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Example sentences for "creaking"

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craziness; crazing; crazy; creak; creaked; creakings; creaks; creaky; cream; creame
  1. It is harder and more tenacious than tin, and emits a creaking sound when bent, like that metal.

  2. And I love the creaking of the sleigh runners and the snapping of nail-heads in the clapboards on a bitter cold January night.

  3. One night last winter I heard the creaking and groaning of heavy wagons laboring through the snow.

  4. The moan of the surf was in my ear; every creaking and rustling of the wind in the near bushes startled me.

  5. The boat rocked joyously on the water; the sound of wood creaking dismally was heard, the rain fell softly on the deck, the waves beat against the sides.

  6. Surf lashed the beach, and the wind roared in the tree tops, that swayed and clashed together, the trunks creaking as if they must snap off and be hurled down on the wigwam.

  7. From a big cedar that overhung the lodge, he had heard the faint rustle of foliage, the creaking of a limb.

  8. It was a very still night, and there wasn't even the creaking of the branches against each other.

  9. He carried also his electric torch, and traversing the dark between the moving trees, creaking now and complaining, at the door of the hut he flashed on the light and lifted the stone.

  10. Then he climbed slowly into the creaking cart.

  11. He stopped in the road below the schoolhouse and got slowly out of the creaking cart.

  12. It ceased, there was a short silence, then came three distinct knocks, followed by a creaking noise, and another door opened on the other side of the tree.

  13. With a low creaking the door opened slowly, and as the light streamed in Molly ran quickly and easily across, and the next moment they both stood outside the tree, and the door was shut.

  14. There was a low, creaking sound, and the side of the tree swung outward like a door; and the Pumpkin passed in.

  15. There was an evening when that sound was answered by the noise of hoofs behind her, the music of a chinking bridle, the creaking of leather and the hard breathing of a horse.

  16. But for some minutes no word was spoken, and the silence was only broken by the creaking sound of the bamboo flooring, as in a violent state of agitation, Murray walked the room from end to end.

  17. Ned lay thinking for a few moments and then rose softly, ready dressed as he was, and stole out, with the bamboo flooring creaking beneath his feet.

  18. Then followed a creaking sound, as of the winding of a windlass, or the turning of the screw of a press.

  19. Emmie followed the woman into the dwelling, guided by the sound of her creaking boots and her short dry cough.

  20. Emmie's light footsteps were unheard by Mrs. Jessel, probably on account of the creaking noise made by her own.

  21. Bruce disliked the clumping tread and the creaking boots of Joe; Emmie started when the noisy clatter of plates ended at last in a crash.

  22. The keeper, wakened by the creaking of the hinges, put his nose out of the window and showed himself in his night-shirt.

  23. Her petticoats gave forth a creaking noise,--so much did the silk and the furbelows abound.

  24. God guide him safe," she whispered, and held her breath as the wind rose suddenly and set the hall-door creaking on its hinges.

  25. He looked at Rolf, slumbering deep by the hearth; and he laughed sourly to think that one man could sleep while another moved heavy-footed with his troubles across the creaking boards.

  26. This was done, and he came to himself by the time that one of the carts with the creaking wheels reached the spot.

  27. He now determined to put on his clothes and make a bolt for it; but he had hardly begun to do so before he heard the creaking sound again, which sent him back under the bed-clothes as fast as he could go.

  28. However Crocus was on his way, and so near the scene of this mournful catastrophe, that the noise of the creaking saw reached his ears.

  29. A quarter of an hour had scarcely elapsed, when the chains of the drawbridge and the creaking of the gate were heard again, and the colonel gallopped into the court-yard, waving the signed capitulation on high as a banner of peace.

  30. The sound of a step creaking on the floor above!

  31. It seemed an age to the imprisoned detective before the creaking of a door announced the coming of some one.

  32. Is that the creaking and groaning, and rooking and tossing of old trees, afraid of being uprooted and flung into the spate?

  33. Tis a wonder thou didst not go into fits--but thy nerves must be sorely shaken--and what an account of this adventure will certainly be shrieked unto thy mate, to the music of the creaking boughs!

  34. Shops clustered under the wall, their gaudy signs swinging and creaking in the September breeze, and 'prentices cried their masters' wares and importuned passing folk to buy.

  35. Johnnie Morgan stood watching the last wagon from his harvest field go creaking and groaning into the rickyard in the rear of his house.

  36. He came a step a sinkapace forward on neatsleather creaking and a step backward a sinkapace on the solemn floor.

  37. A team of horses passed from Finglas with toiling plodding tread, dragging through the funereal silence a creaking waggon on which lay a granite block.

  38. A male form passes down the creaking staircase and is heard taking the waterproof and hat from the rack.

  39. Martin Cunningham, first, poked his silkhatted head into the creaking carriage and, entering deftly, seated himself.

  40. Their carriage began to move, creaking and swaying.

  41. He followed the hasty creaking shoes but stood by nimbly by the threshold, saluting forms, a bulky with a slender.

  42. Directly, said he, creaking to go, albeit lingering.

  43. It made a mournful creaking sound, but no water came through the coil of hose.

  44. When new this chair emits a peculiar creaking sound.

  45. To the girls it looked mysterious, and it was with almost a creepy feeling that they opened the creaking gate, and made their way through the tangled garden.

  46. They tore across the creaking planks in triumph, feeling that every step brought them nearer to the station.

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