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Example sentences for "dice"

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  1. An independent English tradition credits Canute with a passion for the game: the historian of Ramsey tells us that Bishop Ethelric once found him "relieving the wearisomeness of the long night with games of dice and chess.

  2. We feel like men about to throw dice for our lives, and dice too that are loaded against us!

  3. Colonel Ludlow and Captain Laramore were at dice at a table within the hall, and Colonel Verney had excused himself in order to hear the evening report from his overseers.

  4. Whereupon the latter drew from his pocket, dice and a handful of gold pieces.

  5. I was told afterwards that Voltaire used to play backgammon with him, and when he lost he would throw the dice and the box at his head.

  6. But when you're tired of that game, Then throw those dice into the flame; But when you're tired of gaming free, Then throw those dice into the sea.

  7. So I sat in my chair, and even through the closed door could hear the loud voices of the naval men and the rattle of the dice on the board.

  8. Some of the men passed all the daylight hours in throwing dice or playing games of chance, not without frequent quarrels, which our guardians ignored so long as they remained short of fighting.

  9. Very shortly afterwards in the palace of Domitian the dice began to fall.

  10. So I cast for the last time, let the dice fall as it is fated.

  11. How Pantagruel excuseth Bridlegoose in the matter of sentencing actions at law by the chance of the dice Chapter 3.

  12. How Pantagruel showeth the trial of one's fortune by the throwing of dice to be unlawful.

  13. For the dice are no sooner thrown on the board, and the greedy gazing sparks have hardly said, Two sixes, Frank; but Six devils damn it!

  14. Then do I likewise and semblably throw the dice for him, and forthwith livre him his chance.

  15. How Bridlegoose giveth reasons why he looked upon those law- actions which he decided by the chance of the dice Chapter 3.

  16. How Pantagruel showeth the trial of one's fortune by the throwing of dice to be unlawful Chapter 3.

  17. How Pantagruel was present at the trial of Judge Bridlegoose, who decided causes and controversies in law by the chance and fortune of the dice Chapter 3.

  18. Part 66 When all the courts are full, two ballot boxes are placed in the first court, and a number of brazen dice, bearing the colours of the several courts, and other dice inscribed with the names of the presiding magistrates.

  19. Then two of the Thesmothetae, selected by lot, severally throw the dice with the colours into one box, and those with the magistrates' names into the other.

  20. Then the Archon casts in the dice and thereby chooses the jurors from each tribe, room by room.

  21. Yer can pitch dice ter see which does it.

  22. He places the dice cup on the table beside the candle.

  23. The rattle of dice was heard within a green-baize-covered door.

  24. And pointing out the captain of musketeers who had before been playing dice on the palace stairway, she passed on.

  25. Two captains of musketeers were playing dice on the stair.

  26. He had taught this animal, while he accompanied its movements with a song, to mount upon little cylindrical blocks of wood, placed successively one above another, and resembling in shape the dice belonging to a backgammon table.

  27. Dice were then thrown upon the head of a drum, and he told the numbers that were thrown up, by bowing his head as many times as there were numbers indicated.

  28. If I throw the dice box twenty times, and the same numbers always turn up, I cannot resist the conclusion that the dice must have been loaded.

  29. All four spent the day in playing at dice and at ball, and Voc, the messenger of Hurakan, came to see them, Voc who remained not far from here nor far from Xibalba.

  30. Cut into dice 3/4 to a whole loaf of bread (about 2 quarts).

  31. The white meat of chicken was cut in dice and 3/4 cup of celery was also cut in small pieces, a couple of hard boiled eggs, cut in dice, were added and the whole was carefully mixed with the salad dressing.

  32. Peel 2 oranges, cut in dice the night before using; let diced orange peel stand, covered with cold water until morning.

  33. When cold, meat was removed from bones and cut in dice (not too fine).

  34. How will a parent, whose hands are seldom without cards, or dice in them, be observed in lessons against the pernicious vice of gaming?

  35. For what may not be feared from so early inculcating the use of dice and gaming, upon the minds of children?

  36. Yet, in ยง 153, Mr. Locke proceeds to give directions in relation to the dice he recommends.

  37. And don't shoot dice with these rough-necks on the lot.

  38. And she had not only brought her ruined father out to the open spaces but the dissipated brother, who was still seen to play at dice whenever opportunity offered.

  39. He would leave the shop to place money on a horse race, and he would seek to induce the customers he waited on to play at dice with him.

  40. He was a born gambler and the fates turned the dice for him so that men said that he was in truth the Devil and the son of the Devil.

  41. Heat the dice of sweetbread in this sauce and fill the cases with it.

  42. Little dice of fried bread should be handed with the soup.

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