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Example sentences for "crusted"

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crusta; crustacean; crustaceans; crustaceous; crustal; crusts; crusty; crutch; crutcher; crutches
  1. On the stove, the pots and pans, crusted with food, leaned together, half upset.

  2. Climbing out there with Reuben the other day, he had seen the snow, high and hard-crusted against the stockade walls.

  3. On this evening of the twenty-ninth of February, 1704, snow was drifted mightily against Deerfield's palisade, crusted and frozen over.

  4. As she was studying the course, reflecting that the crusted snow would be very fast, Francine came out of the lodge and stood watching her.

  5. The snow was crusted and fast but she felt no terror of the trail which curved sharply through the evergreens.

  6. By evening he was burning with thirst, and when morning came after a feverish night, with his head on fire and his mouth crusted dry, he concluded rightly that one or both of his wounds had become infected.

  7. He tried feebly to wash away some of the alkali that had crusted over the wound in the front of his head and was stinging and burning in it.

  8. She rained kisses on his ice-crusted brows and snow-beaten eyes.

  9. His shirt stained and tattered for bandages, his hair matted in blood on his forehead, his eyes inflamed and sunken, his lips crusted and swollen, the birthmark fastened vividly on his cheek made him a desperate sight.

  10. Then one of the girls, leaving the apartment for a moment, returned with a nargileh of crystal, set by the most cunning artists of Damascus in a framework of golden filigree crusted with precious stones.

  11. The field itself was white and crusted with snow, but Hans' eye noted a large spot where the whiteness had been melted and then had frozen, as if water had flowed upon it.

  12. On the low bushes and oaks the ice glittered and gleamed, and a piercing blast, sweeping through the branches, crackled the crusted limbs and filled the air with a mysterious sound of coldness.

  13. The water ran smooth black between its edging of ice, thick, white, and crusted like slabs of cocoanut candy, and there in the hollow of a bend they came suddenly upon what they sought.

  14. And so they all looked at each other across the waning embers, while the old pack-mule moved about at the edge of camp, crushing the crusted snow and pasturing along.

  15. The half-way crown was crusted thick with colored stones the like of which I could not have imagined in my dreams.

  16. Some crusted stones lay broad as gray doors on ancient graves; but the most stood up in irregular oblongs, white and lichened.

  17. The dogs galloped at a pace which made the sledges bound like rubber balls over irregularities of rocks, slippery ice, and hard-crusted snow, and our hold tightened on the hickory in the effort to keep our places.

  18. But now all was well sheeted with crusted snow.

  19. The snow was crusted with large crystals.

  20. The ground was covered by a deep snow which had crusted over hard enough to bear our weight, which was a great convenience in moving from spot to spot in the forest, as well as in walking to and from our cabin, which was a mile away.

  21. The snow became crusted over, to the depth of two inches, with ice that was strong enough to bear their weight.

  22. I remember uncovering his head and seeing a face crusted with gore from a dreadful wound across the temple.

  23. Prentices blow their nails to heat them; and lastly when the Thames is covered over with ice and men's hearts caked over and crusted with cruelty: Then mayest thou or any man be bold to swear it is winter.

  24. Next, I found that underneath these Feathers, the pretty Insect was covered all over with a crusted Shell, like other of those Animals, but with one much thinner and tenderer.

  25. All that Sleepy could hear was the crunching of feet on the partly-crusted snow.

  26. Luckily for us, the snowbanks were so heavily crusted that they held us up without breaking through.

  27. Bake one hour, or until the tapioca is clear and crusted on top.

  28. Roll them in flour; set in a floured pie-dish, not touching each other, and leave in a quick oven until crusted over.

  29. When well crusted over, cover with a méringue made by whipping stiff the whites of three eggs with a little sugar.

  30. Frost renders the walking slippery, and the snow crusted and hard.

  31. Here he finds that the otter tracks have worn a path that is almost a toboggan slide down the crusted snow bank to the iced edge of the pool.

  32. This time the Indian makes two or three circuits; but the snow is so crusted it is impossible to tell whether the scratchings lead out to the open or back to the border of snow-drifted woods.

  33. No one but a barbarian would attempt to run down a caribou; for it can only be done by the shameless trick of snaring in crusted snow, or intercepting while swimming, and then--butchery.

  34. A great jangling of bells announces the huskies (dog trains) scampering over the crusted snow-drifts.

  35. Against John Long's a drowsing loafer lounged in heavy thought, gnawing a crusted knuckle.

  36. It is of pointed architecture, black with age, and crusted with moss.

  37. The front is pretty--a kind of mixture of Greek and Arabic architecture, crusted with marble.

  38. Fu-Manchu, I am still childishly trustful; and the fact that I did not partake of the crusted '45 was not due to any suspicions which I entertained at that time.

  39. Jenny Lind, when she gets to the prompt, un-crusted and foreshadowing West of this country, will find her six-barrelled greatness for the first time subject to a single trigger of appreciation.

  40. The latter quivered for a moment under the impact, and then, with a loud snapping of branches and muffled tearing of roots, fell crashing to the crusted snow beneath, leaving a gaping wound in the earth.

  41. But, in a moment, he recovered himself, and went back to where his pitiful belongings rested on the crusted snow.

  42. The crusted stain on his vest took on fresh life and the flies buzzed angrily when disturbed.

  43. The flies came and lighted on the crusted stain on the vest and crawled down inside the shirt .

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