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Example sentences for "dialectics"

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  1. It has soared even above art, literature, and science itself into what might at first sight appear the uncongenial spheres of dialectics and metaphysics.

  2. The problems of dialectics were forgotten, the alluring difficulties of Ezechiel unheeded.

  3. Rhetoric and dialectics he revelled in—‘I went wherever dialectics flourished.

  4. The students who gathered about him in his village priory loudly demanded a resumption of the lectures on dialectics and rhetoric, but Abélard had really passed to a new and wholly religious outlook.

  5. The development of the reasoning faculty which was involved in so keen a study of dialectics was bound to find expression in rationalism.

  6. Besides the great problem, dialectics had countless lesser ones that would furnish argumentative material for an eternity.

  7. It was Marx who fused these ideas, with the aid of the Hegelian dialectics made of them a method of investigation, and pressed them into the service of Socialism and historical research.

  8. Marx was never a Utopian; the complete saturation of his mind with Hegelian dialectics made him immune to all eternal truths and final social forms.

  9. Yosef's mind was realistic by nature, in some way he clung rather to things than ideas--he had therefore no love for dialectics of any sort.

  10. Yosef, who did not love declamation, had still fallen into the dialectics of unhappiness.

  11. There was no dispute about the premises of the scholastic's arguments; and hence his dialectics strengthened the mind by the exercise of logical sports, and at the same time confirmed the faith.

  12. After Abælard’s condemnation theological dialectics came more and more to be associated with the church doctrine and to approach more or less nearly to a friendly alliance with mysticism.

  13. William of Champeaux, lecturing on dialectics or logic, comes to the question of universals, which he says, are substances.

  14. Meanwhile Abelard pursued his course of triumph in the schools, and in due time turned from dialectics to theology, as every ambitious teacher could hardly fail to do.

  15. Bishop William of Chalons must have drifted far from dialectics into mysticism in order to win the support of Clairvaux, and train up a new army of allies who were to mark Abelard for an easy prey.

  16. Still, he was among the first to apply dialectics to theology.

  17. When they introduced dialectics to support theology a more severe method was required.

  18. He certainly had not studied his dialectics through translations or in the original, but had probably imbibed the spirit of this great philosopher through Saint Augustine and other orthodox Fathers who were his admirers.

  19. From the time of Charlemagne only grammar and elementary logic and dogmatic theology had been taught, but Abelard introduced dialectics into theology.

  20. A more complete method was required than that which the existing schools furnished, and this was supplied by the dialectics of Aristotle.

  21. From the time of Charlemagne only grammar and elementary logic and dogmatic theology had been taught, but Abélard introduced dialectics into theology.

  22. One of the most interesting lectures which I ever listened to was one before the Economic League of San Francisco on the "Dialectics of Socialism.

  23. The dialectics of the schoolmen or their equivalent are useless in Social discussion.

  24. But the entire human race, since the origination of society and language, when metaphysics and dialectics were first born, has been guilty of this puerile confusion of thought.

  25. My angry dialectics may have produced a bad effect on some peaceable minds.

  26. Religion, philosophy, method, certainty, logic, and dialectics are treated at considerable length.

  27. To note and study these Forms, is the purpose of the philosopher in his dialectics or ratiocinative debate.

  28. NYÂYA, the name of one of the six principal systems of Hindu philosophy, and devoted to the dialectics or metaphysics of philosophy.

  29. Dialectics round the Death-bed Philosophical aloofness is all very well in its way, but while we argue about economic causes and attempt to induce a philosophy of earthquakes, our bright young democracy lies bleeding under the ruins.

  30. He brought to bear upon her case every trick of dialectics and flattery at his command.

  31. Even the study of the Talmud was abandoning simple, undistorted methods of interpretation, and espousing the hairsplitting dialectics of the northern French school.

  32. And when, in so short a time, my master saw me directing the study of dialectics there, it is not easy to find words to tell with what envy he was consumed or with what pain he was tormented.

  33. He never forgets the Hegelian dialectics even when he writes novels.

  34. He learned his eloquence from Plato, his dialectics from Eubulides; but as for his delivery--there, he came to the mirror!

  35. I am therefore, it seems, to get up Platonic Dialectics simply in order to teach my ploughmen to use their common sense?

  36. Really, you and your Dialectics seem in a hopeful and valiant state of mind.

  37. But Sachs never became fully acquainted with the dialectics of the Talmud, which was Holdheim's strong point, and this territory remained foreign to him.

  38. Some of his speeches to the jury, could they have been preserved as they were delivered, would have been invaluable specimens of dialectics for the use of students.

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