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  1. Of course I might hear you swear in the dressing-room over your corsets or anything, but it's the tone of voice I hanker after.

  2. His father was such another, and his mother suggested the Statue of Liberty in corsets and on high heels.

  3. Kedzie blubbered bitterly as she glided into her everyday things, hooking her corsets askew, drawing her stockings up loosely, and lacing her boots all wrong.

  4. She yawned and stretched and rubbed her sides when her corsets were off, and when her things were whisked from sight and she was only Kedzie Thropp alone in a nightgown she was more nearly glad than she had been for ever so long.

  5. The pressure of corsets and tight dresses also not unfrequently lead to the same result.

  6. This difficulty is most frequently seen in those who have contracted chests, and in those who have been accustomed to wear corsets and tight dresses.

  7. The woman who makes her corsets and my mamma's told us so.

  8. She brought us one of her corsets to look at, a love of a corset, in brocatelle, all over many-colored flowers.

  9. She never wears corsets and never makes her waists long enough, so there is always a streak of gray undershirt visible about her waist.

  10. The word "Gants" was used as a trade-mark on corsets for several years before the article was patented.

  11. On the showing of the plaintiff that the patent was subsequent to the adoption of the trade-mark, the defendant was enjoined from using the name, although there was nothing to prevent him from continuing to make corsets of this description.

  12. At the expiration of the patent, another manufacturer began to make corsets of this description, calling them "Gants".

  13. The corsets also formed an engine which would have perfectly fitted the purposes of the Inquisition; indeed, there were some ingenious devices of the Holy Office which did not greatly differ from it.

  14. The corsets were, for a time, a proud symbol of the martyr power of the Sex.

  15. And I have been told of tin corsets for little girls, but I have never seen any such abominations.

  16. Stays and corsets for little children in United States, 363.

  17. After men and women have grown used to tight shoes or tight corsets these no longer produce disturbance.

  18. High heels come and go, as do corsets of various kinds, more or less injurious, in spite of the admonition of the physician.

  19. It is doubtless for the same reason that, as some women have found, more distension of the bladder is possible without corsets than with them.

  20. Women who have never worn corsets sometimes find that, on first putting them on, sexual feeling is so intensified that it is necessary to abandon their use.

  21. Thereupon he rose superior and soared from corsets to real estate, and in real estate he made what was briefly described as "mints.

  22. Corsets should be carefully avoided, for the corset more than any other one thing is responsible for making woman the victim of more woes and diseases than all other causes put together.

  23. During the 18th century corsets were largely made from a species of leather known as "Bend," which was not unlike that used for shoe soles, and measured nearly a quarter of an inch in thickness.

  24. We beg our readers to observe the form of the waist (evidently innocent of corsets and tight dresses) of this model woman, and also that of the Greek Slave in the accompanying outlines.

  25. One of the most popular corsets of the time was the corset and stomacher shown in the accompanying illustration.

  26. Avoid corsets or any other pressure upon the stomach.

  27. Corsets boned with whalebone, horn or steel are necessarily stiff, rigid and uncomfortable.

  28. This style of dress prevailed, with various modifications, until about 1810 when corsets and tight lacing again returned with threefold fury.

  29. It is reserved to our own time to demonstrate that corsets and tight lacing do not necessarily go hand in hand.

  30. We congratulate the ladies of to-day upon the advantages they enjoy over their sisters of two centuries ago, in the forms and the graceful and easy curves of the corsets now made as compared with those of former times.

  31. Illustration] [Illustration: Forms of Corsets in the time of Elizabeth of England.

  32. In pregnancy more than at any other time, corsets are injurious.

  33. Away, then, with tight corsets and all similar contrivances.

  34. Stays or corsets may be used, in a proper manner, during the first five or six months of pregnancy, but after that they should either be laid aside, or worn very loosely.

  35. I thought we put them away when she wouldn't wear them," murmured Mrs. Clara, whisking a little pair of corsets out of sight with guilty haste.

  36. Corsets that embrace the waist with a grip that tightens respiration into pain, and skirts that weight the hips with heavier than maternal burdens, have often caused grievous maladies, and imposed a needless invalidism.

  37. To prove this, it is only necessary for them to put on their corsets laced as above described, and then try to button the dress.

  38. The Diana does not suggest any training of corsets or wearing of long skirts, yet poetry and fiction have helped to perpetuate this idea of the lady.

  39. It is idle to assert that the corsets support the dependent weight.

  40. One-third of the lungs lie below the point of beginning corset pressure, so that with tight corsets this amount of lung substance must be more or less useless.

  41. Corsets placed on the young girl interfere with the functions of circulation, respiration, digestion, and of the pelvic organs, also with muscular development.

  42. And whatever the adult woman may elect to do in the matter of wearing corsets herself, she does her young daughter an irreparable injury by constricting and moulding her growing body in these corset-splints.

  43. And, more than that, I really need a pair of good corsets before I try on waists!

  44. They have pale faces and bad stomachs and bad livers, and if they are women their corsets are sure to be too tight, and probably black, and if they are men they are soft, which is worse.

  45. The young women whose bodies are encased in the tightest and stiffest corsets are in the most wildly hilarious spirits of all.

  46. Whether this be true or not, no one can honestly believe that corsets will soon be banished; and the practical problem is to distinguish between those that may do good and those certain to do harm.

  47. Most, and probably all, of the injuries for which corsets are responsible result from their misuse.

  48. In place of the arching, or "cupping" as manufacturers call it, some maternity corsets have attached to their lower edge limp flaps of a strong fabric which lace together.

  49. Those who have never become accustomed to corsets will probably find a corset-waist or an abdominal supporter the most comfortable and useful.

  50. The rest of the corsets have gone long ago.

  51. There wasn't a girl in the corsets had a better constitution than poor Angie.

  52. There ain't a girl up in the corsets that's got any use for her.

  53. She wanted to know when I was comin' back to the store--she says the corsets have run down since they got the new head saleslady, Jimmie.

  54. There--there wasn't a girl in the corsets wasn't crying yesterday when they was gettin' up the collection for her flowers.

  55. On the subject of corsets I have from time to time received a vast number of letters, most of them wailing over my well-known abhorrence of cheap goods.

  56. At the same time, corsets (like everything else) will be found ready manufactured in various qualities, and at different rates of charge.

  57. I can choose gowns for her, but how can I tell her the sort of--well, corsets she ought to wear?

  58. She behaves so queer over them silk stockin's an' corsets an' lingeries an' things that she skeers me.

  59. Sometimes Liudmilla pulled Sasha into corsets and dressed him in one of her gowns.

  60. He asked Varvara for a pair of corsets, but Varvara's corsets proved to be too tight--they would not come together.

  61. Then a new thought came into his mind--to put on a pair of corsets so that he should not be taken for an old man if he happened to bend over.

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