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Example sentences for "deuced"

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detumescence; detur; deu; deuant; deuce; deucedly; deuces; deuda; deue; deuel
  1. With this sale just going through, it must look deuced fishy to them too.

  2. Of course the swell artists get deuced big terms, but if you're smart you can get the others to pay you.

  3. It's deuced rough on you and me, but she never talks about that.

  4. In truth, it seemed to him that his marriage with Allis would be a deuced good thing for the Porters.

  5. Came up to see your father's mare run, I suppose--I'm deuced sorry she was beaten.

  6. A deuced deal of undeserved compassion has been thrown away upon what you call your bookseller's drudge.

  7. They're just as well off in slavery as not--deuced deal better, I think; I dare say some of their kings and chiefs think they have a right to sell them if they like.

  8. He behaved like a deuced young fool, and that's a fact.

  9. It's all strange, sir, deuced strange," said the old man.

  10. Deuced queer world,' he thought, 'the way things go!

  11. It is a bit thick, and in the hands of the young, deuced likely to become Prigmatism; but not with Nollie.

  12. I'm no Papist, but a Protestant like yourself; and I hope a deuced dale better Christian.

  13. I made some deuced clever speculations, but they all failed.

  14. They're not so deuced fond of one another.

  15. Deuced bad," Trevelyan said slowly, and then the nausea returned.

  16. Offered to help Tom and Maggie with billiards, but they were so deuced ungrateful I left.

  17. My share of the disaster is a deuced deal the worst.

  18. Do you know I am just beginning to suspect that you are, for all your quiet simplicity of manner, a deuced deep one.

  19. As for the girls, I don't see what right I have to be troubled; they took deuced little trouble with me.

  20. I'm beginning to think you're deuced clever," said he.

  21. You've been in such a deuced queer mood the last few days I can't make you out, Honora.

  22. I say, Blake," he suggested, "I feel deuced fagged myself.

  23. Osgood told me you were back; I am deuced glad to see you.

  24. Well, I'm deuced glad I didn't go into Wall Street," Roland replied.

  25. He wouldn't listen to me when I suggested it the other day; but he's so deuced mysterious that I don't know what he may have done since.

  26. The fact that he needs the money and the success a deuced sight more than any of us?

  27. And that brute of a woman--deuced handsome she is!

  28. Mauleverer might have been a deuced clever fellow--if he had liked it!

  29. It's a deuced piece of business, that's all about it!

  30. Yes, cleared out, within a fortnight, bag and baggage; all on account of that deuced little spree we had here the other night.

  31. You are a deuced sight better than your brother.

  32. I am, I suppose, as great a sufferer as you are, and a deuced sight less able to bear it.

  33. I'm deuced glad to hear it," said the Earl when dinner was announced.

  34. But he must be deuced clever if he can get it both ways.

  35. And me a deuced miserable one," growled Sebastian, flinging himself into an arm-chair.

  36. You’re deuced pretty, as you know, and look splendid in those clothes—but clothes cost money and money can’t be got for nothing.

  37. I’m too young to be growing old, but I feel deuced old all the same, at times.

  38. It’d do him a deuced lot of good to get married to the right woman.

  39. It is deuced lucky," said Mr Berners, "that the Bedchamber business is over, and we are all right.

  40. Martin Cunningham frequently said he would work a pass through Egan but some deuced hitch or other eternally cropped up with the net result that the scheme fell through.

  41. That one about the cracked lookingglass of a servant being the symbol of Irish art is deuced good.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "deuced" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.