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Example sentences for "fandango"

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fancifulness; fancy; fancying; fancywork; fand; fanega; fanegas; fanes; fanfare; fanfares
  1. Then, would I meet her at the grand fandango in the marisma?

  2. It chanced to be Sunday evening, moreover, during carnival, and there were preparations for a more brilliant fandango than the usual weekly affair generally produced.

  3. He afterwards danced a fandango with a buxom Andalusian damsel, to the great delight of the spectators.

  4. Seated at the cottage-door with his guitar, he delighted the simple folk with his ditties; or striking up a fandango or bolero, set the brown country lads and lasses dancing in the mellow twilight.

  5. The Mexican fandango is true to the letter.

  6. A fandango with the Indian girls had been proposed by some of them, but Walker placed a decided veto on this.

  7. No sooner was it known that Los Americanos had arrived than nearly all the householders of Fernandez presented themselves to offer the use of their salas for the fandango which invariably celebrated their arrival.

  8. The trouble originated at Las Vegas, where the privates had been bound and gagged, by order of the corporal, for creating a disturbance at a fandango the evening before.

  9. Our arrival was thought to be worthy of notice, and it was accordingly celebrated in the evening by a fandango given at one of the houses, to which we were invited.

  10. Beds were spread down under the small porch outside, and we laid our bodies upon them, but not to sleep, for the noise of the fandango dancers kept us awake until broad daylight, at which time it broke up.

  11. Shall we ever see that big fandango in the halls of Montezuma?

  12. Some threw away their packs of cards, but mostly the men joked, laughed, cheered each report from the citadel guns, and shouted that they were going to a grand fandango at Monterey.

  13. When I told McLane he said it was a pity, because the redcoats were to have a grand fandango on the 18th, and he meant to amuse himself that evening, which he did to some purpose, as you shall hear.

  14. The Fandango (Spaniards use the word "seguidilla") was of Moorish origin.

  15. Next to our house was a one-story cottage where the family of Louis Millar lived, and a fandango house next door where they danced and played their guitars.

  16. I was present at a fandango a few nights ago, when a couple of performers were dancing 'el jarabe,' which seemed to consist chiefly of a series of monotonous toe and heel movements on the ground.

  17. Since these arrivals, almost every evening a fandango is got up on the green, before some of the tents.

  18. The fandango and the serenade with the guitar, still hold their sway as freely and as undisturbed as in old Spain.

  19. Attention: Commander of Slingshot Logistics Depot and Masters of all vessels, inside or outside the Fandango Force Field.

  20. With no advance notice, impose the inventory tax on all Slingshot supplies on board the Depot and on UIPS vessels on both sides of the Fandango force field.

  21. I am hot to trot on Point Charlie off Fandango Force Field.

  22. Never did I think so meanly of a fandango as at that moment; never was I in a mood less lenient to female coquetry!

  23. The walls are enlivened with rude prints of fandango dancings, miracles, and bull-fights, in which the Spanish vulgar delight, as ours do in racing and ring notabilities.

  24. No sooner was it known that Los Americanos had arrived, than nearly all the householders of Fernandez presented themselves to offer the use of their "salas" for the fandango which invariably celebrated their arrival.

  25. Suddenly the music stops, and each dancer shows his skill by remaining absolutely motionless, bounding again into the full life of the Fandango as the orchestra strikes up.

  26. Indeed, it is the common remark of strangers, that they are wont to wear much graver countenances while dancing at a fandango than during their devotional exercises at the foot of the altar.

  27. The masker who had taken me to his box told me that I should see the fandango danced by the Gitanas with good partners.

  28. Donna Ignazia, a mixture of voluptuousness and piety, like most Spanish women, danced the fandango with so much fire that no words could have expressed so well the Joys that were in store for me.

  29. At nightfall we went to the ball, at which the fandango might be danced ad libitum by a special privilege, but the crowd was so great that dancing was out of the question.

  30. The fandango room was about forty by eighteen or twenty feet, with a brick floor raised four or five feet above the earth.

  31. After it was finished, and the table removed, a fandango was begun.

  32. You vill sure have grand plaisir to see un fandango Mexicain?

  33. What is this fandango Gode has been telling me about?

  34. You don't catch this 'coon going into any fandango in Santa Fe without his six-shooters.

  35. I wouldn't wonder it we were to meet them at the fandango to-night.

  36. And boys and girls think of the fandango of to-night, feel ascending in them the desire and the intoxication of dancing.

  37. The fandango turns and oscillates, to the tune of an ancient waltz.

  38. And soon the fandango turns, turns, in the light of the new moon the horns of which seem to pose, lithe and light, on the enormous and heavy mountain.

  39. There were indeed a good many men loafing about the courtyard, but scarcely any women, and we could hardly understand a fandango happening without them.

  40. Under the arcades in front of the shop a fandango was going on, though it was quite early in the afternoon.

  41. In a few minutes the man made his appearance, and apologized for having nothing to entertain us with, saying that he had had a fandango at his house the night before, and the people had eaten and drunk up everything.

  42. A Mexican squatted on his spurs, back against the wall, and twanged a fandango on a battered guitar.

  43. The melody had drifted from the fandango into a swinging waltz song popular in the cities four years before.

  44. There the fandango was danced on the velvet turf, while clattering castanets kept time.

  45. At the time of the outlaw's entrance into the dance-hall the fandango was over.

  46. They had a fandango with the Yankee dragoons.

  47. The band has had a fandango with your people and lost some men.

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