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Example sentences for "eccentricities"

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ebullitions; ecarte; eccellenza; eccentric; eccentrically; eccentricity; eccentrics; eccho; ecchoes; ecchymoses
  1. The eccentricities of determined men are very often indications of some deep spirit beneath, and not, as in weaker natures, mere emanations of vanity or offsprings of self-indulgence.

  2. Oh, yes, his eccentricities are well known.

  3. Being the eldest of five brothers, it is difficult to conceive how a member of a large family grew up developing such eccentricities as are usually the fruit of isolation.

  4. Territories)," as it was officially described on the stores record, had another name, which she earned in her early days through certain eccentricities of construction.

  5. One of her sisters alone had courage to remain, or possibly knew enough of Christina's eccentricities not to be alarmed.

  6. She could not resolve these questions; only she remembered that Sarah had formerly, wickedly and falsely, related to her some pretended eccentricities of Rudolph, and of his strange amours.

  7. While he commanded in Kentucky, his eccentricities were very remarkable, and a journalist started the report that Sherman was crazy, which obtained wide credence.

  8. Through the eccentricities of the telegraph, the word corps had been changed into corpse.

  9. The middle course in poetical composition, which avoids alike wild eccentricities and mechanical precision, has much to recommend it, and Miss Stalker does well to point out its virtues.

  10. It tends to develop obnoxious eccentricities of expression, and is closely associated with bizarre and radical vagaries of thought.

  11. Of course eccentricities which Dean Swift allowed himself must not be taken as examples of what others ventured upon.

  12. For the truths which at one time made Quakerism so strong are wholly separable, not only from the superficial eccentricities of the system, but from its gravest deficiencies in form and doctrine.

  13. The eccentricities of 'mad Grimshaw' have probably been exaggerated; for one knows how, when a man acquires a reputation of this sort, every ridiculous story which happens to be current is apt to be fathered upon him.

  14. One leaves you to make what you can of his volumes; the other leaves you for ever exasperated by eccentricities of pencil and brush it is now no use seeking to understand.

  15. Perhaps being geese they would do just that, but then what depravity on the part of the warlike one thus to take advantage of the eccentricities of his fellows.

  16. That the people he influenced would rise up and desire to share his life, with its privations, and eccentricities had never as yet occurred to him.

  17. When Pietro heard that his son had added to his eccentricities by begging for his food his anger knew no bounds!

  18. Various stories are told of his eccentricities as well as of his conversational powers.

  19. The Trilobites are quoted as another instance; and some ingenious writers add the supposed eccentricities of the Roman Empire in its senile decay and a number of other equally unsubstantial illustrations.

  20. The Christians, who are about to rise to power on their ruin, they dismiss with amiable indifference as one of the little passing eccentricities of the religious life of their time.

  21. And before another era of the earth's story opened, the reptile race would be dethroned, and these hunted and despised and feeble eccentricities of Mesozoic life would become the masters of the globe.

  22. Parke has alluded generally, in no liberal temper, to the eccentricities of this professor, whose disposition he has mistaken, when attributing meanness to it.

  23. Goldsmith's ramble through Europe was one of the maddest escapades in the records of the eccentricities of adolescent genius.

  24. He was an adaptable, sociable person, and with all his eccentricities and absurdities, had a certain air of wistfulness that touched Mrs. Lambert.

  25. He no longer saw in his prospective son-in-law and distant relative those eccentricities that had annoyed him so excessively.

  26. Seasoned to his eccentricities as she was, she was startled by his answer.

  27. Paul took up sorrily his wife's rather hysterical note of self-mockery, and laughed and joked over the varied eccentricities of the pretentious menu.

  28. This is how it happens that many authors of medical eccentricities are practitioners of great repute.

  29. While he was going on this course the Papal Legate, by whose concurrence alone all these eccentricities could, up to a certain point, be justified, protested with all the force his slight degree of energy would allow.

  30. But his most characteristic eccentricities were the writings in which his delusion was manifested.

  31. But these eccentricities were merely verbal, and under them lay a deep vein of genuine and lasting regard.

  32. He said long after that he had been mad all his life, or at least not perfectly sane; and, in truth, eccentricities less strange than his have often been thought grounds sufficient for absolving felons and for setting aside wills.

  33. Holmes, fully master of himself, and holding instinctively to his nil admirari, trained his light batteries on the new schools, and hit their eccentricities and foibles with a comic fusillade.

  34. The eccentricities of her aunt's character had always served as extenuating circumstances with Mary Martin.

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