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Example sentences for "exorcising"

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  1. People even came from far to satisfy their curiosity--some from so far as Knighton; and one who came from Knighton to read prayers for the exorcising of the spirit, had the book taken out of his hand and thrown upstairs.

  2. The mode of summoning and of exorcising familiar spirits--in other words, of laying and raising the devil--varies little the world over.

  3. It remains but to add, in connection with our household ghosts, that the method of exorcising such goblins in Wales is explicit.

  4. God of the Jewish theology, being originally an endeavour to avoid pronouncing the name of God, it is easy to see the connection with the exorcising power of that name upon all evil spirits, such as fairies are usually held to be.

  5. The Beria woman deals in charms for exorcising the devil and palmistry is her special vocation.

  6. For exorcising evil spirits they write texts of the Koran on paper and burn them before the sufferer.

  7. Thus in the province of Picardy "on the first Sunday of Lent people carried torches through the fields, exorcising the field-mice, the darnel, and the smut.

  8. Emperor of the East, to conclude a peace with the Turks had reached their destination, they were received by shamans, who subjected them to a ceremonial purification for the purpose of exorcising all harmful influence.

  9. And the doctors here practise in the name of science what the exorcising monks practise in the name of religion.

  10. Lebanon, a sort of Bedlam, where the exorcising monks beat the devil out of one's head with clouted shoes.

  11. In Syria, also, the burning of a lump of salt in the fire is resorted to as a means of exorcising the malevolent spirit which afflicts one through the "evil eye.

  12. Gianni Lotteringhi hears a knocking at his door at night: he awakens his wife, who persuades him that 'tis the bogey, which they fall to exorcising with a prayer; whereupon the knocking ceases.

  13. There existed always among the Californians individuals of both sexes who played the part of sorcerers or conjurers, pretending to possess the power of exorcising the devil.

  14. They are supposed to be in partnership with their devil, for whom they always exact the half of the fee before entering upon any exorcising or divination.

  15. The phrase which I have translated "for exorcising the spirits" is "pour conjurer les esprits.

  16. All that is necessary for exorcising the spirits and causing the grain to sprout.

  17. The practice of incantation, however, being common to all parts of Babylonia, we can hardly suppose that any temple should have existed which did not have its exorcising formulas.

  18. He, too, is the lord of life, the master of the exorcising art, the chief magician among the gods.

  19. The cure was effected by the exorcising of the troublesome spirit through prescribed formulas of supposed power, accompanied by symbolical acts.

  20. Marduk listens to the petition addressed to him by the exorcising priest on behalf of the victim, and carries the word to Father Ea.

  21. He found there an exorcising ceremony in progress.

  22. At another time he was seated with a friend, while in the adjoining village a witch koot (exorcising ceremony) was in progress, with drums and gongs banging furiously.

  23. To walk away would be the more exact term, for his favourite method of exorcising this lady was to rise from his chair and take a long walk with Grizel.

  24. The Wu, as exorcising physicians and practitioners of the medical art, may be traced in classical literature to the time of Confucius.

  25. They are nearly all young, and are spoken of as "divining youths," and they use an exorcising magic based on the principle that legions of spectres prone to evil live in the machine of the world.

  26. At a late hour of the night the party groped their way up the ravine by the light of a lantern, and bearing a basket with provisions for exorcising the demon of hunger so soon as the other demons should be laid in the Red Sea.

  27. While they were thus employed the good dominie drew on one side and made a vigorous onslaught on the basket, by way of exorcising the demon of hunger which was raging in his entrails.

  28. The nature of the primitive religions was responsible to a great extent for the nature of the method of healing, therefore, appeasing the offended deity and exorcising the demon were therapeutic as well as religious ceremonies.

  29. Shortly before the reign of Gregory, there came into vogue the fashion of exorcising demons by means of a written formula rather than by the earlier means of making the sign of the cross and invoking the name of Jesus.

  30. Shocking, however, as was this method of exorcising the ducks, there was nothing in it original.

  31. Exorcising the Devil and calling him by all the vile names they could think of, the friars commanded him never to return.

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