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Example sentences for "creaked"

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crazily; craziness; crazing; crazy; creak; creaking; creakings; creaks; creaky; cream
  1. The bed creaked as the old lady tried to rise.

  2. Soon the doll-baby whimpered, but he creaked his joints a little, and that amused it, and he heard it cooing inside his coat.

  3. He was strongly made, and although his wooden joints creaked a little when the wind blew he did not grow in the least rickety.

  4. Seating herself on the bed, which creaked complainingly under her weight, and settling her black dress with a great rustle of silk, she dropped into the most cordial relations with the invalid at once.

  5. The woodwork creaked as it cooled from the heat of the day, and a mouse that scuttled sharply across the floor brought the watcher to his feet with an exclamation of alarm.

  6. The oars creaked and groaned; the vessel rolled to the ocean swell.

  7. Then as now the heavy rain rattled against the windows and the tall cabinets in the dark passage creaked with those sudden sounds which old wood makes and which sometimes moaned and reverberated through the house.

  8. The maid went away in dismay; the stairs creaked under her hurried tread.

  9. When a cart creaked along the road, its wheels plainly visible from our hiding-place, we resolved to move.

  10. A slow cart rolled and creaked past the copse.

  11. The Scarabee rose from his chair and departed;--I thought his joints creaked as he straightened himself.

  12. At last the Scarabee creaked out very slowly, "Did I understand you to ask the following question, to wit?

  13. I woke Miller, and he came across and got his fingers in a crack and pulled, and the door creaked and opened, almost knocking me down.

  14. The door into the street creaked after him, and Joel limped out into the night, with his uncle's curse ringing in his ears.

  15. One day the door of his cell creaked back far enough to admit two men, and then shut again, leaving them in total darkness.

  16. New ropes were being fitted to the torsion levers, and an ox-cart loaded with ammunition, in the shape of rounded boulders, creaked noisily through the gateway.

  17. The door creaked on its hinges; the key grated screaming in its lock, and Rabecque returned to Garnache's side even as Garnache tapped Marius on the shoulder.

  18. He paused in the porch, above which the rebus-like sign of the Sucking Calf creaked and grated in each gust of the chill wind that was blowing from the Alps.

  19. A fresh blast struck the house and it creaked and groaned, and righted itself.

  20. When the wind lulled for a moment the house creaked mysteriously, whispering, and when the gale returned a sound of flying missiles came with it.

  21. This creaked and crawled low, taking the corners comfortably, past houses with all their windows blinking recognition.

  22. They watched him reach the angle of the staircase, they watched him vanish beyond it; and still they listened, looking at one another when a board creaked or the voices below were hushed for a moment.

  23. The main door flapped and creaked to and fro.

  24. I had scarcely done this, and turned with the intention of exploring the street, when the door behind me creaked on its leather hinges, and in a moment my host stood at my elbow.

  25. They were of wood, and creaked and groaned under me to such an extent that, with each step I trod, I expected the men to take the alarm.

  26. It creaked and sank under him, but he leapt on towards the shore, intent on assisting the flagging footsteps of the Japanese, who was evidently near the end of his endurance.

  27. The shutter creaked and swung back into the black void of the store, and the throng pressed inward.

  28. Chairs handsomely carved, with elbows on each side and with very high backs, stood in the room; and as they creaked they seemed to say: "Sit down.

  29. His boots creaked loudly as he walked, and yet he was not at all uneasy.

  30. The bed-springs in the next room creaked a little and everything was still.

  31. The door above creaked again softly--and a shuffling foot groped at the stair.

  32. The sound creaked to them, and muffled itself, and spread across the plain, and came again in irregular rhythm that grew to the slow beat of hoofs coming upon the road.

  33. The heavy wagon creaked into motion, and caught its rhythm and rumbled on.

  34. It creaked toward him and loomed through the light of the stars--a great market wagon loaded with produce--the driver leaning forward on the seat with loose rein, half asleep.

  35. The steps, in spite of their solidity, creaked under his weight.

  36. The roof creaked but held as Tressidar made his way with great care and deliberation over the tarred boards.

  37. The floor-boards creaked alarmingly as they took his weight.

  38. The snow creaked and crackled beneath her feet, as if she had been treading on starch.

  39. The cold wind blew over the bowed backs of the willows, so that they creaked again.

  40. I twirled the weather-cock round on the summit of the tower, and it creaked like the snoring of a warder, but no warder was there; nothing but mice and rats.

  41. The snow creaked under one's feet, as if one had new boots on.

  42. The little staircase leading to the paper-room creaked under LĂ©onard Astier's heavy tread.

  43. The sun was oppressive, and was reflected off the dry stone walls on each side of the steep road, up which the horses were toiling painfully, while the pebbles creaked under the wheels.

  44. A faint sound of voices rose from Mousseaux, a group of two or three small houses on the embankment; the chain of a boat creaked as the night breeze rose.

  45. The loose stair creaked dismally under Frieda's weight, and the dim hall lights reminded me of Eulalie's churchly tapers.

  46. The bedsprings creaked as the young woman, who had raised herself upon one elbow, fell back inertly.

  47. The cold bit my cheeks, the snow creaked under the snow-shoes; I rode on lonely through the forest and over the heights.

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