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Example sentences for "corslet"

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corselets; corses; corset; corseted; corsets; corslets; cort; corta; cortege; cortesia
  1. On the other hand, it is probable, as we gather from the poems, that this corslet was not strong enough to do more than stop a spent spear.

  2. Elton's Art Military has steel cap, corslet and tassets, but he stands for a fashion dead or dying.

  3. The Athenian Iphicrates armed them with linen corslet and a larger spear and sword than those of the hoplites; he also invented a new footgear (called after him iphicratides) to replace the older greaves.

  4. Thus, save for a steel cap here and a corslet there, especially to be found amongst the guards of sovereigns who must cling to something of antique tradition, armour departs out of the civilized world.

  5. Then he catches and throws his great spear; the spear flies grinding through the brass of Maeon's shield, and breaks through corslet and through breast.

  6. Her stiff corslet was frankly decollete, displaying her fine shoulders and creamy bosom, on which reposed a delicately wrought turquoise necklet of exquisite design.

  7. What think you he will do when he is carrying his corslet and his shield to meet the enemy, if even here, delivering a prepared speech to you has almost killed him with exhaustion?

  8. And with this he wounded Eumenes under the bottom of his corslet in the groin, but in truth more frightened than hurt him; his blow being faint for want of strength.

  9. Thereon he sets the helmet and the crest, Bedewed with gore, the javelins snapt in twain, And fits the corslet on the warrior's breast, Pierced in twelve places through the twisted chain.

  10. Strong spear, broad shield, in mid fall flew from his hands, And from his head the helm: his corslet came Alone with him to earth.

  11. Her rainbow-radiant corslet clasped she then About her, and around her shoulders slung, With glory in her heart, the massy brand Whose shining length was in a scabbard sheathed Of ivory and silver.

  12. Tacitus emphasizes the fact that spear and shield were the Teutonic weapons, that helmet and corslet were hardly known[747].

  13. I will kiss my lifeless king, ere thou thy bloody corslet layest aside.

  14. Thou wilt strike with a keen sword, wilt the corslet sever with Fafnir's bane.

  15. Her corslet was as fast as if it had grown to her body.

  16. A king's daughter will on a mountain sleep, fair, in corslet cased, after Helgi's death.

  17. The corslet is ript open, the maid begins to speak.

  18. With his sword Gram he ripped the corslet from the upper opening downwards, and then through both sleeves.

  19. He then took the corslet off from her, when she awoke, sat up and, on seeing Sigurd, said: 1.

  20. XV False Sextus rode out foremost: His look was high and bold; His corslet was of bison's hide, 275 Plated with steel and gold.

  21. Corslet and shield and helmet did Patroclus swiftly don, and girded on the silver-studded sword and took two strong lances in his hand.

  22. For him also he wrought a corslet brighter than a flame of fire, and a helmet with a golden crest.

  23. But they were also to arrange in such a way that, for every light corslet and pike within the burgh, there should be two muskets.

  24. It was the habit of his long soldier's life, unbending as the corslet he wore and enclosing his soul as the steel encased his body, proof against every cruelty, every unkindness, every insult.

  25. Even my warden comes before me in his ordinary attire, but that is fairly excusable when it consists of corslet and head-piece hacked and dinted in my service.

  26. Armstrong unbuckled his corslet and opened the buff jerkin beneath.

  27. If I’ve no lost it by the way,’ he added, doubtfully, and feeling the while under his corslet for the safety of the packet.

  28. Maxwell, as he felt if the straps of his corslet were secure and his sword loose in its sheath, whilst his poor horse took that opportunity of floundering on its head.

  29. Have you a mind to draw your riding-boots on for those silken hose, and don corslet and head-piece on a Queen’s errand?

  30. And Idomeneus aimed at him with a bright spear, and cast and smote him as he came proudly striding on, and the corslet of bronze that he wore availed not, but the lance struck in the midst of his belly.

  31. First upon his legs set he his greaves, beautiful, fastened with silver ankle-clasps; next upon his breast he donned the corslet of his brother Lykaon, and fitted it upon himself.

  32. His goodly greaves, fitted with silver clasps, he first girt round his legs, and next did on around his breast the well-dight starry corslet of the swift-footed son of Aiakos.

  33. Nothing availed the corslet of bronze he was wont to wear, but he planted the spear fast in the midst of his belly.

  34. Through the bright shield passed the violent spear, and through the curiously wrought corslet pressed it on; and straight forth beside the flank the spear rent his doublet; but he swerved aside and escaped black death.

  35. But an arrow which pierced his corslet brought him to the ground, fainting with loss of blood.

  36. But that sage and valiant warrior was now in deadly peril; for when the Trojans saw his blood flowing, as he drew out the lance from his corslet and shield, they fell upon him like one man, with wild cries of triumph.

  37. The prize is yours, and to Eumelus I will give the corslet of Asteropaeus, which I won in the battle yesterday.

  38. And as a mother brushes a fly from the face of her babe, lying in sweet slumber on her lap, so Athene suffered not the arrow to reach any vital part, but guided it to the place where the plates of his corslet met at his side.

  39. All the ground about the corpse was set thick with javelins and arrows, and heaped with the stones which crashed upon corslet and shield.

  40. Watching him from a safe distance, Pandarus shot an arrow, which pierced clean through Diomede's right shoulder, staining his corslet with blood.

  41. A furious pass the spear of Ajax made Through the broad shield, but at the corslet stay’d.

  42. Before the ponderous stroke his corslet yields, Long used to ward the death in fighting fields.

  43. He said: Automedon at his command The corslet brought, and gave it to his hand.

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