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Example sentences for "exteriors"

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  1. Lusts constitute its court, being its ministers and retinue, as it were, by which it governs the exteriors of its realm.

  2. The Lord governs the interiors of man's mind in the manner just stated, but governs the exteriors in the world of spirits, which is between heaven and hell.

  3. We also note the almost entire absence of mythological scenes in the interiors; repose or simple action is all that is aimed at, whereas on the exteriors scenes of activity or even violence are admitted.

  4. He is fond of decorating his exteriors with rows of men and women of a somewhat sentimental type, smelling flowers, or in amorous converse.

  5. But the exteriors of many cups of the best R.

  6. O, she did so course o’er my exteriors with such 60 a greedy intention, that the appetite of her eye did seem to scorch me up like a burning-glass!

  7. Who euen now gaue me good eies too, examined my exteriors with such a greedy intention, with the beames of her beautie, that it seemed as she would a scorged me vp like a burning glasse.

  8. His colour is faded and unemotional, and his exteriors are as flat as the simplest decorations.

  9. The bizarre exteriors of German art have given great impetus to this qualitative adjective.

  10. In his flesh, fruits and stuffs, the sensation of hard, soft, rough or velvety exteriors reaches its highest degree of pictorial attainment.

  11. Like Raphael he lacks that profound penetration of exteriors which would permit him a comprehension of his greater influences--of El Greco, for instance.

  12. Kees van Dongen has studied the sensual drawings of Toulouse-Lautrec and the broad exteriors of Matisse, and in combining his two admirations has made eminently effective posters of nearly harmonious colours in very broad planes.

  13. Full grown young men could be so beautiful to her artist's eyes, that years were required to realize that these splendid exteriors held more often than not, little more than strutting half-truths and athletic vanities.

  14. It is quite otherwise with those who do not live in the order of heaven; with them the interiors are closed, and the exteriors are open to the world.

  15. This section comprises interiors and exteriors relating to daily life and labour, and portraiture which is merely accurate imitation of features.

  16. The houses and shops are much like those of Morocco, so far as exteriors go, and so are the interiors of houses occupied by Europeans.

  17. The exteriors are whitewashed, the balconies being tiled, and the cupolas painted green.

  18. In effect, he gradually put on the exteriors of an author.

  19. As for the young Count, his exteriors were so much improved by the company to which he had access, since his departure from his father's house, that his parents were equally surprised and overjoyed at the alteration.

  20. How plain are the exteriors of these houses:—how unexpressive these doors, without a name, of the luxury and high-born pride within!

  21. These two remarkable brothers, James and Horace Smith, are both gifted with exteriors such as are not often possessed with genius—yet only James is so fortunate as to have stumbled upon a good painter.

  22. Fire clouds=: These are partially visible on the exteriors of the parchers and may be present on the exterior and interior surfaces elsewhere.

  23. Occur on any part of the exteriors of all classes of vessels; never occur on the interiors of bowls, but sometimes on the interiors of jars, cups and scoops.

  24. Permanency: averages the same for interiors and exteriors of vessels.

  25. Except for the effective feature of the dome the exteriors of these buildings were plain and unpretending, but the interiors were in many cases lavishly decorated with marble mosaics.

  26. The exteriors of their buildings differ very greatly from the interiors, in which the round-headed windows and semicircular arches of the Romanesque style are retained, enriched, however, with beautiful and ornate carving.

  27. A foreigner can photograph the exteriors of a nation, but I think that that is as far as he can get.

  28. It pleases me greatly to hear you discourse with such approval and expansiveness upon my text: "A foreigner can photograph the exteriors of a nation, but I think that is as far as he can get.

  29. The exteriors of the porches are remarkable for their elaborate ornaments; especially those in the Rue Martainville.

  30. It was from respect to the character or the memory of DIANA, that so many plaster-representations of her were erected on the exteriors of buildings: especially of those within small squares or quadrangles.

  31. In photographing exteriors great care should be taken in the placing of the camera in a suitable spot.

  32. The exposure of exteriors varies between three seconds at f/64 to ten minutes, and no correct guide can possibly be given.

  33. You have strength sufficient to subdue the exteriors of the island; but with respect to the interiors, the match between us is equal.

  34. But a mutual jealousy and disgust subsisted under these exteriors of friendship and esteem.

  35. Exteriors require the greatest amount of attention from the cameraman because of the varying light and shade and the mobility of the camera itself and its liability to accident.

  36. Now, the principal difference between the regular and the moving-picture stage is that, in making photoplays, natural exteriors are used, in almost every case.

  37. It is unnecessary to point out to anyone who has visited the picture theatres that outdoor scenes taken at night are now as common as exteriors photographed at mid-day.

  38. Tinting is also frequently resorted to for no other reason than to enhance the beauty of the scene, as when sunset scenes are tinted in one of half a dozen suitable tones, or when exteriors are dyed in some shade of brown or green.

  39. Almost the only sculptured ornaments worked on the exteriors of buildings were the curious astragal or bead at all the angles, and the cornice, which consisted of a very large cavetto, or hollow moulding, surmounted by a fillet.

  40. This casing of the exteriors was, however, the beginning of a system of what may be called false architecture, and one which led to much that was degrading to the art.

  41. They are not found on the exteriors of buildings.

  42. But in the exteriors of his churches, as at Truro and in the churches of Kilburn and Red Lion Square, Pearson evolved a Gothic of his own which is Pearsonesque and not merely archaeological.

  43. The roofs were always in wood, and the exteriors of the simplest description.

  44. For example, designs were no longer confined to the interiors of the bowls, but were also painted on the exteriors and upon a great variety of vessel forms.

  45. The exteriors of Byzantine buildings (except in some of the small churches of late date) were generally bare and lacking in beauty.

  46. The tabernacles or carved niches in which such statues were set were important elements in the decoration of the exteriors of churches.

  47. The few architectural embellishments employed on the simple exteriors of the Lombard churches were usually effective and well composed.

  48. It has resulted in exteriors which are the natural outgrowth of the interior arrangements, frankly expressed, without affectation of style (Fig.

  49. The exteriors were on this account plain and flat.

  50. All this makes clear what is meant by the state of man's exteriors and the state of his interiors.

  51. For with everyone the exteriors and interior must make one and correspond.

  52. I saw them in the quiescent state for about half an hour, and afterwards they relapsed into their exteriors in which they were before, and also into a recollection of what they had seen.

  53. All things in their interiors have relation to love and faith, thus to the will and understanding, since the will and understanding are their receptacles; while their exteriors correspond to their interiors.

  54. But man has, beyond what the angels have, that he is not only in respect to his interiors in the spiritual world, but also at the same time in respect to his exteriors in the natural world.

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