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Example sentences for "elate"

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elasmobranch; elastic; elastica; elastically; elasticity; elated; elaters; elation; elbow; elbowed
  1. He was elate and buoyant over the trust reposed in him; although Rhys, his mother, Davy, and other friends had been called upon to enter into bonds for the fulfilment of his contract, since he was to be paid as the work proceeded.

  2. Elate beyond measure with any good success, they were deaf to the most reasonable overtures of peace from their enemies, and their views were unbounded.

  3. And that he knew how close to him Death was standing we could see by a certain elate and confident air of courage in his bearing, and by the wonderful tenderness and sweetness of his smile.

  4. As the stream to its first mountain levels, elate In the fountain arises, the spirit in him Arose to that image.

  5. He nestled down in the clean straw under Beauty's manger, and waited, elate with the prospect of a night of adventure, and stoutly resisted all Dunter's persuasions to go in to supper.

  6. The boys ran out, elate with a similar hope.

  7. Elate to hear her words, the youth departs Instant, and all the sky in mind he grasps.

  8. Juno beheld her lofty thus, her breast Elate to view her sons; her nuptial fruits With Athamas; and her great foster child, The mighty Bacchus.

  9. That he, not too elate With self-sufficing solitude.

  10. The King and Rishyaƛring elate Entered the royal city's gate-- In front the chaplain rode.

  11. Elate he never can be; He feels that spirits which glad had hailed his worth, Sleep in oblivion.

  12. The sudden revulsion of feeling such a vision was calculated to occasion in a man elate with joy, may be conceived!

  13. To disorder the senses of; to exhilarate or elate as if by spirituous drink; to deprive of sense and judgment; also, to stupefy.

  14. To excite to a transport of enthusiasm, frenzy, or madness; to elate unduly or excessively.

  15. Nor did their praise elate him over much; for, like most honest persons he had his own opinion about his own performance, and when a critic praised him in the wrong place he was rather hurt than pleased by the compliment.

  16. The other Gods, some angry, some elate With victory, the Olympian heights regain'd, And sat beside the Thunderer.

  17. Pacing elate the field; his brazen mail Endured not; through his bowels pierced, with clang Of all his arms he fell, and thus with joy Immense exulting, spake Idomeneus.

  18. For he in prowess and in might surpassed His father Neptune, who, enthroned sublime, Sits second only to Saturnian Jove, Elate with glory and joy.

  19. Among The foremost warriors, with success elate He strode, and flung himself into the fight Black as a storm which sudden from on high Descending, furrows deep the gloomy flood.

  20. One by one thy duties wait thee; Let thy whole strength go to each; Let no future dreams elate thee, Learn thou first what these can teach.

  21. The bishop, however, looked serene, and, if not as elate as in the morning, calm and content.

  22. The sermon was most successful; the ladies returned with elate and animated faces, quite enthusiastic and almost forgetting in their satisfaction the terrible outrage of Lord St. Aldegonde.

  23. When Dick reached the surface he found Hardy, McKnight, and Peterson standing apart from the crowd, with elate faces, talking earnestly.

  24. High to the blissful wonders of the skies Elate thy soul, and raise thy wishful eyes.

  25. Spirits create (If right of thee we deem), How didst thou glide on brightening wing elate To meet th' unclouded beam Of Jesus from the couch of darkness rising!

  26. Then Simon Magus, as Hegesippus and Linus say, elate in pride avaunted him that he can raise dead men to life.

  27. And anon the woman, elate in pride and willing to be like to God, accorded thereto and believed him.

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