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Example sentences for "exclusions"

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excludes; excludeth; excluding; exclusion; exclusionists; exclusive; exclusively; exclusiveness; excogitate; excogitated
  1. It is a criticism, perhaps a satire upon the civilization of your political system, not a justification for any exclusions practiced under it.

  2. For it must not be forgotten, that it is upon the footing, not of disability, but of exemption, that those exclusions are vested, by the authorities which declare them.

  3. We shall be free to base peace on generosity and justice, to the exclusions of all selfish claims to advantage even on the part of the victors.

  4. Exclusions and exemptions cause similar incomes to be taxed at different levels.

  5. The Irish Parliament to have the general power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of Ireland, subject to the exclusions and restrictions specified in 3 and 4 below.

  6. It is a mere enumeration of a few known facts, makes no use of exclusions or rejections, concludes precariously, and is always liable to be overthrown by a negative instance.

  7. If two people would take the trouble to learn the symbols of the biliteral, as kept after the exclusions and which are used in this cipher, they might with very little practice be able to write or read off-hand.

  8. By a process of exclusions I came to the belief that possibly the monument itself might be moveable.

  9. It can, therefore, be easily reproduced; the method of exclusions is also entirely rational, so that we need have no difficulty in remembering it.

  10. These exclusions from mercy Shakespeare would accept; and I think he would add a third.

  11. His humanity is too calm and broad to suffer the prejudices and exclusions of international enmities.

  12. There are also a few differences in the matter of exclusions between the two Dominions.

  13. For many persons, however, limitations and exclusions are necessary from the start.

  14. The general collector takes everything that comes in his way, and knows no limitations, no exclusions of this country or that.

  15. Exclusions are not only unjust, but they frequently operate as injuriously to the party who monopolizes, as to those who are excluded.

  16. It is from a strange mixture of tyranny and cowardice, that exclusions have been set up and continued.

  17. On Test Laws, Oaths of Allegiance, Abjuration and partial Exclusions from Office.

  18. How such exclusions work out is shown by Lockyer (Nature, Aug.

  19. Either the whole tendency of modern social improvements has been wrong, or it ought to be carried out to the total abolition of all exclusions and disabilities which close any honest employment to a human being.

  20. These exclusions are not in their nature permanent.

  21. They were compelled to start on their exile with all their belongings (Adar, 1542), for of the numerous Jews of Prague only ten persons or families received permission to remain there.

  22. On the other hand, his Whig enemies accuse him of endeavouring to shift the odium of these exclusions on the Queen, which is certainly not true; but in these times bitterness and disappointment never fail to engender swarms of lies.

  23. We had a great deal of talk about things and people connected with the Court, about the appointments and the exclusions which were producing so much heartburning.

  24. Undoubtedly a system of exclusions could be so manipulated as to call a jury before which defendants would have so little chance of a decision on the evidence that it would constitute a denial of due process.

  25. Such exclusions may be justified on the ground that the continued attention to duty by members of such occupations is beneficial to the community.

  26. The exclusions will be very painful, and must be enormous.

  27. These exclusions were made to protect the mails.

  28. It is, moreover, a serious question whether arbitrary exclusions from the mails would not abridge the guarantee of due process of law.

  29. The number of exclusions necessary to existence is very different in the two cases; therefore, there is no simultaneousness.

  30. When we perceive these distinctions, these exclusions realized, we perceive succession, time.

  31. Selective exclusions from a public forum may not be based on content alone, and may not be justified by reference to content alone.

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