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Example sentences for "expressing"

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expressed; expressely; expresses; expresseth; expressible; expression; expressional; expressionless; expressions; expressive
  1. I could not refrain on such occasions from expressing my astonishment that they so thoughtlessly relinquished their beautiful native tongue for that of the French.

  2. That's one way of expressing it, Roger," laughed Faxon.

  3. Good had an almost irresistible impulse to clap, not as expressing approbation, but admiration for a difficult task well done.

  4. I believe you are," he said, expressing the confirmation of a thing he had never doubted.

  5. Morgen+~, accusative expressing duration of time: how long?

  6. A letter to the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and liveries of London was drawn up expressing thanks "for the virtuous and unsolicited resentment you have shown to the violated rights of a free people.

  7. In saying these words the young girl snapped her fingers together till they cracked like castanets; while her countenance, instead of expressing any very painful emotion, exhibited an air of perfect contentment.

  8. The apparition of a gaunt horseman with a torch in one hand, and a bloody sword in the other, his countenance expressing extreme rage, produced an instantaneous effect on the bearers of the litera.

  9. Their eyes met--those of the tiger-hunter expressing coolness and resolution, while the orbs of the jaguar rolled furiously in their sockets.

  10. Lloyd opened her mouth to protest that she had not yet given her consent, but closed it again as the old Colonel began expressing his pleasure at such an arrangement.

  11. While Miss Marks was expressing her delight over the privilege, for the unearthing of old costumes was one of her pet diversions, Lloyd came down the stairs and stopped shyly in the doorway.

  12. The entrance of Lady Juliana prevented her expressing the feelings that were upon her lips; but she thought what pleasure she would have in resuming the delightful theme at another opportunity.

  13. His surprise extreme at beholding his wife, with her eyes sparkling, her cheeks glowing, and her whole countenance expressing extreme pleasure.

  14. Next day I received a letter from the President, making the formal official tender and expressing the hope that I would not decline it.

  15. The ladies expressing a desire to meet the famous Polish actress who had so charmed them, I took them after the play behind the scenes.

  16. We may, however, take this opportunity of expressing our opinion, that there is not a shadow of foundation for the charges of blundering and incompetency which have been so liberally brought against the Irish Attorney-General.

  17. I see," replied poppa, rubbing his chin searchingly, which is his manner of expressing sagacious doubt.

  18. But the Senator's joy in Venice found other means of expressing itself.

  19. And, too, he had been known to decry the ill-treatment of slaves by brutal and inconsiderate masters; but he never thinks it worth while to go beyond expressing a sort of rain-water sympathy for the maltreated.

  20. They fired each other's enthusiasm for expressing opinions, and they took the opinions very seriously.

  21. Oldaker, with a sensitive regard for the decencies, refrained from expressing the hearty sympathy he felt for a man who would henceforth be compelled to live out of the world.

  22. Mark Twain also indicated the singular isolation of Henry James by expressing precisely the same opinion in his immortal chronicle of the adventures of Tom Sawyer.

  23. He seem'd much concerned, and complained of a great Burden of Sins to answer for; expressing often Lord, what shall I do to be Saved!

  24. That no removal of a licence from house to house should be sanctioned without allowing the inhabitants of the interested locality the opportunity of expressing their objections.

  25. The further perfection of this vice among the gentry appears in the way of their expressing their joy for any public blessing.

  26. After several weeks of fruitless debate a fifteenth reservation, expressing sympathy for Ireland, was added to the others, by a vote of 38 to 36.

  27. Therefore purity is directed to chastity, not as a virtue distinct therefrom, but as expressing a circumstance of chastity.

  28. Thirdly, "speaking" is related to the thing spoken by expressing the sentiments of one who desires that which is expressed in words; and for this purpose we employ the verb in the optative mood.

  29. The things observed by diviners are considered by them, not as signs expressing what they already know, as happens in detraction, but as principles of knowledge.

  30. Mr. Anthony considered the subject fully, and concluded by expressing the positive opinion that the text as given was a genuine oral composition of a Delaware Indian.

  31. In his preface he says: 'If my manner of expressing a design already invented have any particularity that is agreeable, good judges will allow such imitations to be originals formed upon the idea of another.

  32. I cannot close this introductory without expressing my deep sense of indebtedness to the kind friends who have aided and encouraged me in the bringing forth of this, my first book.

  33. They were called into the stand, and, after expressing themselves in relation to the holy calling about to be conferred upon them, were ordained under the hands of the First Presidency and the Three Witnesses.

  34. It is related that, while Cho Densu was painting, the cat came daily to his side and continually mewing and expressing its grief, would not leave him.

  35. It is his power of presenting and expressing what he treats in an original manner.

  36. She fancied she heard Mormon Joe saying it, and herself expressing her disbelief in the statement.

  37. The secular and religious press honored his memory with heartfelt tributes; but all these honors fell far short of expressing the reverence and love with which he is cherished in thousands of hearts and thousands of homes.

  38. They knelt, and his eldest son led in prayer, expressing assurance of the blessed result to the dying husband and father, yet craving a lucid interval and some words of affectionate counsel.

  39. The resignation was accepted by the Board, and resolutions were adopted expressing the high appreciation of him and his work, which had extended over a period of nearly twenty years.

  40. Tom here interrupted the dialogue, by expressing a regret that he should have been provided with so small a quantity of cord.

  41. The exergum sometimes contains the date of the coin, expressing in what consulship of the emperor it was struck, as Cos.

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