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Example sentences for "eclipsing"

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  1. Thus in the days of the eclipsing of the glory of these foundations.

  2. The religious societies of London, whose character adorns the English capital, eclipsing its artistic and commercial splendour, chiefly belong to the present century.

  3. Like a dark cloud eclipsing the hopes of Christendom, those tidings cast their shadow over St. Edmundsbury too: Shall Samson Abbas take pleasure while Christ's Tomb is in the hands of the Infidel?

  4. Shew him the divine face of justice, then the diabolic monster which is eclipsing that: he will fly at the throat of such monster, never so monstrous, and need no bidding to do it.

  5. Mr. Murray, under whose auspices our magnum opus issued for a few months from Albemarle Street, began to suspect that we might be eclipsing the Quarterly Review.

  6. And therefore the space during which the eclipsing body obscures the central one, must be about one sixth of the diameter of its orbit.

  7. The time spent by light in crossing this orbit causes an apparent delay in the phases of the variable, when Algol and its eclipsing satellite are on its further side from ourselves, balanced by acceleration while they traverse its hither side.

  8. Among eclipsing stars should probably be reckoned the peculiar variables, Beta Lyræ and V Puppis, each believed to consist of a pair of bright stars revolving almost in contact.

  9. That these are still in an early stage of their life-history is probable in itself, and is re-affirmed by the exceedingly small density indicated for eclipsing stars by the ratio of phase-duration to period.

  10. The satellite is totally eclipsing the sun for this small dark portion of the planet's disk.

  11. Their periods of light-change are all very short, and the astronomers call them eclipsing variables.

  12. Very low density of both components and extreme faintness of one member compared to the other, appears to be a very general characteristic of closely associated eclipsing and spectroscopic binary stars.

  13. Despondency, conjured up by his own words, had floated in and hovered above him with eclipsing wings.

  14. Not to have the highest distinction in rank, not to be marked out as an heiress, like Miss Arrowpoint, gave an added triumph in eclipsing those advantages.

  15. But here we have something of the opposite character--a dense smoke eclipsing the sun and darkening the heavens.

  16. No acts of theirs in such capacity, however, are recorded.

  17. A 28-day clock was arranged for eclipsing the light between sunrise and sunset and automatically cutting off the current at intervals to produce an occulting characteristic.

  18. Large are the plates of the windows--how shining and brilliant the panes are, Quite eclipsing the rest of the houses that stand in the market!

  19. But let us now descend across the vineyard and garden, For observe how the threatening storm is hitherward rolling, Lightening first, and then eclipsing the beautiful full moon.

  20. It is virtually certain that RR Centauri is a case of an eclipsing binary system, and that the two stars are close together.

  21. This light-curve presents those characteristics which are due to successive eclipses, but the exact form of the curve must depend on the nature of the two mutually eclipsing stars.

  22. Making these assumptions, however, it is found that if each of the eclipsing stars were spherical it would not be possible to generate such a curve with the closest accuracy.

  23. The Vicomtesse de Fontaine amused herself by eclipsing Emilie in the taste and magnificence that were conspicuous in her dress, her furniture, and her carriages.

  24. They fancy that most mothers, jealous of their girls, want to dress them in their own way with the premeditated purpose of eclipsing them or robbing them of admiration.

  25. Her mother stepped in between her and the dead child whereupon, as though that interposition and eclipsing of her lost treasure had broken a binding link, don Jorge's wife swooned away in the arms of her friends.

  26. In this fashion Bhimabhata marched and came near Radha, eclipsing the light of the sun in the heavens with the clouds of dust raised by his army.

  27. The star [delta] of Cepheus is in the same case: it is an orb eclipsed in a period of 129 hours, and its eclipsing planet also revolves in the plane of our vision.

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