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  1. It is not at all to be taken for granted that the falling off in the supply of exportable plays meant a decline in the absolute merit of French drama.

  2. Let us proceed to [examine] to what extent the benefit of an improvement in the production of an exportable article is participated in by the countries importing it.

  3. Countries whose exportable produce consists of the finer manufactures obtain bullion, as well as all other foreign articles, cæteris paribus, at less expense than countries which export nothing but bulky raw produce.

  4. An exportable article whose price in this country is low—since it is for this reason selected as an export—is one whose cost is low.

  5. We are, therefore, inevitably led to a position in which we see that high wages and low prices naturally go together in an exportable commodity.

  6. Indeed, whatever diminishes the cost of its own productions, when of an exportable character, enables it, as we have already seen, to obtain its imports at less real cost.

  7. The country produces an exportable article in excess of its own wants from no inherent necessity, but as the cheapest mode of supplying itself with other things.

  8. They are the staple commodities of those countries, or at least are among their great articles of regular export; and are shipped on speculation, in the same manner as other exportable commodities.

  9. The conquest of Samoieda and Siberia near the close of the sixteenth century, contributed to encrease the exportable commodities of Russia by their furs, salmon, sturgeon, &c.

  10. The present productivity of the Russian peasant is not believed to be sufficient to yield an exportable surplus on the pre-war scale.

  11. Its authority should be advisory only, but should extend over the distribution of the coal supplies of Germany, Poland, and the constituent parts of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, and of the exportable surplus of the United Kingdom.

  12. But by 1914 the domestic requirements of the United States for wheat were approaching their production, and the date was evidently near when there would be an exportable surplus only in years of exceptionally favorable harvest.

  13. Of the European countries which formerly possessed a large exportable surplus, Russia, as much by reason of deficient transport as of diminished output, may herself starve.

  14. The most favorable factor in the situation was to be found in the extent to which Central and Western Europe was being fed from the exportable surplus of Russia and Roumania.

  15. Even though China secure only a minor part of the exportable food, it will by just so much increase the strain upon the industrial populations of Europe.

  16. When, however, the exportable supply of food and raw material of an agricultural country dwindles, a new equilibrium must be established.

  17. Does, or does not, our duty to ourselves and the world at large demand that we maintain permanently a non-exportable circulation?

  18. The high prices lately obtained at Manila have led to the formation of new plantations, which will still further increase the exportable amount.

  19. The region which is now threatened by Soviet troops in Afghanistan is of great strategic importance: It contains more than two-thirds of the world's exportable oil.

  20. The remaining difficulty is the disposition of exportable wheat.

  21. The reorganization is intended to increase output, improve quality, reduce costs, and increase the exportable surplus.

  22. The pyrites are plentiful and produce exportable quantities of sulfur and sulfur products.

  23. What are the causes deciding the exportable articles of any nation, and their order of precedence in Export?

  24. Of this exportable surplus the United States has about 40 per cent, consisting principally of coal, copper, and formerly petroleum.

  25. Minerals of which our exportable surplus constitutes an important but not a dominant factor in the world trade: Cement.

  26. Minerals of which our exportable surplus is not an important factor in world trade.

  27. Next to the United States, the producing countries having the largest exportable surplus of cement in normal times are Germany and Great Britain.

  28. The United States is entirely independent in arsenic supplies and will probably soon have an exportable surplus.

  29. Minerals of which our exportable surplus dominates the world situation: Copper.

  30. It seems equally clear that the preponderance of exportable surplus of minerals over necessary imports justifies the United States in taking a broad and liberal view of the importation of needed minerals.

  31. The disadvantage of distance would probably be more than compensated by the advantage of having an exportable commodity of great value, and money would be permanently of lower value in Poland than in England.

  32. Since we could as readily export a commodity after being taxed as before, and since no peculiar facility would be given to importation, the precious metals would not, more than before, enter into the list of exportable commodities.

  33. Whether it would or would not do so is not material; but, if your opinion is correct, then I say there would be no exportation of money, because money would not be the cheapest exportable commodity.

  34. On reading over my letter I am doubtful whether this opinion respecting exportable commodities is correct.

  35. Soon after that date the development of the Bayer plant made her independent in that product, and gave her, in fact, an exportable surplus.

  36. Syndicate is three hundred thousand tons per annum, which should leave a considerable exportable surplus.

  37. The increase of population, the extension of the occupied pasture-ground, and the greater demand from Europe for hides and wool, tended to multiply the volume and value of Argentine exportable commodities.

  38. Exportable goods were never safe from seizure until they had left Argentine soil.

  39. But, in the face of the figures quoted above, the evidence is clear that herds are not only ample for present needs, but afford a larger margin than ever of exportable surplus.

  40. Expansion of grape vineyards, olive groves, and other fruit and vegetable growing has also been promoted to develop larger exportable surpluses.

  41. Cereal crops for domestic use and exportable items, such as tobacco, fruits, and vegetables, most important.

  42. There is but one remedy for the disease of the colony: it is to give due encouragement to agriculture, and to promote the growth of exportable commodities, which its inhabitants may offer in exchange for the productions of other countries.

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