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Example sentences for "enfeeblement"

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  1. Unfortunately, with the poor a similar ill-nourishment of the young is too often inevitable, and the consequences are constantly to be traced in enfeeblement of the nervous system, of which neuralgia is a pretty common result.

  2. States of mental enfeeblement are always the result of failure of development or of structural changes in the cortical grey matter of the brain.

  3. These patients, in course of time, become delusional, enfeebled and childish, and in some cases the enfeeblement ends in complete dementia of a very degraded type.

  4. This latter condition, characterized by delusions of persecution, mental enfeeblement and loss of memory, is hopelessly incurable.

  5. If the enfeeblement is due to failure of development or brain damage occurring in early life, it is spoken of as idiocy or imbecility.

  6. The patient becomes gradually accustomed to the sensory disturbances, or possibly a certain amount of mental enfeeblement sets in which reduces the mental vigour.

  7. The coagulation may result from compression or from enfeeblement of the circulation.

  8. The heart shares in the general enfeeblement of the system.

  9. The gradual enfeeblement of the Empire and the distraction of the Church during the Great Schism prepared the means whereby both Renaissance and Reformation were eventually realized.

  10. He dwells on her humiliation in exile at Avignon, her enfeeblement during the Great Schism, and her restoration to splendor and power at the close of the Councils.

  11. The one worked by extirpation and forcible repression; the other by mental enfeeblement and moral corruption.

  12. She has never quite clearly discovered that her enfeeblement and failure are primarily due to the fact that she has been neglecting her real business in the world, or making it a secondary concern.

  13. The enfeeblement of the church, in all the generations, has been largely due to this cause.

  14. When that day comes it will be evident to all that the main cause of the church's enfeeblement through all these centuries has been her unbelief.

  15. Only one more cause of the enfeeblement of the church can be mentioned here; that is her too close reliance upon the principles and forces of the material realm.

  16. The unbelief which brings enfeeblement and decay to the church of Christ is not, however, the kind of unbelief which the church is most apt to reprove.

  17. Admitting all this, however, these intellectual changes are not the principal cause of the enfeeblement of the church.

  18. So soon as he was secure that no political discussions in France itself would come to thwart his foreign designs, he marched with a firm step towards that enfeeblement of Spain and that upsetting of the empire of which Nani speaks.

  19. Even those who have not dared to declare openly against you are nevertheless impatiently desiring your enfeeblement and your humiliation as the only resource for liberty and for the repose of all Christian nations.

  20. The danger is a formidable one; for if the course of nature is dependent on the man-god's life, what catastrophes may not be expected from the gradual enfeeblement of his powers and their final extinction in death?

  21. The enfeeblement of Lit'uania by reason of its separation from Poland invited the long-nursed hostility of the Grand Prince and his faithful ally, Mengli-Girei.

  22. The enfeeblement of the Golden Horde seemed to the Lit'uanian Grand Duke a favourable opportunity to extend his influence in the Tartar steppes and constitute himself the heir of the dying sovereignty.

  23. His importance was due largely to the temporary enfeeblement of Egypt, which encouraged the ambition of the Phoenician and made it necessary to propitiate the holder of the key to an alternate trade route to the East.

  24. The neglect to which the great mass of working-men's children are condemned leaves ineradicable traces and brings the enfeeblement of the whole race of workers with it.

  25. Irritation of the whole nervous system, with general lassitude and enfeeblement of the entire frame, were the inevitable results, with the fostering of temptation to drunkenness and unbridled sexual indulgence.

  26. The result of all these influences is a general enfeeblement of the frame in the working-class.

  27. Pallor, emaciation, nervous depression, derangement of the digestive organs, and muscular enfeeblement appear in every case.

  28. In connection with enfeeblement of the circulation, a tendency to hemorrhagic conditions is common, with purpuric and petechial eruptions in some cases.

  29. The ancient republics were comparatively non-religious for their time; the disappearance of monarchy coincides in general, in the history of mankind, with enfeeblement of faith.

  30. Is it really a perilous thing, this gradual enfeeblement of what has so long served as the basis of social and domestic virtue?

  31. Sidenote: Man practically a domestic animal in the house of the gods: resulting enfeeblement of character.

  32. And, finally, a last cause of pessimism is the enfeeblement of the will, which accompanies an exaltation of the intelligence and the sensibility.

  33. One of the most important of the problems to which the gradual enfeeblement of the religious sentiment has given rise is that of race fertility and the question of population.

  34. Well, in our days, belief in the devil is incontestably becoming feebler; and this enfeeblement is even especially characteristic of the present epoch; there has at no other time been anything to equal it.

  35. This immorality constitutes in its turn a sort of social danger, that of a softening or enfeeblement of the national character of a people.

  36. On the contrary, the progress of reflection and of conscience which is manifested among modern people is accompanied by an enfeeblement of established custom, of unconscious habit, of the discipline and power of the past.

  37. In two cases quoted by Taylor, there was a temporary loss or enfeeblement of voice; in one of the two, the aphonia lasted for eight days.

  38. What simulates muscular enfeeblement in the subject of tic is often nothing else than a want of accuracy and adresse in the performance of a given movement.

  39. Not all who would may tic; psychical predisposition in the shape of volitional enfeeblement is a sine qua non.

  40. The dream is not a pathological phenomenon, and it does not leave behind an enfeeblement of the mental faculties.

  41. It appears as if we must regard eternity as outliving every progressive change, For there is no convergence or enfeeblement of time.

  42. It is therefore obvious that the declining power of Luebeck necessarily brought with it an enfeeblement of the whole federation.

  43. There has been a great extension of what we call education in the past hundred years, but while we have spread education widely, there has been a sort of shrinkage and enfeeblement of its aims.

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