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  1. There was often a marked difference in price between a first-grade crepe and crepe made from naturally coagulated lump.

  2. Unless the crepe is prepared thick and cut into fairly short lengths, it will not bear its own weight at higher temperatures; and if it is made thick, drying is impracticably prolonged.

  3. The foregoing paragraphs have dealt entirely with machines for crepe preparation.

  4. On many estates, in order to comply with market conditions, the edges of the wet crepe are trimmed, and the trimmings re-made into lengths of crepe.

  5. It should only be necessary to point out that essentially block rubber is merely pressed crepe rubber.

  6. This stickiness is only temporary, and is got rid of by passing the crepe through wet rolls.

  7. For sheet we get an almost straight line; for crepe there is some curvature.

  8. Furthermore, as the rubber was well washed and worked down to thin crepe, the total quantity of copper salt remaining in the dry crepe must have been exceedingly small.

  9. The dry crepe is then folded into the pressing box or cut to suit the size of the box.

  10. The principle of the process was the treatment of coagulum, in either sheet or thick crepe form, with vapours produced by the volatilisation of two special fluids.

  11. The incidence of bark in higher grades of crepe may be due to inadvertence or to gross negligence.

  12. Occasionally one meets cases in which pale crepe exhibits streaks varying in colour from a decided green to an almost black in which the greenish tinge is scarcely perceptible.

  13. A little uneasy I seated myself on the low couch covered with crepe de Chine and stretched myself full length, and was at once bathed in a delicious odor of mignonette.

  14. In reply to a question of mine, he pointed to a couch covered with creamy crepe de Chine with white embroidery, beneath a large shrub of unknown variety at the foot of which was a circular bed of mignonette.

  15. Something must be done to restore that missing organ to weeping girls in crepe de Chine.

  16. And then, suddenly she leaned against his shoulder and began to cry--to cry and shake with sobs, holding his arm tightly and wetting the crepe de Chine with tears.

  17. Julia has a trunkful of the most ravishing new clothes--an evening gown of rainbow Liberty crepe that would be fitting raiment for the angels in Paradise.

  18. Mine was pale pink crepe de chine trimmed with ecru lace and rose satin.

  19. The most appropriate flower to use is the primrose; pots of these may stand on the table, one in front of each guest, tied up with crepe paper and ribbons.

  20. Chaucer applies ‘crampe’ to muscular spasm: But wel he felte about his herte crepe .

  21. Offerings when they Crepe the Cross the said Good Friday iiijd.

  22. Paper Shades for Electric-Light Globes The appearance of an electric-light globe can be very prettily improved by making a shade of crepe paper of any desired color for each one.

  23. This operation is simply stretching the edge of the crepe to cause it to stand out.

  24. A tea-girl in fawn-coloured crepe under a cherry tree all blossom.

  25. Immediately the sun went down behind the hills the air became bitterly cold, but the people in crepe sashes and silk coats never ceased their sober frolicking.

  26. I in my black crepon, my big pearls in my ears and around my neck, a little crepe bonnet (with a soupcon of jet) and an ordinary dotted tulle veil.

  27. All the men were in uniform with crepe on their sleeves and sword hilts (the Germans with their helmets covered with crepe) and the women in woollen dresses with crepe veils.

  28. We all went to the funeral service for the Emperor Frederick this morning, all of us smothered in crepe with long crepe veils.

  29. I was quite correct this time, and was swathed in crepe; Mrs. Lecky has lent me her long crepe veil, which will serve again probably, as everyone seems to think the Emperor Frederick is doomed.

  30. Princess May still in black, but with no crepe and a little jet.

  31. I wore the blue brocade with bunches of cherries, the front of mousse velvet, and a light blue crepe bonnet, neither gloves nor veil.

  32. They told me I was not at all correct, that a crepe veil was "de rigueur" for crowned heads.

  33. Myra's kimono was of midnight blue crepe de chine without any relieving color tone whatever.

  34. So she was passed over at last, and allowed to sink back in silence, miserably conscious of her cotton crepe kimono that she and her mother had made with such pride and such appreciation of its becomingness.

  35. The carmine crepe shawl covered a poet, you see, as well as a devotee.

  36. One such sitter, I remember, was clad in carmine crepe shawl; she was bonneted in the shape of a long-ago decade.

  37. It is in this room that you happen to make your first acquaintance with some crepe rubber of a greyish hue.

  38. We go now to the drying-room, and there we find sheets and crepe in all shades of yellow, hanging over the wooden rails that stretch from end to end and side to side of the apartment.

  39. But the bulk of plantation rubber is now turned out in the form of crepe or sheets such as we are now going to see made.

  40. A black crepe poke with a white lining, Effie May.

  41. Joan smoothed the skirt of the "little model" Effie May had provided for traveling purposes; a fawncolored crepe with lacy cuffs and collar, which had at first given her qualms of uneasiness.

  42. She had unearthed a short pink crepe frock she used to wear in her childish days, and let her heavy hair hang in two braids tied with pink ribbons.

  43. She was dressed in cotton crepe the color of the soil, and her cheeks were red, like wild roses, and her ungloved hands also the color of mould.

  44. She was so pale in her gown of white crepe when she came downstairs, dressed for dinner, that he said, after eyeing her discontentedly: "Good Lord!

  45. And she picked up a fold of her thin, crepe skirt that Charlotte might see for herself.

  46. Forthi tomorwe in other place I wole it fonde forto selle, And if it wol noght with him duelle, Bot crepe into mi purs ayein, Than dar I saufly swere and sein, 5110 It is the vertu of the Ston.

  47. The things I ordered from Paquin have come at last; the mauve crepe de chine with the valenciennes lace flounces is lovely; the hat and parasol are creations, as the Society papers say.

  48. The Wertzelmanns} The Wertzelmanns came late; they brought Madame Colorado, who looked perfectly angelic in a marvellous white crepe de chine, and a hat that killed you at a glance.

  49. On the old divan in the sitting room Jack was enthroned like an Oriental princess, with her blue crepe shawl draped over a blue muslin gown and a wreath of red roses in her coronet of gold hair.

  50. Two beautiful Spanish crepe shawls were draped artistically over the back of Jack's chair.

  51. At about eight o'clock, however, she arose and picked up a white crepe shawl, winding it about her, as it was growing cooler.

  52. Rapidly Jean began changing her simple costume for an afternoon dress, a rose-colored crepe de chine, by no means new, but one which her husband especially liked.

  53. She crept back presently and packed the crepe house-coat with the other things.

  54. This will be too warm," Becky said; "please let me put in my white crepe house-coat.

  55. I had on a tea-rose crepe de chine and the waitress had spilled coffee on it.

  56. If I hadn't heard of the death of Henry Carruthers, Sallie's elaborate black draperies, relieved by the filmy exquisiteness of white crepe ruches at the neck and wrists, would have proclaimed the fact.

  57. They all used to be before she married, and I suppose they will be again as soon as the crepe gets entirely worn off her clothes.

  58. There were frocks of organdie and crepe de chine, of muslin and fine gingham.

  59. Caroline gasped a little at the silk socks, the delicate undergarments, the knickers and the frock of henna-colored crepe in which she rather guiltily encased herself.

  60. She thought the henna-colored crepe good enough for almost any occasion.

  61. She examined the trimming of her small, clean nightgown and tenderly slipped her into the little flowered crepe kimono, while Caroline still struggled with the gooey chocolate.

  62. In each sat a dog, some large, some small, with great bows of black or white crepe tied to their collars.

  63. She sat on its wide ledge, Haru at her feet, in a dainty kimono of pale gray cotton-crepe with a woven pattern of plum-blossoms.

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