied to Newton's corpuscular theory of light, even though it has failed to explain all the facts?

  28. It seemed, at first, that here was a startling contradiction to the law of the conservation of energy, but the whole mystery becomes comparatively clear in terms of the corpuscular or the electronic theory of matter.

  29. It presupposes a reconstitution of each atom, molecule or particle in the cube, changing the path of intra-corpuscular rotation either from a right to left direction or from a left to right direction, as the case may be.

  30. This upon the assumption that the particles of matter are in motion and revolving in their corpuscular orbits.

  31. This is what the wave theory anticipates, while the reverse is anticipated by the corpuscular theory.

  32. If the old corpuscular theory were true there would be two bright bands of light, the one at P and the other at Q, but instead Dr.

  33. Had the fact that light exerts a pressure been known in Newton's time there is no doubt that it would have been hailed as conclusive proof of the superiority of the corpuscular theory over the wave theory.

  34. Bacon combines in a peculiar manner ancient and modern, Platonic and corpuscular fundamental ideas.

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