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Example sentences for "emphasising"

Lexicographically close words:
empescher; emphasis; emphasise; emphasised; emphasises; emphasize; emphasized; emphasizes; emphasizing; emphatic
  1. Apostolic Fathers--the emphasising of this, the throwing into the background of that element, cannot here be vindicated.

  2. They certainly also delight in emphasising the contradictions of the different schools; but they cannot point to any earnest conflict of these schools with each other.

  3. Finally, it should be noted that the Gnosis always made a distinction between the supreme God and Christ, but that, from the religious position, it had no reason for emphasising that distinction.

  4. Marcion had no interest in specially emphasising the distinction between the good God and Christ, which according to the Pauline Epistles, could not be denied.

  5. By emphasising a characteristic trait, by shifting a certain form, by exaggerating a certain proportion, he sought to obtain, as did Matisse, the complete expression of what he felt to be essential in his model.

  6. Here the abbreviations and economies, unlike those in Le Buveur d'Absinthe, constitute a genuine inclination toward emphasising the spontaneity of vision.

  7. Again, those who admire without comprehending are given to emphasising the less important points of departure in the new men, and of ignoring the deeper qualities which represent the primary importance of modern art.

  8. Out from the brandy-and-soda came the nose; down went the glass with an emphasising bang: "Oh!

  9. After emphasising the importance of the observance of the Golden Rule, it declares that "All men by God's donation are alike free by birth, and have alike privileges by virtue of His grant.

  10. They then warn all wood-buyers against purchasing from those who would dispose of such wood for their own private advantage, again emphasising their contention that they would take it only to provide a common stock for all.

  11. He was, I hold, perfectly right in emphasising the importance of individual responsibility.

  12. Mill drafted the rules of the club, emphasising the duty of members to propagate sound economic opinions through the press.

  13. What means has an author, who does print in the conventional way, of emphasising the points at which he wishes feeling-attitudes to arise?

  14. The Times critic was emphasising the truth that unoriginality is bad; Sir Sidney Colvin the equal truth that bogus originality is bad.

  15. There you should change the doubtful note into one above or below it at every opportunity, for by doing so you impart a certain spontaneity and freedom to the sentences, emphasising their resemblance to the spoken word.

  16. I cannot let this occasion pass without emphasising in the most decided manner how highly in my opinion Roux’s services to the systematic exploration of morphogenesis must be esteemed.

  17. We shall repel no true seeker by duly emphasising the difficulties of the Christian course.

  18. Indeed the Council had already received a letter from the University of Paris warning them of the impending danger, and emphasising the fact that the position held by England in France had its 'root and origin' in Burgundian support.

  19. The Bohun inheritance had cast its glamour over the man who had thus secured a part thereof, and he never neglected an opportunity of emphasising his pride in the Bohun connection.

  20. If Gloucester followed the wrong policy in advocating war, we could not expect it to be otherwise when we remember his early training.

  21. He openly and loudly declared that he cared not what the Duke of Gloucester thought, or whether he opposed him or not, for his power was gone, and the King no longer regarded him.

  22. Such an emphasising of the religious side of matrimony almost gives the impression, that Luther was following an interior impulse which urged him to counteract the effects of certain other statements of his on marriage.

  23. Luther was chiefly concerned in emphasising the indispensable necessity of particular faith in personal justification and personal salvation.

  24. Iris, emphasising the injunction with a far from gentle push.

  25. This pestilent savage was squatting on his haunches, holding forth volubly, emphasising his points with a flourish of his kerrie in the air, or bringing it down with a whack on the ground.

  26. The above is the best working "Definition of Naval Strategy," as emphasising its intimate connection with diplomatic, financial, and military aspects of major strategy.

  27. For practical purposes it will be found the most useful definition as emphasising the intimate connection of Naval Strategy with the diplomatic, financial, and military aspects of Major Strategy.

  28. The greater part of the passage is devoted to the difficulties even of success and emphasising the terrible evils of failure.

  29. He became a little more sentimental towards the end of the letter, remarking that perhaps he had been wrong in deserting her for so long and emphasising the rather ridiculous point that he was aware that he was not a young man.

  30. Mr. Dumphy, emphasising each word sharply with the blunt end of his pen on the desk.

  31. Padre, emphasising the substantive with a slight shrug worthy of his patron saint.

  32. One can," replied Miss Meakin, much emphasising the "can.

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