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Example sentences for "corse"

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  1. A man all light, a seraph-man, 490 On every corse there stood.

  2. Each corse lay flat, lifeless and flat, And by the holy rood!

  3. They burst it open, and found the bride a corse in the arms of her husband.

  4. When her own brother slain in battle lay Unsepulchered, she suffered not his corse To lie for carrion birds and dogs to maul: Should not her name (they cry) be writ in gold?

  5. Corse advancing from the right centre moved forward, supported by Lightburn on the left and Morgan L.

  6. From this point Corse assaulted the main rebel line, and for over an hour maintained a heavy contest, driving the enemy and at times being driven back, but still holding his crest as first secured.

  7. Cursing and howling, downward thus they steer Their hell-ward course, and in its depths restore The wandering soul to its damned corse once more.

  8. Meanwhile fiends pluck the corse down in the gloom, And on their burning shoulders, as a bier, Convey the burden to its nameless doom.

  9. I may think the soul of the corse is within thee.

  10. The corse of the dream of my happy youth, I mean recollection, is also still delightful, though its life has passed away.

  11. With a trembling hand I thrust into the pockets of the corse the money and the silver spoons I had brought with me, being so far prudent that I was resolved not to trust the transfer of such valuables to my new body to accident.

  12. He snatched up the corse and cast it down upon me as one would a millstone; and the weight, though that was not very considerable, and the shock together, jarred the life more than half out of me.

  13. When he learned by signal that Corse was there and in command, he said, "If Corse is there, he will hold out; I know the man.

  14. Corse had been ordered from Rome to Allatoona by signals from mountain to mountain, over the heads of the Confederate troops, who occupied the valley between.

  15. General French, in command of the Confederates, first summoned Corse to surrender, and, receiving a defiant answer, opened with his guns.

  16. There was a brave fight at Allatoona where General Corse "held the fort," but Sherman, although he followed the Confederate army, was unable to bring on a general engagement.

  17. Reaching the mountain pass soon after midnight, on October 5th, Corse added his thousand men to the nine hundred already there, and soon after daylight the battle began.

  18. The Corsican chiefs called a general assembly, in which "On donna la Corse à la Vierge Marie, qui ne parut pas accepter cette couronne.

  19. Each corse lay flat, lifeless and flat; 515 And by the Holy rood A man all light, a seraph-man, On every corse there stood.

  20. Then round and round the whirlpool's marge ye dance, 60 Till from the blue swoln corse the soul toils out, And joins your mighty army.

  21. Yon bleeding corse may work us mischief still: Once seen, 'twill rouse alarm and crowd the hunt From all parts towards this spot.

  22. Where lies the corse of my betrothéd husband?

  23. While still there lingered any hope We sought, but sought in vain; King Harold's corse we could not find Among the bloody slain.

  24. Asgod and Ailrik, two of his monks, On the mission drear he sped To search for the corse on the battle-plain Among the bloody dead.

  25. The monks had been and gotten boughs, And of these boughs they made A simple bier, whereon the corse Of the fallen king was laid.

  26. XXXI Thence turning backe in silence soft they stole, And brought the heavie corse with easie pace To yawning gulfe of deepe Avernus hole.

  27. And quite dismembred hath; | the thirsty land Dronke up his life; | his corse left on the strand.

  28. Then forth I went his woefull corse to find, And many yeares throughout the world I straid, A virgin widow, whose deepe wounded mind 215 With love long time did languish as the striken hind.

  29. Each corse lay flat, lifeless and flat, And, by the holy rood!

  30. Owing to the great lack of railroad transportation, General Corse was obliged to destroy nearly a million of dollars’ worth of property, among which was a few thousand dollars’ worth of condemned and unserviceable government stores.

  31. General Corse answered, "We are prepared for the needless effusion of blood whenever it is agreeable to you," and at once his men were attacked from all sides.

  32. The total Confederate loss is unknown; but Corse reported burying two hundred and thirty-one of their dead, and taking four hundred and eleven prisoners, which would indicate a total loss of sixteen hundred.

  33. Corse obeyed promptly, going down with all the men he could obtain transportation for, and arriving at midnight.

  34. Smith's division; and Corse with his brigade was between the two, moving directly towards the hill to be captured.

  35. Corse was a man who would never surrender.

  36. And aye went up a moaning from earth's breast All blood-bedrenched, and heaped with corse on corse.

  37. Then those Divine Ones round Achilles' corse Pealed forth with one voice from immortal lips A lamentation.

  38. The armour of my dead Hath Memnon, and I fear me lest his corse Be cast a prey to dogs.

  39. They shall say whom most Our foes dread, and who saved Peleides' corse From that most deadly fight.

  40. A man all light, a seraph-man, On every corse there stood.

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