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  1. Among the five known Saxon crypts (all of the confessio type) Ripon and Hexham alone show this peculiarity.

  2. As, therefore, Wilfrid is known to have built a church in either of these places, and as the crypts remaining resemble each other, and as that at Hexham is almost certainly his, it is natural to conclude that this at Ripon is his also.

  3. Some of these have great vaulted crypts extending under the choir and its aisles.

  4. The existing crypts of Hexham and Ripon were built by Wilfrid, c.

  5. At Gernrode in the Harz is a church with western and eastern apses with vaulted crypts underneath (one of which dates from 960 when the church was founded), and circular towers with staircases in them on either side of the western apse.

  6. Calculi# composed of phosphate or carbonate of lime are sometimes formed in the crypts of enlarged tonsils; as a rule they are about the size of a pea, but they may be much larger.

  7. The crypts appear on the surface as deep clefts or fissures, and the lymph follicles are enlarged and prominent.

  8. The acute symptoms usually subside in four or five days, but if the deeper crypts are filled with plugs of exudate the condition may prove obstinate.

  9. She shivered slightly at the thought of the thousands of corpses lying in their stone crypts down there, wrapped in their moldering cloths.

  10. From the crypts of the catacombs he plundered the dead of their grisly secrets--secrets of ancient kings and wizards, long forgotten by the degenerate Xuchotlans our ancestors slew.

  11. His bones were never found, and the superstitious among our people swear that his ghost haunts the crypts to this day, wailing among the bones of the dead.

  12. Overgrown with weeds seven to ten feet high and containing stone crypts built off the ground, the cemetery was divided by a path running east to west.

  13. By punching holes through the stone they used the crypts as individual foxholes.

  14. What stirred in the brain crypts of Borckman's heredity, stirred in the brain-crypts of Jerry's heredity.

  15. Under the Angel, too, lies one of a pair of vaulted crypts which have puzzled all the arch├Žologists.

  16. The two crypts lie on opposite sides of the street, and are beautiful examples of fourteenth century work in chalk; in one of them, too, there was evidently once some fresco work, but that has nearly all been rubbed away.

  17. The De Dannans lived in the heart of mountains (crypts for initiation), and today the peasant sometimes sees the enchanted glow from the green hills he believes they still inhabit.

  18. We would point out these radiant avenues of return; but sometimes we feel in our hearts that we sound but cockney choices, as guides amid the ancient temples, the cyclopean crypts sanctified by the mysteries.

  19. On prying into these crypts and chambers, we find a hundred points on which some part of the people differ from their Official Church.

  20. The decidua reflexa and serotina together envelop the chorion, the processes of which fit into crypts in them.

  21. Surrounding the uterine crypts are reticulate ridges on which are placed the openings of the uterine glands.

  22. These crypts have no connection with the openings of glands in the walls of the uterus.

  23. The maternal portion consists essentially of the vascular crypts in the uterine walls, and the foetal portion of more or less arborescent villi of the true chorion fitting into these crypts.

  24. The maternal crypts are lined by the uterine epithelium (e'), immediately below which is a capillary flexus.

  25. Behind us, all the halls and vestibules, cool and silent, veil after veil hiding the cells for meditation, and over there in the corner the little secret passages down to the crypts below ground where the tests took place.

  26. Beside those enormous paws, where the air danced and shimmered in the brilliant glare, I saw the narrow flight of steps leading to the crypts below--the retreats for solitude.

  27. The crypts and substructures are as well constructed as the surfaces most exposed to view.

  28. They are earliest Transition, as far as a tourist can see, or at least they belong to the class of crypts which has an architecture of its own.

  29. An interesting way of salvaging and sorting the Mills hand-grenades in one of those crypts was practised here.

  30. At Foncquevillers in some large crypts under the church we stored millions of bombs and trench-mortars, and stores of ammunition, altogether sufficient to blot out the whole of the German army.

  31. In 1886 the crypts were to a great extent cleared out to their original level, a vast quantity of rubbish being removed.

  32. These crypts cannot, as some have supposed (and the tradition still survives), form part of the old Saxon church, since it has been fairly established that the site of this was not that of the present building.

  33. What crypts and dens, caves and cellars there are under that great structure!

  34. In the recesses, caves, and crypts of the Capitol what other legions were bestowed I do not know.

  35. Miss Dorcas had in the days of her youth been blest with a brother of an active, inventive turn of mind; the secret crypts and recesses of the closets bore marks of his unfinished projections.

  36. St Wilfrid constructed crypts still existing beneath the churches erected by him in the latter part of the 7th century at Hexham and Ripon.

  37. There are also crypts deserving notice at the cathedrals of Brescia, Fiesole and Modena, and the churches of S.

  38. Crypts under parish churches are not very uncommon in England, but they are usually small and not characterized by any architectural beauty.

  39. The crypts of the cathedrals or churches at Halberstadt, Hildesheim and Naumburg also deserve to be noticed; that of Lubeck may be rather called a lower choir.

  40. Later than any of these crypts was that of St Paul's, London.

  41. The crypt under the altar at the basilica of St Maria Maggiore in Rome is merely imitative, and the same may be said of many of the crypts of the early churches in England.

  42. Of the crypts beneath English Norman cathedrals, that under the choir of Canterbury (q.

  43. The older English towns are full of crypts of this character, now used as cellars.

  44. When I was a boy, being educated at Rome, I used every Sunday, in company with other boys of my own age and tastes, to visit the tombs of the apostles and martyrs, and to go into the crypts excavated there in the bowels of the earth.

  45. Cordelia, he believed there were secret crypts beneath the old pile, fashioned when it was built, and he wished very much to find them; but I am very sure he never did it.

  46. The crypts beneath this cathedral are in an excellent state of preservation, and at one time were used for purposes of worship.

  47. The crypts are, it is said, the finest in the kingdom.

  48. The prehistoric cemetery of Maupas contains several crypts of irregular form, built of rubble stone, and surmounted by a huge stone which had become corroded by age.

  49. The sepulchral crypts of Missouri contain several skeletons which had been subjected to intense heat.

  50. The tomb of Vaureal (Seine-et-Oise) contains three crypts of different sizes.

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