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Example sentences for "cryptographic"

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  1. In the second place, the selection by the old man of the only two cryptographic texts in the Bible was certainly not chance, but part of a deliberate harmonious design to guide the intelligent searcher to the right keyword.

  2. The figures in the centre of the circle give the key to the outside figures: the outside figures are the key to the cryptographic table of letters from which the cryptogram is to be solved; there remains the key to be found.

  3. Babel and Babylon may be discarded because there is no letter B in the cryptographic table, and it is essential that the keyword shall contain no letter which doesn't also appear in the table.

  4. He commenced to write under the first line of the paragraph the true letters, which, according to him, ought to correspond exactly with each of the cryptographic letters.

  5. That done, when I get to the end of this cryptographic system, made up of the 234--which was arbitrarily selected, do not forget!

  6. The same observation applies to the words arrayal and Tijuco, which were successively tried, but whose construction did not correspond with the cryptographic series.

  7. Why, that the signification of the letters depends on a cipher which chance puts beneath them, and the cryptographic letter which answers to a true one is not always the same.

  8. The telegraphic codes employed in the transmission of news by electric wire, partakes somewhat of the cryptographic character, the writer employing certain words or figures, the key to which is in the possession of his correspondent.

  9. And so on page after page of cryptographic memoranda.

  10. Most of them are cryptographic abbreviations, not readily deciphered now.

  11. Hammond Trumbull, who prepared the variegated, marvelous cryptographic chapter headings: Trumbull was the most learned man that ever lived in Hartford.

  12. Here we have this symbol [Illustration: Cryptographic symbol] repeated five times.

  13. Illustration: Cryptographic symbol] "That means the number nineteen!

  14. Illustration: Cryptographic symbol] "What of it?

  15. Illustration: Cryptographic symbol] "And you buy books about it and try to work out its mystical meaning?

  16. Joel, that in the Hebrew words veeyn lo there may be a sort of cryptographic allusion to the name Onias.

  17. To a cryptographic problem recently set him by Zabern.

  18. In referring to the great Cryptographic book, we shall realise the importance of this conjunction of names.

  19. But what should induce us to look at this particular chapter on page 254 of the Cryptographic book for the solution?

  20. If we turn to page 254 in the Cryptographic book we shall find Chapter XIV.

  21. This square is even more clear than the square table in the great Cryptographic book.

  22. But the wise Author knew that someone would say "How does this apply to the 1598 Quarto published twenty-six years before the great Cryptographic book appeared?

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