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Example sentences for "feelers"

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feel; feeld; feele; feeled; feeler; feeles; feelest; feeleth; feelin; feeling
  1. Now they were almost entirely detached, only the tips touching the meerschaum, and those particular feelers were gathered up as though the creature were in the act of taking a spring.

  2. It slipped its hindmost feelers onward until they came up to those which were in advance.

  3. Of course I was under a misapprehension: the feelers couldn't have been twined; a moment before I should have been ready to bet a thousand to one that they were.

  4. Another necessitee is conditionel, as thus: yif thou wost that a man walketh, it bihoveth by necessitee that he walke.

  5. In both Servia and Bulgaria la Haute Finance is in Austrian hands, and German commercial enterprise has extended feelers into Asia Minor.

  6. The antennae or feelers have knobs on the ends.

  7. Do all have the feelers or antennae the same length?

  8. On its small head are two large feathery feelers or antennae.

  9. It will show you all the tiny hairs on the body, and the little rings and the feelers and the facets of the eyes, and many another wonderful thing.

  10. Those feelers of a woman who loves--can anything check their delicate apprehension?

  11. He immediately begins to put out his moral feelers into the unknown and the infinite to discover what sort of an existence this is into which he has come.

  12. It is held by some naturalists that the child is only a zoophyte, with a stomach, and feelers radiating from it in search of something to fill it.

  13. Precisely the finest and most invisible feelers of our soul run on like roots under the coarse world of sense and are repelled by the most distant agitation.

  14. There are two sensitive feelers in front of his head; and behind these are two short stalks, on each of which is a tiny eye.

  15. Instead of darting away, it appears to be held still; and then other feelers bend towards it and hold the victim.

  16. Then the Limpet's shell may be seen to tilt up, and a foot, and a head with feelers and eyes, come out.

  17. Very often the feelers, with their victim, are tucked away into the stomach, and the feelers do not appear again for some time.

  18. Some are swaying about in the still, clear water, moving their long feelers from side to side.

  19. The feelers are hollow tubes which open out of this space; so they, too, are filled with water.

  20. As soon as the feelers get hold of a small animal they carry it to the opening of a tube in the centre.

  21. The tailstock carries a stationary feeler, and the headstock a movable one, operated horizontally by a screw passing through a nut provided in the headstock, the axial lines of the two feelers being parallel and in the same plane.

  22. The diameters of the two feelers are equal at the ends, so that each feeler shall present the same amount of end area to the work.

  23. It is also essential that at excessive measurements the feelers shall touch the work with the same amount of force.

  24. So long, then, as the feelers have no contact with the piece to be measured, the arm will drive the graduated wheel, but when contact does take place the wheel will be arrested and the arm will slip.

  25. The feelers with twelve to fifteen segments are thread-like and straight.

  26. The fore-wing also has no stigma, and the whole wing is almost destitute of nervures and areolets, while the pronotum does not reach back to the tegulae, and the feelers are elbowed (fig.

  27. A) of the ovipositor, while the two outer processes of the ninth segment are modified into sheaths or feelers (fig.

  28. An ant, therefore, which has had the outermost joint of its feelers cut off, or has lost them in battle, does not know its own nest.

  29. For the feelers or antennae are the ant’s nose.

  30. They have their feelers or antennae, growing out in front of the head, with which they both feel and smell.

  31. Back and forth--back and forth--Randall felt caught in some torturing nightmare as he watched the countless tentacle-feelers waving thus from one side to the other.

  32. At last the upstretched feelers were whipping back and forth almost too swiftly for the eye to follow.

  33. The Wax-moth caressed Melissa with her soft feelers and laid another egg.

  34. Then why are your feelers different from ours?

  35. These feelers have a certain power of adhesion, and any not too vigorous animals which they touch are easily drawn towards the centre and swallowed.

  36. When under water it may often be seen expanding its flower-like disk and moving its feelers in search of food.

  37. On the head are two tentacles, feelers or sense organs, and sometimes the eyes are mounted on tall stalks, that the shell may have a wide range of vision.

  38. The fur on her fat body was matted and wet, and even her feelers were damp and stuck to her head.

  39. He looked very fierce as he spoke, buzzing and twitching his feelers at every step.

  40. Miss Cecropia's feelers were perfect, and she waved them happily to and fro.

  41. The Butterflies have stiff feelers on their heads with little knobs on the ends, or sometimes with part of them thick like tiny clubs.

  42. He was a handsome fellow, and his feelers were perfect; but Miss Cecropia did not like his ways, and she drew away from him just as her friend knocked him off the branch.

  43. These lasso-cells, which are very small, are carefully hidden in the walls of those petal-like tentacles, or feelers of the Anemone.

  44. With these a star-fish can crawl about, or even turn himself over if he wishes to, and if he is disturbed or frightened these little feelers shrink up and conceal themselves in tiny holes in the rays.

  45. Mr. Darwin tried in vain by stroking the aphides with a hair, in imitation of the play of the feelers of the ants, to induce them to give up the honey.

  46. The Crayfish waved its feelers in the air, and, before she could count three, it had taken the form of a beautiful little old woman, with pretty snow-white hair and a dainty shepherdess costume.

  47. The feelers on the hind lip and on the soft jaw are necessary because the eyes are so placed as not to be able to see what goes into the mouth, hence the insect must make up for the loss of sight by the addition of touch.

  48. It is of a most lovely purple, and throws out its numerous feelers like radii from the centre; these feelers it can contract or expand at pleasure.

  49. The antennae are covered with short hairs; they wound with two curved feelers in the head, armed with two short teeth.

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